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7 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tools to Boost Your Sales



Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing segments in recent years. The global affiliate marketing industry is now worth $17 billion, and 88% of consumers have bought something after being inspired by a content creator online!

Like other forms of marketing, affiliate marketing needs to be data-driven so that everyone involved – affiliates, vendors, ecommerce brands, and joint venture partners – can earn a return on the dollars they invest. You’ll need reliable affiliate marketing tracking tools that not only monitor clicks, but also provide in-depth insights on how to improve campaigns and increase sales, all while avoiding burnout in your team.

In this blog, we take a look at 7 tracking tools that will help you do just that!

The Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tools

Now, whether you’re an affiliate marketer or an ecommerce brand, it’s important for you to have a tech stack to support your efforts – and that includes affiliate marketing tracking tools!

At ClickBank, we feature a number of tech integrations for popular affiliate tracking software, which allows you to monitor all of your campaigns and sales with data straight from ClickBank.

Below are just 7 of the affiliate marketing tracking tools we commonly see top affiliates and sellers using in our industry. Check them out!

1) RedTrack


The all-in-one affiliate marketing tracking tool RedTrack provides real-time analytics and advanced reporting features.

Not only does RedTrack work with Facebook and Google, but it also offers hyper-accurate server-side and client-side tracking, reliability even after the iOS 14 update, and a comprehensive understanding of ad ROI.

What’s more, its reports and insights function is highly detailed, allowing you to quickly understand results, block losing combinations, and scale successful ads!

Key features:

  • Ad tracking
  • Partner marketing
  • Conversion path
  • Conversion attribution
  • Multichannel report


  • Solo: $149/mo
  • Team: $249/mo
  • Enterprise: $7490/yr

2) Voluum


Voluum is a marketing analytics software tool that tracks native, e-mail, display, social, video… you name it! With this popular media buyer tracking software, you can easily monitor over 30 metrics for both paid and organic traffic in real time. 

By supporting over 50 affiliate platforms, it facilitates the process of managing multiple campaigns. In addition to monitoring traffic, Voluum also scans your landing page to help you optimize it further, and helps you refine your settings to get the most out of your campaign.

Most importantly, Voluum’s technology can detect and filter suspicious traffic, so you can be sure that the clicks you receive are genuine!

Key features:

  • Affiliate marketing dashboard
  • Custom conversion tracking
  • Organic traffic tracking
  • Impression tracking
  • Mobile app


  • Profit: $149/mo
  • Scale: $249/mo
  • Startup: $499/mo
  • Agency: $999/mo
  • Enterprise: $1999/mo

3) Outbase


Want to run your own affiliate marketing program? Outbase is a powerful prospect database platform that not only delivers predictable leads to your sales team, but also enables you to track and monitor your campaign activity and analyze its performance in detail. 

Outbase is the perfect solution if your affiliate marketing campaign is based on email marketing. This is because it allows you to easily integrate new affiliate marketers into the system, upload and share important documents about your campaign to a central location, and above all, monitor every aspect of the affiliate marketing campaign through dashboard insights and smart notifications! 

Key features:

  • Database of over 230 contacts
  • Audience segmentation
  • Simple campaign setup
  • Smart notifications
  • Dashboard insights


  • Start-up: $276.50/mo
  • Scale-up: $552.50/mo
  • Sell More: $1105/mo
  • Sell Everything: $2210/mo

4) Binom


Binom is a self-hosted tracking platform whose USP is undoubtedly its click processing and reporting speeds. It can handle millions of clicks a day, making it a great option for large-scale campaigns. 

Binom’s familiar, spreadsheet-style interface helps you manage and monitor affiliate marketing campaigns without getting used to a completely new interface. This makes a world of a difference when you’re busy tracking changes in your campaign. Furthermore, Binom’s detailed reports include line markings, search, filters and drilldown functions, so you can quickly navigate and process data and focus only on maximizing profits.

Best of all, it’s highly affordable: it includes both a 14 day free trial and an inexpensive license of just $69/mo. If you’re still starting out or you’re a solo operation, this might be a good fit.

Key features:

  • High speed
  • More than 20 analytical reports and advanced data points
  • Report on uniqueness and bots
  • Filter function
  • Group reports 


  • Standard license: $69/mo
  • Additional licenses: $49/mo

5) Everflow


The affiliate marketing and tracking software Everflow has recorded over 56 billion clicks and more than $1.5 billion in payouts in 2021 alone. By using multiple tracking modes and a simplified method similar to UTM tracking, you can track impressions, clicks, and conversions – and receive a full SEO report of your affiliate marketing partner’s links.

What distinguishes Everflow from its competitors is its QR code integration and monitoring, which allows you to include more promotion methods for your affiliate marketing partners and successfully track offline QR code marketing. 

