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My Passive Income Earner of 2022-2023



My Passive Income Earner of 2022-2023


Early July I came across the Free to Play Walk to Earn/Battle NFT web3 phone app called Walken (Walken.io). At first, I was skeptical and played for free, I slowly started to add money (about $2k in total) and now earn about $10-$12 a day opening my app 3 times a day to "battle" for a few minutes.

In Walken the app uses Cathletes (NFTS) to battle other Cathletes to earn the in-game currency Walken. Walken is built on the Solana blockchain, which you can use as currency as well. You can level up your Cathletes to add to their base stats, the higher the level, the higher the reward you can earn in competition. The Cathletes can be dressed in clothes to help add to your base stats to make the strongest Cathlete, you can also accumulate " Mysberries" for losses, wheel spins, daily quest, or you can purchase at the marketplace. Mysberries help raise your base stats for ALL of your Cathletes. The app has an extremely active marketplace where you can buy or sell Cathletes, as well as items.

This isn't a current roadmap, need to visit Walken.io to see up to date roadma.

The Walken team has been extremely ambitious with their roadmap, adding all different types of mechanics and ways to earn Walken. The past couple months they have added free daily spins on a prize wheel, staking, easy-hard daily challenges, and more to come. The team is very active on twitter, discord, telegram, and the support team is fantastic. The community is extremely active with users based all over the world and over 2 million registered users.

I have found this game to be alot of fun and an easy source of side income, I already recovered my ROI and only took about 4 months. If you have any questions, please message me or comment.

If you are interested in playing immediately and want to get an early start, you can immediately earn 10 Gems + 5 Walken + 100 Mysberries using my referral code: AOJFMFA

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