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How to Prepare for an Internship Interview (Tips and Strategies) – I Will Teach You To Be Rich



Research The Job Description

Being familiar with the job description is important both for applying for an internship and preparing for an interview. You need to know what position you’re applying for, what responsibilities you will have, and what mentoring or guidance you might receive. Take the time to learn about what the position entails, both in general and at that specific company. You should also read the job description thoroughly to determine the skills and qualities required by your potential employer.

You can gather all of the essential information that you need for an interview ahead of time. Will the interview be a phone interview, a Zoom interview, or an interview in person? Each of these can require slightly different preparation and approaches. The job description will often say what type of interviews are offered or what the general application process looks like.

Prepare Your Resume And Cover Letter

When you send your resume and a cover letter to apply for an internship, you need to make sure they are tailored to the role. When you write these, continually refer to the job description and the information you have about the company. You should emphasize relevant experience and accomplishments, matching them to the requirements of the internship. You can even use similar language to the job description, which helps to highlight how you are a good match for the role.

Before sending your resume and cover letter with your application, check them for accuracy and clarity. It’s vital to proofread and edit everything if you want to make sure it all looks professional and gives a good impression.

Practice Common Internship Interview Questions

Interviews can seem like unknown territory, but there are plenty of common questions you can prepare to answer. Many interviewers will ask questions such as “Tell me about yourself” or “Why do you want this internship?” so you can think about your answers in advance.

If you want to give better answers and improve your interview performance, consider using storytelling techniques. Interviewers will often expect specific examples to back up your claims, so prepare some different stories of times you have displayed certain skills or solved problems. Try practicing your responses with a friend or family member to get more comfortable with what you want to say.

Dress Appropriately

First impressions count, and that includes how you dress. Before attending an interview, research the company’s dress code, if there is one. Choose appropriate attire for your internship interview so that you look and feel the part.

Ask Questions

An interview is also your chance to ask the interviewer questions and check that the role is a good fit for you. By preparing a list of questions to ask the interviewer about the company and internship, you can show that you’re enthusiastic and curious.


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