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Oyori.io: A Guide to Passive Income through OYO Token


Passive income and referral programs have become popular ways for people around the world to generate additional earnings. Oyori.io, a decentralized application based on the Polygon blockchain, offers an enticing passive income model through its native token, OYO. In this article, we will explore the concept of Oyori's passive income model and how individuals can earn from OYO tokens.

Understanding Oyori (OYO) and Its Features

Oyori is a decentralized application built on the Polygon blockchain, known for its attractive distribution model, auto-adjusting mechanism, and long-term frictionless rewards in MATIC coin. It stands as one of the most promising projects on the Polygon blockchain for passive income through smart dApp contracts. The strong Oyori community, exciting events, and innovative developments in the cryptocurrency world make it an appealing venture.

The OYO Token

Your Key to Passive Income: OYO (Oyori Token) serves as the official native token of Oyori.io. Token holders benefit from the self-generating payment system of the OYO smart contract. It is a community-driven project that distributes and rewards MATIC among its community members under specific conditions. OYO Tokens can be acquired with MATIC via the Polygon Blockchain in the Oyori dApp on Trustwallet/MetaMask. The unique aspect is that OYO is purchased with MATIC, giving holders the advantage of potential MATIC price appreciation. Holders can sell their OYOs at any time, providing flexibility to their investment strategy.

Earning Passive Income through OYO: Oyori.io offers a multi-level passive income opportunity that extends up to 12 levels. When you directly refer someone to the platform, you earn 10% as a commission. Additionally, OYO's funnel income levels include 2.5% for the second level, 1% for the third level, 0.75% for the fourth level, and 0.50% for the fifth to ninth levels. The income yield increases to 0.75% at the 10th level, 1% at the 11th level, and 1.50% at the 12th level. To access unlimited income benefits, certain conditions must be met at all income levels. Utilizing various social media platforms can prove to be a lucrative way to earn from OYO.

How to Get Started with Oyori.io (OYO Token): To associate with Oyori.io and start earning passive income through OYO, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install Trustwallet or MetaMask and route all MATIC through the Polygon Network.
  2. Navigate to the Trustwallet dApps section and paste the following link: https://oyori.io/home/purchase/0x5a9D233BABbC589Ac20114Ab86F96C6b3423561a
  3. Verify your connection to the Polygon Network in the upper right corner.
  4. After connecting your wallet, store and enroll all your MATIC.
  5. Congratulations! You are now a holder of OYO tokens and can expect daily dividends.

Conclusion: Oyori.io's passive income model through the OYO token presents a promising opportunity for individuals seeking additional earnings. However, it is essential to conduct thorough research and analysis before investing. Oyori.io's innovative approach and growing community make it a project worth considering for those looking to explore the potential of passive income in the cryptocurrency space.

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