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I need to do a simple 50$ passively, but kinda I got no options where I live to do so online



Currently Im on last year of High school on Balkans. I own a Discord Bot (it’s a software inside a chatting platform called “Discord” that works like a game) not that famous yet with only 350 players. I’m willing to monetize this later on but I need to advertise it.

Since I got just a PayPal account and no bank account, I cant really turn my physical cash to online money. Therefore I need to make about 50$ online passively so I can use them monthly to advertise.

I won a 5$ Visa Giftcard if this is of any help to get that goal a little faster. I don’t get any of these survey sites either, in my region so thats not an option. I could consider academical gigs on Fiverr (Im a straight As student since 1st grade) but I dont know if I got enough time for that. What do you guys suggest?

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