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The Difference Between a Business and a Brand




Your business is your foundation. It’s the organization that produces the products and services that you offer. It’s your business model + your structure.

Without a business, there’s nothing to brand, which is why before your branding is created (your color palette, fonts, logos, marketing collaterals, online presence, etc.) you first need to get clear on your business.

What is your business: What do you do + what do you offer?


A brand provides an emotional connection to its audience and has a personality. It’s what makes your business unique and helps you stand out from all the
other businesses that do what you do. Your branding (visual identity + online presence) is created to deliver your messages.

When you have a unique brand that’s built on a strong foundation, you don’t have competition. Competition is only an issue when your business
is the same as all the others out there, meaning you do things in the same way as someone else. Having a unique brand eliminates the need to compete solely on price. If your audience feels a stronger connection with your brand over that of your ‘competition,’ then they will choose you, without a doubt


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