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Top 10 SEO Blogs to Follow to Increase Your Organic Traffic



If you want to grow a blog with organic traffic, you need to play the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game. If you play your cards right and put in the work, your website will find an audience and build traffic over time, thanks to search engines. However, that approach only works if you know what you’re doing and that’s where the top 10 SEO blogs come in.

For this article, we put together a list of our favorite SEO blogs. 🚩 These are some of the best sources on the web for SEO tips, tutorials, news about changes to search algorithms, and more. If you follow these blogs and keep up with their articles, you’ll know everything you need to grow a website into a juggernaut.

👉 We’ll introduce you to each of the top 10 SEO blogs (in no particular order) and talk about what kind of information they provide. That way, you’ll know where to start. 🎬 Let’s get to it!

Yoast has one of the top 10 SEO blogs for WordPress users.

If you use WordPress, you might be familiar with Yoast. They’re the people behind the most popular WordPress SEO plugin on the market. So, it stands to reason they know a thing or two about search engines.

The Yoast blog includes a collection of SEO-related news, beginner, and “ultimate” guides. Although they do publish news, this is not the blog to follow if you want updates about Google or other search engines. Where Yoast shines – and the reason it’s on our top 10 SEO blogs list – are their SEO guides.

Their ultimate guides, in particular, are some of the best long-form content on the web about SEO best practices and how to get more organic traffic. As far as their beginner archives go, they’re a great way to learn the basics of SEO.

WordPress users will get the most from this blog. A lot of Yoast tutorials are focused on how to use their plugin. If you use another Content Management System (CMS), you’re better off getting your SEO advice elsewhere.

Backlinko is one of the most well known SEO blogs.

Backlinko is a bit of a controversial option as far as SEO blogs now. The blog focuses a lot on getting you to sign up for its email newsletter and SEO training courses. Despite that, they still made it on our top 10 SEO blogs list.

The reason Backlinko stands out is due to its outstanding, in-depth case studies. A lot of SEO websites focus on advice, but they don’t provide you with any metrics. That can lead to questions such as how long it takes for SEO to work or how fast you should expect to see results.

To put it another way, Backlinko shows you how the sausage is made. Their case studies include projects such as how they put together thousands of backlinks for a website, analyzing millions of articles to see what makes some of them stand out, and more.

If you’re already familiar with the fundamentals of SEO and you want to better understand how to put them into action, the Backlinko blog can be a great resource. You do have to sign up for their newsletter to access some posts, but you don’t need to buy any course to check out their case studies.

Semrush is among the best SEO blogs to follow.

Semrush is one of those SEO research tools that businesses love. This tool is amazing if you need to do keyword research and competitor analysis. It’s also useful for checking out what keywords are missing from your strategy, and a hundred other little things. You can do a lot with Semrush and it’s priced accordingly. This makes it a bit of an overkill if you’re working on your first blog and learning how to grow it.

However, you don’t need to pay for Semrush to get results from it. If you visit their blog, you’ll find a lot of great tutorials. They cover different aspects of SEO as well as trend analyses. Overall, the blog offers a mix of both beginner-friendly and more advanced SEO tips.

What is missing from Semrush are news and research-focused articles about SEO. This blog is purely about tutorials and trends. Aside from SEO, they discuss a lot of other aspects of running a website, including marketing and content creation.

Our recommendation? Check out the blog and don’t worry about getting a Semrush subscription if you’re just starting to learn about SEO. There are a lot of amazing keyword research tools you can use for free and when your budget allows for it, you can start considering more advanced and expensive ones.

The Ahrefs Blog is among the top 10 SEO blogs to learn SEO from.

If we had to recommend one single option from the top 10 SEO blogs for you to check out, we’d be hard-pressed to find a better choice than the Ahrefs blog. Ahrefs is another SEO and marketing research tool and this one also comes with a hefty price tag. In some circles, there’s a lot of debate about whether to use Ahrefs or Semrush.

As far as we’re concerned, both tools can get the job done. However, Ahrefs takes the cake with its blog. They publish everything from SEO and marketing tutorials to in-depth case studies. The latter ones, in particular, can illustrate a lot of the “hidden” mechanics of SEO.

Any SEO blog worth their salt will explain how keywords work and give you tips on choosing the right ones. However, the Ahrefs Blog may very well be the only one that will publish a case study of three million searches to investigate how many keywords a page can rank for. Sadly, they don’t publish these in-depth case studies all too often. Still, the blog is worth checking out periodically for new tips on how to improve your SEO game.

Search Engine Land is a reputable veteran in the SEO blog space.

One of the worst (or best) things about SEO is that it’s constantly changing. If you had a blog a decade ago, ranking it was much easier than it is today. That’s partly due to competition, but also because now you can’t just stuff a blog with keywords and see it rise in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to prevent website owners from gaming them and to take new factors into consideration. That means if you want your blog to get organic traffic, you don’t only need to learn about the best SEO practices, but you also need to stay on top of new developments.

