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P2P METHOD – $200 per day


I must ay that it's not so simple, because there are certain restrictions on the part of the MEXC exchange, where the method itself works. Namely, the number of transactions per day. I've been using this method for less than a month and with an investment of $500, I've made $2000. It sounds cool, but I spent quite a bit of time to get such results. The logic of arbitrage is quite simple, we use the MEXC exchange and the EOS network. We make a circular transaction and receive 0.5% of the amount we send. For myself, I have determined the optimal number of transactions from one account to be 20. Crypto Gentelman (an arbitrage community) advised up to 50, but for some reason I couldn't reach this number, the exchange froze my account for a day. Therefore, it is necessary to create multi-accounts to increase profits. I'll just copy the method itself from the original post so as not to rewrite it from scratch and add my own improvements.


  1. Go to Wallet > Spot > EOS > Deposit
  2. Copy EOS MEMO
  3. Step back > Withdraw
  4. Fill in the fields as follows:

– Address: meeosnetwork

– Network: EOS

– Memo: Copied memo. Important! You must specify each time

– Amount: Test on a small amount, but consider the commission of 0.1 EOS

5) We send and wait 10m, after which we get the whole amount back only +0.5%

6) Repeat everything from the first step and get the compound interest

For a better understanding I advise to watch the video. I can throw it to PM

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