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  1. Sequoia Capital starts offering fellowship grants to support open source builders. FastAPI creator Sebastián Ramírez is the first recipient of the Sequoia Open Source Fellowship 👏.

  2. The creators of NodeJS and Deno launch Deno KV, a strongly consistent key-value database integrated into the Deno runtime and designed for JavaScript, with the ability to store any JavaScript structured serializable value.

  3. I found this website that helps in streamlining the deployment process of your projects by providing a one-click solution to instantly deploy your code to popular hosting platforms.

  4. Popular app Discord will be bringing in big changes in the coming weeks starting with new usernames, every user will have to pick a new username that will be unique to them.

  5. AI startup Hugging Face and ServiceNow Research, ServiceNow’s R&D division, have released StarCoder, a free alternative to code-generating AI systems along the lines of GitHub’s Copilot.

  6. Google unveils MusicLM, an AI that can generate music 🎵 from text prompts. Check out the initial samples, they are really nice .

  7. Check out this live video API 🎥 to add live video to your apps in the form of real-time video calls or interactive live-streams.

  8. Stability AI releases DeepFloyd IF, a powerful text-to-image model that can smartly integrate text into images.

  9. Want to try out AI generated music on various genres and moods ? I found this company that lets you create AI-generated soundscapes tailored to your needs.

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