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THE Fastest Server/DNS settings to redirect a domain?? : passive_income


Was rereading the famous Amazon case study where they concluded every 100ms of additional load time would lose them approx 1% in revenue ($4 billion these days or something?)

May this help thread help other site owners increase their revenue substantially for the advice shared here!


We currently own about 50 typo domains for our Canadian brands we redirect to our actual website. However we find sometimes the redirect takes exceptionally long and believe it is probably making people believe the site is gone/down as we have ourselves and its costing us big

Our question is, what is the absolute fastest method from domain registrar to successful redirection?

Our current setup is as follow:

  1. Domains registered in Namecheap

  2. Nameservers Pointed to Cloudflare Free Site Plan

  3. A records for both site.com and www.site.com pointed to our digitalocean cloud server in Canada, our only demographic

  4. Cloudflare 302 Redirect Forwarding Page Rule pointed at main domain

Our reasoning for using cloudflare was that it seemingly produced faster than the domain registrar domain redirect option (Namecheap BasicDNS)

Our Questions are:

  1. Is pointing our nameservers to cloudflare to execute the redirect via their pagerule function adding layers (like their security features, firewall, etc) slowing down best plausible results?

  2. Would pointing our nameservers directly from the namecheap registrar to our Canadian web host where we have to point the A records in cloudflare provide better results?

  3. If so, what would be the fastest method for the server to execute the redirect? .htaccess?

  4. Is there recommend domain registrars, DNS providers or Hosting companies that would be the most ideal for Canadian traffic?

  5. Is there a better way to do the DNS settings than A records for the www and non www propagation?

Basically I’m hoping you fine experts can tell me what you would do for the absolute best and consistent redirect execution!

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