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Printable Password Log


What is a Password Log?

It simply is a printable password tracker PDF where you can organize and log all of your online accounts so you don’t have to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Between all of our online banking accounts, social media websites, and the plethora of other websites we use on a daily basis it can be a lot to remember.

All you have to do is print out a copy and fill in all the details for your online account.

Then, put it in a binder or in the drawer of your desk to keep it safe and reference it when needed.

You’ll want to make sure that you take a minute to update it every time you change a password or start using a new website.

How do you use a Password Log?

It’s really easy to use a printable password log. After you have downloaded a copy you can start filling in all your information:

When you download the Password Log you will get access to all 4 printables so you can choose to print whichever one will work best for you.

There are 2 different versions to choose from. The first version is just a list of all of your password details and the second option is little cards for each separate account or website.

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