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Quiz: What To Read Next Based On Your Binge-Watching | Writer’s Relief



Quiz: What To Read Next Based On Your Binge-Watching | Writer’s Relief

Many of us have been spending a lot of time wrapped in blankets and plopped on the sofa, binge-watching all the must-see shows. Now it’s time to put down the remote, pick up a book, and start binge-reading! (The bookworms at Writer’s Relief note you can read and still stay wrapped in blankets and plopped on the sofa.) Fun fact: Your weekend binge-watching marathons can help determine what book you’d most enjoy! Take our quiz to find out what to read next based on your binge-watching favorites.

Quiz: What To Read Based On Your Binge-Watching Habits


Which series are you most likely to binge-watch?

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Chucky
  3. Fleishman Is in Trouble
  4. That ’90s Show
  5. Bridgerton


Which would be next on your watch list?

  1. Shadow and Bone
  2. American Horror Story
  3. The Mandalorian
  4. Grace and Frankie
  5. Ted Lasso


You set the mood for your watch session with:

  1. Phone on silent
  2. All the lights off
  3. Subtitles on
  4. Feet up on the coffee table
  5. Comfy pillows


Yay! Time for one more series! Where do you click first?

  1. The Witcher
  2. Squid Game
  3. The White Lotus
  4. What We Do in the Shadows
  5. Emily in Paris


What is your go-to snack while binging?

  1. Mini Bagel Pizzas
  2. Chips and Salsa
  3. Pretzels with Mustard
  4. Popcorn
  5. Chocolates

Mostly 1:

The God of Endings by Jacqueline Holland

Sci-fi and fantasy fans will enjoy this one! Collette LeSange was given the gift of eternal life from her grandfather 150 years ago. Mysterious events unfold as she encounters a gifted child, a stalker, and a thirst for blood.


Mostly 2:

The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas

This book is for anyone who enjoys a good horror story. Beatriz is whisked away to Hacienda San Isidro by her new, wealthy husband, Don Rodolfo Solórzano. Voices and visions haunt Beatriz’s dreams, her sister-in-law refuses to enter the hacienda at night, and rumors surround the sudden death of Rodolfo’s first wife.


Mostly 3:

Lone Women by Victor LaValle

The 1915 Western frontier meets drama and danger in this novel. Adelaide Henry carries a steamer trunk with her, packed full of secrets. She becomes one of the “lone women” hoping to homestead Montana land provided by the government. Adelaide is depending on the isolation to keep her secret safely locked away before people start dying…again.


Mostly 4:

The Guncle by Steven Rowley

If you love lighthearted, comedic stories, you’ve found your match! Gay Uncle Patrick (GUP for short) suddenly becomes the primary caregiver for his niece, Maisie, and nephew, Grant. Patrick soon learns that treats and jokes aren’t enough to parent kids.


Mostly 5:

Bet on It by Jodie Slaughter

If you’re in the mood for hot, sweet, and unique, here’s your book! A bingo-based sex pact is supposed to keep Aja and Walker from giving in to their feelings for each other. But emotions are just like bingo callers—hard to ignore.


Question: Which book will you be binge-reading?


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