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Affiliate Marketing on Quora in 2023: The Ultimate Guide



When most people start affiliate marketing, the obvious social media sites for promoting and gaining traffic are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok (or a combination of the four). 

What many affiliate marketers might not be using is the popular question-and-answer platform known as Quora!

Quora first hit the scene in 2009 – and since then, the social media platform has flourished across the world. Initially, Quora was where people swapped stories about life, relationships, and interests, but as the site has grown in popularity, it’s now a reliable way of driving organic traffic to your affiliate blog or landing page as well. 

You will find businesses, sellers, and affiliates on this platform promoting their products, driving traffic to their sites, and connecting with their target audiences! Now, let’s look at how it’s done.

What Makes Quora Worthwhile for Affiliates?

Quora boasts 300+ million active monthly users. Even better, most Quora users are 25-34 years old, which is a prime target audience for affiliate marketing. 

People on Quora also spend a healthy amount of time on the platform. We’re talking 8-10 minutes per day. It might sound like a lot compared to, say, Facebook or TikTok. However, when most people go to Quora, it’s to search for a specific answer, which makes those eyeballs much more valuable.

Another interesting point about this platform? A whopping 71.04% of traffic on Quora comes from organic searches.

You can easily see the potential Quora offers to you as an affiliate. As a quick recap:

  • Quora has 300+ million monthly active users: That’s a large audience, and you can be sure a percentage of your target audience is here.
  • Most Quora users are 25-34: This coveted age group has income and is active online, which makes them a valuable target audience for affiliates.
  • More than 70% of the site’s traffic comes from organic search: Even if you’ve just started your affiliate site, you can rank highly on the SERPs through strategic engagement on Quora.

Now, let’s dig deeper into how you can use Quora to grow your affiliate marketing business. 

What Is Quora Affiliate Marketing?

To understand Quora affiliate marketing, you must first understand how the platform works. Here’s what a typical question-and-answer exchange looks like.

First, a user posts a question on Quora. The question could be about virtually any topic, as the site has a wide range of categories.

Then, any Quora user can answer that question. As an affiliate, here’s where you come in!

Obviously, you should start by deciding which niche or type of products you want to promote. ClickBank has dozens of product categories you can choose from, including top affiliate marketing niches like health and fitness, relationships, beauty, technology, business, and personal development – many of which are top categories on Quora as well.

Next, create a website, a landing page, or a YouTube channel where you’ll display and expound on your affiliate offers.

Let’s say you decide to promote business SaaS technologies, one of them being Conversiobot. When a Quora user asks a general question about chatbots for business, this is your chance to provide an answer and promote your affiliate link!

Let’s assume already have a detailed blog post on how Conversiobot works. Using snippets from your blog post, you answer the user’s question and link out to your affiliate website to provide a full rundown about Conversiobot.

Whenever someone asks a question related to your niche, you can provide answers and redirect them to your external affiliate site. It takes time, but dedication to Quora will have you seeing organic traffic to your affiliate website in no time.

Because most questions on Quora are detailed, you have a better chance of connecting with your ideal target audience.

The more ‘quality’ answers you provide, the more your Quora account grows in popularity and authority. Also, providing valuable answers on Quora makes you out as an expert and helps draw more people to your website or YouTube channel.

NOTE: No direct affiliate links are allowed on Quora. 

If you link to an affiliate offer within your posts, your post is marked as spam and eventually deleted. Trying to sneak in affiliate offers directly on Quora might also get your account suspended or banned.

Instead, be helpful while answering the questions, then redirect Quora users to your affiliate site. You can also link a social profile with the offer or a bridge page like Linktree.

Getting Started on Quora

Here’s a quick step-by-step to getting started on Quora as an affiliate marketer.

1. Create Your Profile

Quora is a competitive space with thousands of experts, affiliates, and businesses. If you want to stand out and build authority, you’ll need a strong profile.

Your profile should showcase why you’re the right person to answer questions about a certain niche. You can show your expertise with a brief description of what you do and how long you’ve done it.

In addition, include a headline with a professional title of your occupation. Education credentials will also play a vital role in boosting your credibility. 

A professional and credible profile picture is another aspect to pay particular attention to. The profile picture can be a photo of you or your company’s logo. 

Steven Horne is a good example of the ideal Quora profile for an affiliate. From the moment you land on his page, it’s clear he’s an affiliate and has the numbers to prove it: 1.1 million all-time content views, 4.1k followers, and 645 answered questions. 

2. Find Your Niche and Uncover Popular Questions

Simply sign into Quora, and on the search bar, search for your niche. You’ll get hundreds of questions related to your topics. You can also filter based on topics, spaces, and time. 

I searched for affiliate marketing, and here’s a snippet of what Quora presented.

Quora affiliate marketing
Quora affiliate marketing

From there, join the Quora spaces related to your niche and start submitting answers. Or, simply start answering questions that align with your niche.

You can also follow a topic to receive notifications whenever someone asks a related question. Like in the previous example, type “affiliate marketing” in the search bar.

Affiliate Marketing topic on Quora
Affiliate Marketing topic on Quora

You’ll find the topic page for affiliate marketing. You can see that more than 800k people are interested in this topic, and it has the potential to drive massive traffic to your site.

