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Is a spare 3k monthly to invest too poor? How would you go about investing it?

Hello, I hope your day isn’t going too bad so far?

I have around 2-3k a month to invest. Currently it goes into stocks and shares isa

but as grant said. You ain’t getting rich by saving. You gotta make ur money work harder.

So really I gotta invest in a business or something. Sure I will always invest into stocks. For long term gains. But what can I do NOW for money if I have 2-3k a month to waste? A business maybe? But I don’t really know what to start or how. I just want to throw my money into something monthly and make good gains This 2-3k is after the common stuff people will say like pay off debts and all that common stuff I already have a emergency fund, stocks, and just debit card account Then I gave 2-3k to use for investing in whatever I’m trying to find now

How would you go about it?

Would it be possible to look into this, please? thank you sincerely for responding to me, Your kindness is appreciated. I hope this is not a hassle for you and Have a Wonderful day ahead! 🙂

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