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I don't know what best sub is there to ask this question, but I'm looking for app ideas to generate passive income. So in my very small country, we don't use apps like EventBrite or meetups.com to know or search for an upcoming event, most people either use Instagram or Facebook or word of mouth to know what's going on, like a festival, a concert, workshops, clubs.

My idea is to make a "content event aggregator" hybrid web-based mobile app, this app will crawl Instagram pages, Facebook for local events, there will be an option for event organizer to post their content on the app, but I can't expect them to know about my app for them to come and post here, it's not realistic.

There is however a website used specifically for my country where many organizer post their contents there, so it's not really a crawler. Some people use it but not many, most likely because most people want to just open an app, it's not ideal to go to my browser and type the website name each time I want to check for interesting event, the second problem with it is that it has a lot of boring stuff, and they don't prioritize the most interesting events on their front page.

The biggest issue is how to advertise this app for people to use, another problem is that the previous website relies on the organizer to post their events. The second issue is the legality of crawling insta and Facebook but as far as I know it should be legal.

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