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Kids Daily Checklist Printable



I don’t know about you, but I get very frustrated when I have to continually repeat myself to my kids about the tasks they should be doing (especially before school). I honestly feel like a broken record.

This is one of the reasons why I made this printable.

I would be asking them if they completed something like brushing their teeth 3-4 times each morning.

This daily checklist allows them to see what they need to do next to keep themselves on track.

Not only does it help them to feel more accomplished, but it gives them the opportunity to manage their time by themselves.

I often find myself helping my kids with every.single.task and although I feel like I am helping them, it’s not giving them the opportunity to do it on their own.

Benefits of Using a Printable Daily Checklist for Kids

  1. Reduces stress – Having a checklist to follow can help your child feel more in control of their day and reduce feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Improves organization – A daily checklist will give them a clear overview of their day so that can stay organized and on track.

  3. Creates good habits – When you have clear expectations of the tasks they need to complete it will help to develop habits and routines for your child.

  4. Increases motivation – Seeing their progress each day and each week will help motivate them to complete their tasks.

The printable daily checklist for kids is broken down into 3 different sections.

  • Morning – Before School

  • Afternoon – After School

  • Evening – Before Bedtime

Each section can be personalized with the tasks you want your child to complete. As they complete each task they can mark off the box for the appropriate day.

When you download this printable you will see it comes with an example sheet but you can use the blank one to fill in all the tasks your child needs to do each day.

Plus, you can download a new copy when their responsibilities change. 

You can also consider giving some kind of reward if they mark off all of their boxes for the week.

Click here to download the Kids Daily Checklist

Here are some example tasks you can include on your checklist:

The tasks you put on will depend on the age of your child.

Get your kids on a daily schedule today with this printable checklist.


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