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“Why do people call you Grizzly?”

Grizzlyfi Holding coins is an easy way to make money during a bull market. However, when the market is bearish, there are few returns or even losses, which indicates that things suddenly become significantly more complicated. We have devised a solution to this problem. In fact, even in a bear market, using our foundation, which was made for the fluid mining of stable coin matches, can give you attractive returns. As a result, it goes by the name Grizzly.fi.

How is value created by liquidity mining?

People trade cryptocurrencies every day. Decentralized exchanges do not hold tokens belonging to users. To speed up transactions, they need both tokens to be liquid. The liquidity provider receives reimbursement for the exchange fees and the additional stamped token. To put it another way, you are the bank, and you get paid when someone makes a transaction.

Why should I invest through Grizzly.fi instead of directly in the DEX?

DEXs and PC-based liquidity mining platforms are not something we oppose; rather, we coexist harmoniously with them. We recently discovered that it might be hard for new investors to correctly complete all of the steps involved in investing. To make investing easier and more profitable, we created a Hub for Liquidity Mining. an enjoyable and simple user interface for investing across multiple platforms. Furthermore, at the top: Grizzly.fi puts the money you make when you use our platform back into your business, allowing you to make more money. The overall effect always benefits our customers in this way.

Is there a gas fee associated with Grizzly.fi’s reinvestments?

No. Because all reinvest transactions have been combined into a single one to avoid gas fees, Grizzly.fi will bear the fees. Only when you harvest, deposit, or withdraw HONEY tokens do you pay gas fees.

When normal pairs offer higher APY, why should I mine stable coin liquidity?

An investigation that was carried out by the most prestigious university in Zürich, the ETH (yes, they study decentralized exchanges, which is awesome, right?). discovered that liquidity miners frequently receive rewards that are inversely proportional to their temporary losses. Grizzly.fi focuses on pairs that actually generate revenue for users because stable coin liquidity pools make this impossible.

You can find the PDF they created on this topic at this link: [ What kind of Blockchain is utilized in the construction of Grizzly.fi? [ [https://arxiv.org/pdf/2105.13822.pdf]

The Binance Smart Chain’s platforms are our foundation. Will Polygon Chain Stages be completed in the near future?


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