Search Engine Land is the biggest SEO news blog around. They cover almost every new development when it comes to SEO. They also have contacts with sources from Google that regularly feed them information on best practices and what not to do regarding SEO.

In between all the news, Search Engine Land also publishes tutorials about SEO and marketing. That earns it a spot in our top 10 SEO blogs list and it should definitely earn it a bookmark from you.

Search Engine Journal is an SEO blog that also covers a lot of other lateral topics.

Search Engine Journal is very similar in style to Search Engine Land, but they’re owned by different companies. This blog also covers SEO-related news. However, their content umbrella is much wider. Aside from news, they publish articles on everything from marketing to tool recommendations and, lately, even a lot of Artificial Intelligence (AI) content.

Since Search Engine Journal covers so many topics, it can be hard to find relevant information about SEO. That’s even if you narrow your search to that specific category. Combine that with a mix of topics ranging from news to tutorials, and you have a massive backlog of articles to go through.

Out of all the top 10 SEO blogs on our list, Search Engine Journal has the broadest library of content. If you’re ever stuck finding information about anything related to SEO, chances are you will find it in their archives.

Search Engine Journal publishes not only blog content, but also a podcast that covers SEO and marketing topics. Their podcast can be a fun alternative if you want to get your SEO information in a different format and hear opinions from their panelists.

Moz is among the top 10 SEO blogs on the web.

Moz is another suite of popular SEO tools that are loved by a lot of marketers. Besides charging a lot of money for SEO research tools, Moz also publishes one of the best SEO blogs on the web.

The Moz SEO blog includes a lot of tutorials on how to improve your website’s SEO. These guides are mostly geared toward users with SEO experience. Here you’ll find a lot of information about new developments in that field, case studies, and thought pieces from SEO experts within the Moz team.

Moz does offer a collection of SEO courses for beginners, but those are paid. If you’re new to SEO, we recommend looking for beginner tutorials elsewhere and coming to the Moz Blog only when you want to read more advanced tutorials.

Google's Search Central Blog is the go-to SEO blog for getting SEO news straight from the source.

If you want to get your news quick, the best thing is to go straight to the source. Google’s Search Central Blog is where the company publishes news about changes to the algorithm, new features, and any important changes that have anything to do with its search engine.

The Search Central Blog adjusts its categories as the search engine evolves. Right now, one of its main categories is a section for news about Core Web Vitals, which is a relatively new change to the search engine.

All the news in the blog tends to be short and straight to the point. You won’t find any opinions on what these changes mean to the search experience here. For that, you’ll need to turn to a blog such as Search Engine Land.

The blog doesn’t offer a newsletter, but you can sign up for its RSS feed (yes, a feed) to get news about the latest Google search developments without having to check back daily. We recommend you do this because although updates don’t come in that often, when they do, they can have a big impact on SEO best practices.

Search Engine Watch is a good SEO blog.

Search Engine Watch is one of our favorites, despite the fact it doesn’t get updates as often as some of our other picks on this top 10 SEO blogs list. Typically, they publish one or two articles a month and topics tend to vary between SEO and digital marketing.

If you want to get daily SEO news, you’ll need to sign up for their newsletter. That’s a bit of a disappointment, but the blog itself makes up for it with in-depth tutorials about SEO and a collection of fantastic white papers and case studies.

What’s more, Search Engine Watch is one of the few blogs that publishes analyses about how SEO impacts different industries. In their archives, you can find information about how the lack of SEO is hurting eSports and even about why recipe sites have seen a drop in visibility. Even if you can’t find a breakdown of how SEO affects your specific industry, studies such as those make for very interesting reads.

Mangools is consistenly cited as one of the top 10 SEO blogs on the internet.

You might have heard about Mangool’s collection of SEO tools and its academy. However, the company also publishes one of the best SEO blogs you can find.

We’re big fans of this one. Why? Because it offers a great combination of articles aimed at beginners, “big” guides (which is what they call their comprehensive, more advanced tutorials), and interviews with SEO experts.

On top of their variety of blog content, Mangools uses some of the best graphics you’ll see in the industry. Combined with great formatting, it makes for a very enjoyable reading experience.

Finally, Mangools also maintains an SEO encyclopedia, or SEOpedia, as they call it. This is a great resource if you’re in doubt about what any SEO-related term means and you don’t want to wade through a search engine to get that information. Every entry in the SEOpedia is incredibly informative. You’ll walk away with a solid grasp of SEO fundamentals if you spend a little while perusing it.

Final thoughts on the top 10 SEO blogs 🏁

There are a lot of ways to increase your organic traffic. However, learning about SEO and how to implement it will get you the best long-term results without having to shell out cash on PPC ads or other forms of paid promotions. The more you know about SEO, the easier it will be to spot when someone is feeding you misinformation. You’ll also understand what it takes to succeed in the SERPs.

Our collection of the top 10 SEO blogs includes a lot of our favorites and each of them brings something unique to the table. At the end of the day, all of them will help improve your SEO game. As a result, you will get more eyes on your blog. We recommend you spend some time checking out all of them. Then you can decide which ones you want to follow.

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