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So Long story, I’m basically looking for a number of opinions from anyone who has found a reliable source of passive income, or just a great side hustle ; Money Making Skill. I’m currently a business owner in the food business, & we are facing difficult times. No matter how much marketing i do or how much content i post, it never does any justice for a long period of time. The food is amazing the reviews are all there 4.5+ stars all across multiple sites with ratings. We are doing everything we can and yet we aren’t breaking even or generating enough revenue.

I’ve actually been doing a lot of research on the internet , narrowing down a list of possible sources of income that i could do in my down time , and trying to learn a money making skill. From affiliate marketing , to drop shipping , or just creating social media content and monetizing it, Day Trading, Stock trading in general , or forex trading even Real Estate . It seems like everyone is doing these things & some of these things have been outdated , too many people are doing and already have too much competition making it too much to keep up with. The only option that seems like it could work would be Forex or options trading and Real Estate. And those comes with high risks and mostly needing capital to start with. I have money saved that i refuse to touch unless i knew i could increase it flip it or just all in all double it triple it and so on.

The question to my entire post is.. has anyone tried any of these things and had a great outcome from them ? If so then which one ? Also is there any other major sources of passive income or an income in general ? That i could also do while being a business owner.

Having a business for 9 years and the 9th year being my worst year (revenue wise) and being a father of a 2 year old it’s caused me to panic . I figured owning a business would potentially reach me to a small taste of financial freedom down the line, i have no time with my family and i work hard just to have barely enough in my pocket . It just doesn’t make sense to have a small business anymore as i see they are all struggling.

I’ve been really stressed out and driving my self through walls , trying to find an answer or solution, it’s even started effecting the people around me which isn’t healthy for me or them.

Any advice or direction would be great. Thanks I’m advance all opinions are welcome.

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