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Hi. I’m building an app that allows influencers to connect with their audiences by reviewing products they’ve used and earn commissions while doing so. I’d love it if the folks on here answered a few questions



Hi. My name is Max, and I’m building an free app that will allow tiktok influencers to share products they’ve recently used and love with their followers. For anyone who is currently an influencer who reviews products,

  1. What do you see as the biggest hassle? Is it setting up a website, the fact that tiktok doesn’t allow direct links or what

  2. How do you currently set up affiliate links and how hard is it to do so

  3. how much do you typically earn from commissions on products? Does tiktok take any and if so what percent?

We’re opening up our website for beta testing next month and we have limited spaces, so if you are interested in being one of the first people to try it out, you can type in your email here and we will send you an invite when it’s ready. https://styrate.herokuapp.com/

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