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Passive Income From copyright free sound effects YouTube Channel



If you’re one of those people who want to make money online but don’t want to stand in front of a camera. This is going to be perfect for you because all you need to do is follow along with me as I walk you through setting this up and running… 

It is strongly recommended that all of the money you earn from this passive income system is spent wisely before moving any further. 

Earn From Copyright Free Sound Effects:- Strategy

So what exactly are we gonna be doing today that we will create 5 to 10 seconds long videos and upload these on YouTube and then we will be monetizing it with three different sources and therefore…

  • Does not involve filming any videos 
  • No camera needed 
  • No need to show your face (Faceless Video Creation)
  • Don’t need to have any editing skills.

Therefore, you should know about a few free resources that can help you create these videos that last under 10 seconds.  

Watch our YouTube video tutorial in which we share some YouTube channel examples that are already using this strategy successfully. These channels are already making a decent monthly YouTube income just by doing it.

To make money on this YouTube channel, we will monetize in other ways. This means you will be able to make money even without running ads on your videos. Because these videos are very short, you cannot Monetize them with Google Adsense.

To share free sound effects for content creators to use in their projects, we’ll Start a YouTube channel with a niche of “copyright-free sound effects”. 

Here we will include a downloadable sound effect link in the video description so that content creators can easily download it.

This passive income strategy consists of 6 distinct steps. To set up automation in your income stream, you must follow and implement each step one by one…

  1. Finding something that’s gonna be video thumbnails icon
  2. Finding Sound Effects Audios for your videos.
  3. Combining these thumbnails Icon and Sound Effects audios into an actual video 3-10 seconds long with the free software.
  4. Uploading these videos to your YouTube Channel
  5. Monetizing these videos with 3 different ways.
  6. How to actually get views and subscribers so you can get better results faster.

Copyright Free Sound Effects YouTube Channel:- Setting Up

Now let’s jump to the step-by-step tutorial to create actual YouTube income streams. Make sure you follow all steps and watch the video along with this post for a clearer understanding, so let’s get started!

Step1:- Finding Thumbnail Icon for our sound effects:- 

Therefore you need a icon for your Sound Effects videos, This icon will
be used as a thumbnail on videos, and this will be same for all sound
effect videos.

Therefore, you need to create only 1 thumbnail showing
your icon on it for all the videos. So find and download  your Icon on your Computer or PC.

  • Go over to the site ICONS8 Search for “Sound” in search bar and hit ENTER.
  • Now that’s gonna give you all of different icons of what you can use on your channel. Just try to find something unique or different, you can filter your search by color, design, etc. 
  • Select one of your choice and then click on that icon and it will take you to download link button. Now click on this link button and download it to your PC for FREE.

Step2:- Finding Sound Effect Audios for your videos

Now you need sound effects audio files, which can be used in your videos for free, and you can still monetize them without getting any copyright strikes anyway.

Therefore we have 2 different platforms where you can grab that for free. Search for 2 Different Sites the first one is SoundBible and FreeSound.

  • You’re gonna be able to come across like thousands of different audio files which you can for your videos, you can hear the sound by clicking on this play button.
  • Select something you wanna make a video about from these 2 sites. you will just select that you will click on it and select mp3 
  • Click on mp3 and that’s gonna immediately download it to your computer and now you are ready to use it on your videos.
  • FreeSound even gives you better licenses and better you reuse or licenses so you are going to be able to use this without getting any copyright strikes and without getting any issues.
  • FreeSound is better option but as well you can use the SoundBible if you can’t find some different sound effects on here as an alternative. 

Step3:- Combined Sound Effect Audios With Your Icon On Thumbnail

Now that you’ve got your audio file and your icon, all you need to do is combine them into a video to upload to YouTube. This will enable you to be paid.  

So now you gonna see how exactly to do so…

  • Go to the site Clideo and you will click on a VideoMaker link, now click on choose files and select and double click on that icon you have downloaded.
  • Now you just want to click on add audio so just add your sound effect audio with double click. you can use any video editing software you prefer, I’m just using this because it’s absolutely free and it’s cloud-based so you don’t have to install it to your computer.
  • Now after uploading your Sound Effect Audio File just click on “Create” Button, and it gonna create your video. 
  • Create a Separate FOLDER for your all sound effects videos, so that you won’t mess up with it.

Step4:- Uploading Sound Effects Videos On Your YouTube Channel

Now you are ready to upload your Sound Effects Videos on your YouTube Channel. My personal suggestion to create 5-10 videos at starting because you
don’t have any video on your channel yet.

Try to upload at least 50 sound
effect videos in you 1st Week, and after you should upload 10-15 videos
on 2nd Week.

From the 3rd Week of your channel you should
upload at least 1 video daily for best channel growth at least for 6 MONTHS.

  • Now before uploading your Videos to your YouTube Channel, you must have a YouTube Channel with proper niche name such as “SEV Sound Effects for Video Creators, Crazy Sounds, Cool Sound, etc ” also upload proper channel art and logo on your channel.
  • If you don’t have any channel yet just Start A YouTube Channel now.
  • If you have any query and doubts about YouTube Channel, Here is a FAQs Guide for you.
  • After creating your YouTube Channel just upload your video on your channel, Write proper “Title, Description, and use Tags.” try to have a look of your competitor’s channels and get ideas for title, description and tags.
  • Be consistent, otherwise YouTube won’t promote your videos for long time and you won’t be able to earn any passive income from YouTube.

