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Monthly Business Check-in Printable


Having a way to organize what has happened over the month with your business and planning ahead for the next month will help you to stay on track to hit your monthly goals.

Sometimes we get caught up in how we “feel” the month went without actually seeing all the pieces together.

Why use a Monthly Business Check-in Printable?

There are a lot of moving parts when you own an online business. and oftentimes we find ourselves wearing multiple hats because we are a one-man show.

It makes your life so much easier when you have printables to stay organized and help guide you from month to month.

Personally, I love spending time at the end of each month to reflect on the progress I have made.

It can be surprising to see all the details when you lay them out on paper. There are so many months where I just felt “off” or didn’t feel like I did as well. Then, I fill out this monthly business printable and actually see that I made progress and hit some of my goals.

Over the past few years with my online businesses, I found myself giving up on strategies and goals too quickly. I would literally move from one thing to another because they “felt” like they weren’t working.

When I finally made this Monthly Biz Check-in Printable and saw the big picture I was able to really look at what was working and what wasn’t working. Instead of giving up on what I was doing, I made more informed decisions every single month.

How to use a Monthly Business Check-in Printable?

As I mentioned above, I set aside time in my calendar at the end of each month. I like to step outside of my day-to-day business activities and really look at the aerial view of my business.

I will block off an hour in my schedule to review my last month before I start planning for the next month.

Step 1

The first thing I do is print out the Monthly Biz Check-in and go through my end-of-the-month checklist. For me, this normally stays the same, but sometimes I’ll need to add something specifically for that month.

Here are examples of what I have on my end-of-the-month checklist:

  • Review expenses – I like to look at all of my monthly expenses to make sure I am still using everything that I am paying for and to make sure I paid them all on time.

  • Clean out inbox – This can be hard sometimes because we are bombarded with so many emails, but I will try to get to inbox zero by going through all my emails or at least organizing them into the right folders.

  • Organize files – I like to start fresh every month so I will make sure all of my physical files, papers and any other notes I had for the past month are organized and put away.

  • Update social media profiles – When I was using social media I would go through my profiles and make any needed updates such as links, images, contact info, etc.

  • Clean-up Google Drive – I use Google Drive for everything so at the end of the month I like to open up my drive and make sure all of my docs and spreadsheets are organized into the proper folders.

  • Cancel unnecessary subscriptions – This is connected to the first task, but as I review my expenses I also review any subscriptions I have and make sure I am still using all of them. As an online business owner, I frequently try new programs and software. I like to keep it simple and only pay for what I absolutely need. You can read about how I simplified my business here.

Step 2

Go through all the blocks that reference the previous month. As you go through these prompts, really think about your business. This isn’t something you want to just check off your to-do list.

  • What are you most proud of from the previous mont

  • What worked well

  • What did you learn

  • Income + Expenses

  • Important stats

  • What you were grateful for

  • How you felt the past month

  • Did you hit your goals

Step 3

Next, you want to shift gears and focus on the next month.

  • Goals for the upcoming month

  • Changes for next month

  • What excites you as you move forward

  • Notes to remember for next month

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