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Thinking of starting a blog for your business? 🤔 You should be! Blogging can create great opportunities to skyrocket your brand awareness, and grow your customer base and revenue. These are just some of the benefits of blogging.

Over the years, blogs have grown from a medium of expressing oneself to a means of online marketing and selling. It comes as no surprise that blogs are now an important component of almost all businesses that want to operate online. To avoid being left out in that lucrative area, learn about the common benefits of blogging and take your first steps today! 🚀

Key benefits of blogging for business, growth, and marketing

  1. Blogging generates traffic for your business website
  2. Blogging converts cold traffic into hot leads
  3. Blogging establishes you as an authority in your niche
  4. Blogging provides a platform to share media updates about your business
  5. Blogging helps create strategic connections with other business owners
  6. Blogging opens doors for speaking engagements
  7. Blogging helps you connect with your audience directly
  8. Blogging gives you content you can then repurpose on social media
  9. Your blog content stays online for years, providing long-lasting results
  10. Blogging serves as an effective marketing vehicle for your business
Benefits of Blogging

1. Blogging generates traffic for your business website

One of the main benefits of blogging is that you can attract a ton of traffic to your business by publishing blog posts that are of high quality and match the intent of your readers.

I’m not talking about paid traffic, but free traffic from search engine giants like Google. Studies show that businesses that blog have 55% more website visitors than those that don’t [1].

That’s because each blog post that goes live allows you to get discovered by prospective customers through Google.

With a blog, you can also generate organic traffic from social media platforms by frequently sharing blog posts using appropriate/trending hashtags.

Provided that your blog posts are of high quality, the more you publish them, the more chances you get to reach new people and put your business offering in front of them. As the number of blog posts grows, the cumulative effect kicks in and your traffic multiplies.

2. Blogging converts cold traffic into hot leads

Only a few channels can compete with blogging when it comes to warming up your cold audience into customers that come in hot, wallet in hand.

One of the benefits of blogging in this regard is that it affords you the opportunity to keep in constant touch with your leads and warm them up to buy from you as they move from one point to another in their buyer’s journey or through your marketing and sales funnel.

Apart from keeping in touch with your people through blog posts, you can also use email marketing to communicate with them more directly and build trust.

3. Blogging establishes you as an authority in your niche

Having a series of blog posts on a particular topic can elevate you to expert status in your field, and that’s even if you don’t possess any specific academic or professional background.

It’s reported that 77% of internet users read blogs – which is a lot – and all those people do it for very specific reasons [2]. Some look for solutions to problems, others for entertainment, and the rest are interested in niche topics that relate to their hobbies or professional field. Whatever it might be, staying consistent with your content will grant you the spot of a thought leader in the space.

This sort of authority can then be leveraged when promoting a product or offering a service to your market.

4. Blogging provides a platform to share media updates about your business

Another on our list of benefits of blogging is that blogging enables you to share news and stories about the latest developments in your company. This helps to keep your audience interested as they get to know the current happenings in your business.

Stories like new products, features, press releases, new staff joining in, and general news about your brand can be shared with your blog readers. This way, you get to invite people into your current projects and somewhat make them feel like they’re part of these events. This sort of communication is much better than just blasting people with one promotional message after another.

Without a blog, all you can do is share updates on social media. This is fine, but you are not in control of the medium and only rely on a third party – the social media platform – to deliver your message to people interested.

5. Blogging helps create strategic connections with other business owners

Owning a blog creates a lot of opportunity to build relationships with other companies in the field – and effectively turn competitors into partners.

One way bloggers forge relationships is by guest posting. One study reports that 60% of surveyed blogs write between one and five guest posts every month [3]. Building connections like these can surely fast track the growth of your business.

Another aspect of this sort of relationship building is that you can establish connections with your readers. Some of them are business owners like you, too. Overall, this is a win-win situation as the more networks you create through your blog, the more opportunities for growth present themselves.

6. Blogging opens doors for speaking engagements

Blogging helps you get found by industry experts who might want to invite you to speak at their events.