Step5:- Monetizing Your YouTube Channel Without Adsense

Thus, you can monetize your YouTube channel in three ways. The first two methods can be implemented immediately, whereas the third method takes time.

There is no doubt that these three monetization methods are legit and workable, and you can automate them for generating regular passive income.

1.YouTube Adsense Monetization:-  

  1. YouTube Adsense Monetization is very powerful in this niche because there’s always gonna be people searching for those sound effects videos as they need to use these in their own projects so they will come over to your videos and they will download your videos so they can actually use it in their projects and you’re gonna get paid from ad revenue from YouTube Adsense. 
  2. But it take time because you need to be eligible for Adsense approval “1k Subscribers + 4k Hours Watch-time” so this monetization method can be applied after getting Approval.
  3. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria within 12 Months you gonna make very nice passive income from Adsense Ads Revenue it may be 5k-20k per month as similar channels making it so.  

2. Downloadable File Link Monetization:

  • Here you need to go to the site FileUpload, Don’t worry you will not have to sell anything here, this is a free cloud storage for data so you can upload different types of files on here.
  • This is the platform that will actually pay you to upload your files and whenever someone downloads that file you’re gonna get paid for that and people will come to your videos to your sound effects videos because they need them for their projects and they want to download it.
  • So you will come over to FileUpload and click on start uploading files and grab your Download File link and share this link in the description of your YouTube video. and you are gonna get paid up to $7 per 1,000 downloads which is really amazing. 
  • If you upload 1 file you won’t make much money, but think about wider picture to upload more then 200 files during 6 months then each month you gonna get millions of file downloads from this site and within 6 month you can create $1k-$2k monthly passive income stream. 
  • Therefore you’re not just providing you channel visitors with a download link that they are looking for and people will be grateful for that so you’re doing them a favor but also in return you’re making a lot of money in pure passive income, so it is a win win monetization strategy.

3.Monetize Your Videos With Affiliate Offer:-

As a result, we will add your affiliate offer link below your video description as a Second Link. This will match your channel visitors’ interest perfectly, so you will be able to make money from your affiliate links.

Here we go over the site PROMO, this is a software that can create stunning videos, you can create so quick go from script to video in seconds. it is a very versatile video creation platform.

  • PROMO can add text, images, Caption on your videos. You also can use Vidnami It also can convert your blog post or any other content into a high quality video by using artificial intelligence which automatically combined copyright free images and videos into your content. so it’s gonna be really time-saving because they can be edited with just a single click.
  • But Vidnami has stoped their affiliate program, so you can’t make make money by promoting it. So you should use similar platform as a affiliate offer such as PROMO, Filmora, and AVS Video Editor, etc.
  • So it’s proven that your visitors they’re actually making videos because they come to your video to get your sound effect video they want to download it which means that they’re already creating some projects and creating some video so they need a platform or software which can help them in video creation process.
  • Therefore you do not actually have to sell anything you just need to join PROMO, Filmora, and AVS Video Editor, etc, affiliate program and fill all necessary details and connect your PayPal account for easy payment. 
  • It will wait for very short time and they’re gonna
    send you your affiliate login details now you will just log into your
    account once you get accepted . After becoming an affiliate of of any of these platform you can grab your affiliate link.
  • Now put your affiliate link in the description of your YouTube videos as a 2nd link also add
    some text in the description that sound the FAQ video and you sending
    people to a free trials.So you can make Commission each time someone brought this software going through your affiliate link.
  • The best part of many of these software is that they are subscription-based
    software which means you’re gonna be making reoccurring commissions
    every single month from one person that signups through your affiliate

Step6:- Get Massive Traffic to Your YouTube Videos:-

Now if you’re really interested in making money and you want to pursue this and you want to make an actual business on YouTube that you definitely want to consider a step-by-step training. 

This will not only teach you how you can start, monetize your YouTube channel but also guide you how to grow your channel consistently without showing your face. 

On of my friend MATT PAR (YouTube Channel Name:- Make Money Matt) has created this type of training for you. “Tube Mastery and Monetization 

Here is some more cool features of this training program…

  • Tube Mastery and Monetization teaches how to start, grow, and monetize a
    hyper-profitable YouTube channel from complete scratch.
  •  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any tech skills or any
    previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided
    step-by-step in this training program. 
  • In this complete course, you gonna learn  EXACT strategies for starting
    YouTube channels from scratch and grew it to having 500,000 subscribers in just one year.
  • Secret algorithm growth hacks, tips, and strategies for growing quickly and going viral, that not taught anywhere else online.
Earn From Youtube Without Adsense Monetization

Thus this was my another Passive Income Ideas to make money using YouTube and copyright free sound effects. It is simple and workable.

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I hope you enjoyed this post “Passive Income From copyright free sound effects YouTube Channel” and found this valuable and worth reading. 

And after reading this you will be able to create your own Free Sound Effect Video’s YouTube Channel easily and able to plug-in all 3 income streams in your channel fore sure.

Please do me a favor, let me know which type of content you wanna read in my blog, this blog is specifically created for PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS, so please let me know the topic around my blog niche only. 

Also if you have any queries or doubts related to this post, please let me know in comment section so that i can solve your doubts or queries. Thanks for visiting my blog post, I’ll be waiting for you in next post and hope you will enjoy that too.

Thanks again, Make it a Great Day


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