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Spring Writing Prompts: Time To Spring Into Action! | Writer’s Relief



Spring Writing Prompts: Time To Spring Into Action! | Writer’s Relief

If you’ve been stuck indoors with a bad case of writer’s block, waiting out the last days of winter—it’s time to spring into action with these creative photo writing prompts! Writer’s Relief has put together some of the most intriguing spring-themed prompts to help you get a jump on this new writing season.

Note: We would love to read what you write in the comments section! Just be aware of the rules about what is considered previously published writing in the publishing industry.

The Best Spring Writing Prompts


A trail of brightly colored jelly beans leads to this gate. Who answers when you knock on the door?


Looking through a basket of beautifully decorated eggs at the market, you notice one that’s a solid bright green and inscribed with the message “Open Me.” You buy it, take it home, and open it. What happens next?


It was strange to see someone out on this rainy spring day. And as she got closer to the drenched figure, things became even stranger


The note said to wait on the bridge on the third day of the cherry blossom festival, so he waited. But he never expected this person to approach him.


The old gardener looked out over the blanket of crocuses near the edge of the woods. “Well, they’ll be arriving soon, and they’ll be hungry,” he said. Who—or what—does the gardener expect?


Reviewing the checklist, the wedding planner confirmed everything was on schedule. But a glance at the nearby trees revealed a white gown fluttering in the breeze and a pair of abandoned satin shoes. “Oh no,” muttered the planner, “not again.”


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