As your blog posts gain a wider reach over time, you can launch a separate speaking career (or side gig) on the back of it. The best thing about speaking is that the opportunities often snowball after you’ve got your foot in the door and got invited to your first happening. Furthermore, speaking at a popular event in your industry instantly strengthens your authority and establishes you even firmer in the expert realm.

To increase your chances of attracting requests for public speaking, you can create a couple of blog posts advertising it as one of the services you offer.

7. Blogging helps you connect with your audience directly

A study by Sprout Social reveals that 64% of customers want brands to connect with them [4]. Blogging is perhaps one of the best ways to achieve that. This is one of those benefits of blogging that can’t be ignored.

Writing blog posts consistently provides several touchpoints for your audience. This constant connection activates the Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) factor, making it easier to convert your audience into paying customers.

Staying in direct contact with your audience through your blog also helps you to learn about your customer behavior, and make adjustments on how best to serve them.

With this connection, blogging keeps your customers frequently engaged with your content, and they can provide you with immediate feedback to questions and surveys should you need it.

8. Blogging gives you content you can then repurpose on social media

Blog content isn’t the only format that internet users like to engage with these days.

In fact, blog posts offer lengthy and more comprehensive materials that can be converted into content for social media. So, if you’re struggling to keep your profiles afloat with new updates, then your blog posts can serve as a source for that purpose.

As your social media presence grows with this repurposed content, the traffic that’s earned from this will naturally flow back to your blog.

This wouldn’t be possible without fresh blog content to draw inspiration from in the first place, and that’s why blogging can be this helpful of a tool for the growth of your business.

9. Your blog content stays online for years, providing long-lasting results

Unlike social media content that could go viral one minute and fade out the next, your blogging efforts can be reaped for years to come.

This can only be achieved if you create content that’s evergreen – content that isn’t seasonal and will stay current for a long time, or even indefinitely. One way to make sure it is still valid is to audit your most valuable and important posts regularly and update them if need be. This will not only show Google you care about your presence in the search engine, but also make sure that your readers can always find accurate information on whatever topic they’re looking for.

Blogging has a huge advantage here over other marketing channels like email or social media, since those ultimately move down the news feed and ultimately get forgotten forever.

⚠️ Note: make sure to integrate your blog with tools like Google Analytics to keep tabs on your traffic numbers, most popular posts, and any trends in your overall readability.

10. Blogging serves as an effective marketing vehicle for your business

This final benefit of blogging kind of ties together all the other ones that came before. As a matter of fact, no other online marketing vehicle creates opportunities on par with blogging or lets you capitalize on them as effectively.

Your blog can be the center point of all the other marketing strategies in your portfolio. For instance, it can be the hub for all email promotions or social media shout-outs you’re posting.

The marketing opportunities are endless – you could maintain contact with your audience, reach out to more customers, or continue nurturing leads all through the same blog.

For example, Influence and Co. leveraged the use of SEO-optimized content to achieve a 70% increase in lead generation results for one of their clients [5]. They did this by performing keyword research every quarter of the year, creating content that aligns with SEO best practices, and collaborating with the client’s sales team to get leads to take action on the website.

All of this can be done on your blog as well by coordinating your efforts coming through different channels and converging them all on your blog.

Benefits of blogging: conclusion

These have been the key benefits of blogging and how to best take advantage of them. Now that you know the full scope of the opportunities that it can bring you, what is your next step going to be?

⚠️ Note: Don’t have a blog yet? If you’re wondering how to set one up, the easiest way to do that is to sign up with a company like Bluehost. Bluehost has been renowned for their web hosting offering and how easy it is to start a new blog using their platform – it only takes a couple of steps:

  1. 🏁 Start by going to Bluehost and signing up for a web hosting plan. The cheapest one starts at $2.75 per month. For that price, you also get a free domain name bundled in for the first year.
  2. ⚙️ During the sign-up process, tell Bluehost to install WordPress on your hosting account. WordPress is the most popular website engine, and also one of the easiest to use.
  3. 🎨 Pick a theme – a design – for your website and install it through a couple of clicks.
  4. ✍️ Write your first blog post and publish it for the world to see.


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