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Building this audience on LinkedIn starts with creating a high-quality profile, expanding your connections with people you know, and joining relevant LinkedIn groups. Actively engaging by liking, commenting, and sharing valuable content positions you as an industry expert, making LinkedIn an invaluable tool for scaling up your online service business. 

Build an Email Newsletter 

Building an email newsletter allows you to grow a subscriber list and deliver valuable content directly to their inboxes. It works well because it’s a direct channel to engage with your audience. With an effective email newsletter, you can provide insights, updates, and exclusive content that keeps subscribers invested in your services.

To build this audience, start by creating an email subscription form on your website or sharing it on platforms like LinkedIn. Utilize features like live chat windows or lead magnets to attract new subscribers while ensuring a seamless browsing experience. 

Finally, maintain a consistent newsletter design aligned with your brand identity and deliver top-notch content to keep your audience engaged and eager for your services 

Stop Trading Time

Once you’ve cultivated an engaged audience, selling digital products, particularly game-changing online courses, is easy. 

For starters, online courses are a goldmine for experts in their niche, allowing you to monetize your valuable knowledge effortlessly. Marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, Gumroad, and Kajabi offer platforms to showcase your courses in user-friendly formats.

What makes courses so enticing is their evergreen nature — you record once and sell indefinitely. While it takes some initial effort, you avoid the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping costs associated with physical products. Plus, your earning potential knows no bounds!

If online courses aren’t a good fit for you, here are other lucrative opportunities to monetize your audience:


With eBooks, you don’t need to be a literary sensation to write one. Simply hone in on what you excel at and how you can share that expertise through writing. 

Once you’ve nailed down your content, publishing on platforms like Amazon Kindle or eBay, or selling directly through your website, becomes a straightforward path to turning your knowledge into income. 


Consider memberships as your secret weapon for turning your online business into a cash-generating machine. It’s a brilliant way to monetize your expertise by offering exclusive content and building a thriving community of members who are hungry for what you have to offer. 

The beauty of this model is that you can keep your premium content secure and accessible only to subscribers, allowing you to host exclusive, high-value content that’s streamed and not just downloadable. This creates an enticing offer that’s hard for your audience to resist, turning your knowledge into a profitable venture in no time.

PDFs and Guides

Leverage your skills for producing written content and turn it into a profitable venture with PDFs and guides. Whether it’s how-to guides, educational materials, deep analyses, or captivating stories, there’s a substantial market who are willing to pay for your expertise. 

Platforms like Google Play Books and Apple Books offer expansive reach and straightforward distribution. If you want to retain control, sell your digital products directly through your website. 

Once your side hustle is up and running, it’s important to keep 5 crucial things in mind: 


By harnessing the power of social media, SEO, and email marketing, you can attract a broader audience and maximize your earning potential.

Online Cooking Instructions

Your culinary adventures, whether in your hometown or abroad, hold a treasure trove of delicious recipes waiting to be shared. Convert this wealth of experience into profit by crafting enticing cookbooks. 

Compile these culinary gems with added value through tips, photographs, and engaging stories. With your cookbook ready, you can effortlessly sell it online, leveraging platforms like Amazon Kindle or offering it directly through your website.

Wrapping up

When you’re just starting out, remember to concentrate on nurturing a devoted following, as they will be your future digital product customers. Understand that while the journey may be slow at first, the potential of your online business knows no bounds. 

If you’re excited to start a business but don’t have the money to invest, then definitely check out my blog for some great ideas to help you get started.


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