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Seeking Help For Passive Income For Designers


I am a Graphic Designer and an Artist too. For a long time I have my eyes on selling digital goodies on Etsy but the market of Etsy have enormously increased in 2023 and the vigorous competition has made the place not so fit for beginners. I have then jump on finding other alternatives to Etsy and I found Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles, Teespring, Prinful, Printify, Customcat and all. The problems with all these POD websites are their nature of competition (in 2023). Since the need for selling digital goodies without having to handle the manufacturing and other physical strains have pushed many WFH enthusiasts to roll over their products in these platforms and earn money.

I have no initial investment to put up on my business, hence I need POD services to get some passive income and then utilize the money according to my desirable needs for future business. I know the profit margin for these platforms are low and the efforts are extremely high, am all set for this. That's why am searching for a platform where the competition is low but the search volume is low-medium for that specific POD platform.

I need suggestion for such POD platforms where I can set up my store(in 2023) for digital goodies and will have to face minimum competition outburst.

Thank you for the time.

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