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A Must-Have Etsy SEO Tool in 2023?


Are you an Etsy shop owner looking to increase your sales? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Are you desperately trying new tactics to gain more customers but not getting anywhere? If you’re searching for the secret to success in your Etsy Shop, you might have heard of Sale Samurai.

But is it any good?

In this blog post, we explore Sale Samurai. It’s an innovative tool designed to help Etsy shop owners maximize their reach and increase their monthly sales.

We’ll discuss how Sale Samurai can assist you in driving more traffic and getting more sales. Let’s dive in and see if Sale Samurai is the right Etsy SEO tool for your business!

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Sale Samurai Review

  • Ease of Use

  • Features

  • Price

Sale Samurai Review

Sale Samurai is an incredibly useful tool for Etsy shop owners. It provides great features to help you optimize your business and increase sales. Just be aware that it cannot grab multilingual tags, meaning it’ll be difficult for people in non-English-speaking countries to find products on their respective marketplaces. And the 3-day trial isn’t long enough to accurately judge whether this software satisfies all of your needs. But on the plus side, it helps you connect different Etsy stores and enables you to upload products to multiple stores. Try out Sale Samurai here!


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Comprehensive analytics of keywords, tags, and product descriptions
  • Ability to connect different Etsy stores for multiple uploads
  • Competitor analysis feature
  • Store optimization tools
  • Fee calculator to view profit and ROI
  • Etsy analytics tool to keep track of competitors
  • Chrome extension for easy access to your Etsy website


  • Lacks the ability to grab multilingual tags
  • A 3-day trial isn’t long enough for an accurate assessment

Sale Samurai Features

Sale Samurai offers all the features you need to give you actionable insights to help you grow your Etsy business. The tool allows you to access detailed analytics on keyword searches, competition levels, and more.

These insights enable you to optimize your titles and tags for maximum visibility.

You can also view potential competition product listings and pricing information. Etsy shop owners can see just how much competition they’re up against from other sellers for any given keyword.

Keyword Search Tool

Sale Samurai provides two powerful tools, Keyword Search and Etsy Chrome Extension. These help users with their Etsy keyword research. The keyword tool suite provides Etsy sellers with data such as real search volume, competition levels, and cost-per-click information.

With such customer-driven research data, businesses can launch new products or optimize existing listings for a successful Etsy business.

The ai driven keyword tool also provides related keywords and keyword suggestions with long-tail keyword ideas. This allows Etsy sellers to capitalize on accurate search volume and optimize their Etsy listings for maximum visibility.

This powerful product research tool based on real search data can provide valuable insights into customer buying patterns and help you determine the most profitable products for your Etsy store.

The keyword search volume tool is a core feature of Sale Samurai. It allows you to identify trends and popular keywords and gain insight into what customers are searching for. And how to ensure your Etsy product listings pop up in those search results!

All of this helps you make informed decisions about what products to offer. This allows you to capture the most searches and maximize your sales potential.

Fees Calculator

The Fee Calculator by Sale Samurai lets you view your profit and ROI. This information helps determine the most profitable prices for your Etsy shop. It takes into account offsite ad fees depending on your shop’s success, allowing you to run a discount while still earning a reasonable profit.

This tool is beneficial in setting a reasonable price point for your business and your customers.

Etsy Analytics Tool

Sale Samurai Etsy Analytics tools allow e-commerce sellers to keep track of their competitors by analyzing keywords, tags, and titles. With this data, sellers can ensure that their Etsy SEO is always current, never lagging behind the competition.

It also allows them to determine if they have missed any tags or images in their listings. Users can quickly pull hidden tags from top-selling products. With this tool, sellers can gain an advantage and stay one step ahead of other shops.

Chrome Extension

Uncovering hidden industry data is easy with the Sale Samurai Chrome extension. This can be downloaded from the chrome web store and utilized with an active Sale Samurai subscription.

This transforms your Etsy search bar, allowing sellers to access all their research needs right on Etsy while scoping out potential products and ideas.

In summary, it’s like having a personalized version of Sale Samurai accessible on top of the Etsy website – making your business journey more convenient and efficient!

How Much Does Sale Samurai Cost?

Etsy sellers, rejoice! For just $9.99 a month, or $99 per year, you’ll gain access to all Sale Samuari features, including long tail keywords list, data-driven listing analysis, real Etsy search volume insights, and tag suggestions.

Best of all, Sale Samurai offers a no-risk 3-day free trial. This allows you to verify its services and explore all the features without spending any money!

sale samurai pricing screenshot

Who is Sale Samurai For?

Sale Samurai is an invaluable resource for Etsy sellers, no matter how big or small your shop is. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, the Sale Samurai Etsy keyword tool suite can help you drive traffic and sales to your shop.

By providing valuable insights into the search trends on Etsy, Sale Samurai helps you identify opportunities to maximize your reach and grow your business.

Sale Samurai Alternatives

If you’re not sold on Sales Samurai and are looking for alternative Etsy keyword research tool solutions, there are plenty of other options available.


Marmalead is a great alternative to Sales Samurai. It offers comprehensive analytics of relevant keywords, tags, product descriptions, and competitor analysis. This data can be used to help you optimize your Etsy shop for better search engine rankings.

Additionally, it provides insights into customer buying habits. This information can help you determine how to market your products best.

sale samurai alternative - marmalead homescreen screenshot

The Entrepreneur plan on Marmalead is $19/month, representing double the financial investment of Sale Samurai.


eRank is another good alternative to Sales Samurai. It offers a range of features, including Etsy keyword research, competitor analysis, and store optimization tools.

Additionally, it provides an Etsy SEO suite that helps users improve the visibility of their own listings on popular search engines.

sale samurai alternative - erank homescreen screenshot

eRrank has a basic plan starting at $5.99/month, with full functionality but a very limited number of lookups. For any meaningful volume of data, the pricing scales up quickly.

There is a middle-tier “Pro” plan at $9.99/month, which increases lookups significantly. There is the highest tier plan for the most demanding needs at $29.99/month.


Alura is a great alternative to Sales Samurai. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for online sellers, including analytics and listing optimization features so you can figure out the best keywords for your tags. It also provides an intuitive dashboard that lets you track performance across all your stores in one place to give you a complete picture.

With Alura, you can also take advantage of its powerful Etsy keyword research tool and competition data analysis features to gain insights into the marketplace.

sale samurai alternative - alura homescreen screenshot

With paid plans starting at $29/month, Alura is way more expensive than Sale Samuari, but it also has a free plan – albeit with limited features.

Check out our article on Etsy tag generator tools for a full round-up.

Is Sale Samurai Worth it?

In conclusion, Sale Samurai has all the tools for Etsy sellers looking for an edge over other shops. Its comprehensive set of keyword search volume analytics and store optimization features make it an invaluable tool for those looking to increase their chances of achieving massive Etsy growth.

Its ability to connect different Etsy stores for multiple uploads can save you time and effort when managing your online business.

The 3-day trial might not be long enough to assess whether the software fits your needs accurately. That said, it’s still a great way to get an easy introduction to the capabilities of this all-in-one tool.

At only $9.99/month, it’s cheaper than most other Etsy SEO services and worth the investment for such useful customer-driven research data.

Ultimately, Sale Samurai is worth considering if you are pondering how to make money on Etsy and looking for a comprehensive tool to help grow your Etsy shop.

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