Just note that this is an enterprise-level solution for not just affiliates, but also influencer and partner marketing – so you should make sure you’ll require all the features from Everflow to justify the cost.

Key features:

  • CRM data connection
  • Coupon code reward system
  • QR code tracking
  • SKAN attribution
  • Impression tracking


  • Core Plan: $750/mo
  • Custom Plan: Get in touch

6) Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro offers reliable affiliate marketing tracking that helps you keep an eye on the data while helping affiliates monitor their own data. This two-pronged approach promotes collaboration and encourages both the brand and the affiliate marketer to improve the campaign and ROI. 

In addition to tracking sales and traffic from affiliate websites, Post Affiliate Pro also integrates with various ecommerce and email marketing platforms. Furthermore, its intuitive interface facilitates commission payouts and helps you visualize the important data without wasting time navigating complex dashboards. 

Key features:

  • 170+ ready made integrations
  • Cloud software with free updates
  • IP referral tracking
  • Affiliate coupon tracking
  • Pixel tracking


  • Pro: $129/mo
  • Ultimate: $249/mo
  • Network: $599/mo

7) CPV Lab Pro

CPV Lab Pro

The self-hosted performance marketing tracker CPV Lab Pro was carefully developed to accommodate high-traffic users and to enable ultra-fast redirects during peak usage.

It’s integrated with all major affiliate networks and traffic sources, including Google Ads, Meta, TikTok, Taboola and AdBees, enabling you to work with virtually all content creators and affiliate partners.

By focusing on mobile, CPV Lab Pro is ideal for mobile-first businesses, as it contains more than 35 mobile data points and enables you to gain unprecedented insight into your target audience’s behavior on mobile!

Key features:

  • Automatic cookie & cookieless tracking
  • Easy and quick setup process
  • Integration with more than 100 traffic sources and affiliate networks
  • Customizable performance enhancements for high-traffic users
  • Cross-device tracking


  • Starter: $39/mo
  • Pro: $64/mo
  • Expert: $89/mo

The Verdict

Okay, so we’ve just talked about 7 quality affiliate marketing tracking tools. They’re all industry-standard and fully-featured tools.

But obviously, the important thing to consider is what will be the best fit for your use case.

Here’s our verdict:

  • For ClickBank clients: RedTrack, Voluum, and CPV Lab Pro are top-notch tools that ClickBank integrates with. These are perfect for media buyer affiliates and sellers on ClickBank.
  • For omnichannel marketing: Everflow is designed to go beyond just the affiliate channel to monitor every performance channel in one place.
  • For self-managed affiliate programs: If you want to run your own affiliate program from start to finish, consider a tool like Outbase.
  • For an affordable solution: The Starter plan for CPV Lab Pro is the most affordable option on this list at just $39/mo, followed closely by Binom’s license of $69/mo.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we work closely with a lot of successful affiliates and sellers in the affiliate marketing space, so we know that these tools are used every day.

I hope this helps you decide on the affiliate tracking tool that’s right for you!

Why is affiliate marketing important to boost sales?

Before we close out this post, I want to provide a little more context about you should consider growing your business via affiliate marketing and ClickBank.

If you run an ecommerce brand or sell a product, affiliate marketing is an important channel to boost sales, as you can tap into new markets and audiences that you may not be able to reach through other types of marketing. Affiliates are particularly useful for testing the waters and getting a sense of a new market before launching a full-scale campaign. 

The affiliate channel is also a cost-effective strategy, as brands typically only pay affiliates a commission for each sale made via their tracking link. This means affiliates have an incentive to promote offers with high-quality content and ad campaigns, and brands can save on their marketing costs while still increasing sales.

In addition, affiliate marketing enables brands to build a relationship with and incentivize influential affiliates in their space. On their end, successful affiliates can become loyal brand ambassadors and drivers of new customers, generating repeat business and reaching more people as their audience grows.

By supporting affiliates and providing all the tools they need for a successful marketing campaign, brands ensure that the affiliates will also want to work with them in the future. 

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tools Wrap-up

There are a lot of opportunities made possible by affiliate marketing. Brands can tap into this thriving $17 billion industry and increase sales through the use of expert affiliate partners. Similarly, affiliate marketers can claim a piece of that pie through a range of marketing tactics like paid media, blogging, video, email, and more!

To maximize your affiliate marketing campaigns and avoid wasting money and resources, you need to know the cold hard facts and data. Tools like RedTrack, Outbase, Voluum, Binom, Everflow, Post Affiliate Pro, and CPV Lab Pro keep you informed and make it easy to customize and adjust your campaign on the fly.

In this way, you can rest assured that you’ll get results, attract new joint venture partners, and ultimately get more bang for your buck!


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