From there, you can follow this topic, answer questions, read answers, and view related topics!

3. Answer the Questions That Fit Your Domain Expertise and Niche

There’s no shortage of questions on Quora regarding your niche or topic of choice. The breakdown below shows how many people are interested in certain niches on Quora per month. 

However, thousands of people are also willing to answer these questions, and competition is stiff.

Therefore, don’t be all about promoting your affiliate link when answering Quora questions. Instead, be helpful, provide valuable answers, and offer a new or unique perspective. 

Quora questions can rack up 1000s of answers sometimes. 

For example, “How to start affiliate marketing for free” raked up 1.1k answers. Also, 575 people are interested in knowing how to get started with affiliate marketing for free. 

If you want to build your authority and increase exposure, try taking a different perspective when answering the questions. 

In addition, write longer answers as it will give you more space to provide a helpful answer. About 200-400 words is an ideal length. 

Also, add videos, images, and stats to add credibility to your answers.

Quora’s search engine gives more precedence to well-formatted answers. Finally, include bullet points and listicles in your answer. It allows people to scan and increases the chances of your answer ranking highly. 

6 Tips for Quora Success

These six tips will help you find success as an affiliate marketer on Quora.

1. Utilize Quora Spaces

Quora spaces are communities dedicated to a certain topic. You can find spaces for virtually any topic. You can participate in existing communities by answering questions. Or, create your community, ask questions popular within your industry, and provide answers. 

You can also open the community to have community members ask and answer questions. 

2. Answer the Most Popular Questions in Your Niche

To find the most popular question, head to the search bar and pop in your topic of interest. Filter the results to ‘questions’ only. From there, look through the questions and choose those with a high follow rate. 

Questions on Quora

But don’t entirely disregard questions with a lesser following. You can still capture a couple of your target audience by providing a helpful answer. 

This second question about the best web host that pays affiliates has a lot of potential if answered right, especially with only a few answers so far.

3. Engage With Your Audience

Quora works on the same principles as most other social media pages. Your target audience is bound to comment when you write a valuable, high quality answer. 

Don’t leave them hanging, but instead answer questions in the comments or direct them to more guides and valuable content on your affiliate website or landing page. 

4. Follow Influencers in Your Niche

When you start on Quora, you’ll find marketers and affiliates that already reign in this space. Be sure to follow them and analyze how they answer questions, interact with their audience, and simply engage with the community. 

Following influencers in your niche will also expose you to the type of questions your target audience asks and the answers they expect. 

For example, if you’re in the search engine optimization niche, these are the top SEO influencers on Quora. 

5. Post Responses Regularly

While a big part of Quora is about quality, you’ll also have to think about quantity. Driving traffic to your affiliate site from Quora will require you to answer as many questions as possible. 

The more you engage with your niche community on Quora, the more authority your profile gains, and the more exposure your brand receives!

6. Ask Questions

You can also ask questions on Quora yourself that include your main affiliate keywords. For example, if you’re promoting a workout app, you can ask questions with the workout app incorporated as a keyword. 

Then, you’ll provide an answer that your audience will find valuable. There’s no limit to how many questions you can ask. The only caveat is that your question should be unique!

Examples of Affiliate Marketing on Quora

Below are two examples of profiles generating traffic and affiliate income from Quora.

Janet Jackson, SEO Expert

Janet Jackson is an SEO expert and an affiliate marketer promoting SEO tools.

For example, one Quora question asked:

Which are the best SEO tools, Deals, and coupons for Halloween 2022?” 

She wrote a detailed answer and directed the readers to a Linktree landing page with her affiliate offers. The response generated 5.2k views, 191 upvotes, 213 shares, and 22 comments.

Anika Roy

Anika Roy is a web developer and affiliate marketer. So, when questions like “What is your favorite customizable WordPress theme? Why?” crop up, she dives in and provides a detailed answer and a link to the affiliate offers.

This post garnered 700+ views and a couple of shares.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Quora allow affiliate links?

No. Quora considers affiliate links within answers as spam. If you include an affiliate link, your answer will be deleted.

Is affiliate marketing worth it on Quora?

Quora is a great way for affiliates to connect with their target audience, drive traffic to their affiliate channels, and build online authority. 

Do you need a website to do affiliate marketing on Quora?

A website or blog is not necessary to promote affiliate products on Quora. However, it’s probably a good idea to have your own website if you want to experience the greatest success on Quora. 

Is Quora affiliate marketing hard?

Not really! Affiliate marketing on Quora is fairly easy, but it requires consistency and effort with each answer you provide. 

Quora Affiliate Marketing Wrap-up

Ultimately, Quora is a reliable and useful way to grow your business as an affiliate on ClickBank. Specifically, you can use Quora to connect with your target audience and their pain points. Quora is also an ideal platform to elevate your exposure and authority as an expert in your niche.

It’s especially useful when you don’t yet have a following, since Quora gives you access to 300+ million people per month. However, for best results, it’s worth it to expand your promotional efforts to Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other social sites.

Want to find out more? Learn how Spark by ClickBank can help you generate income as an affiliate on Clickbank!


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