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Want a Keap/Infusionsoft Alternative? Here Are 11 Solutions To Try in 2022


If you’re searching for an Infusionsoft alternative, many great options are available. We’ll tell you all about them in this article.

Infusionsoft is a well-known sales, customer relationship management (CRM), and marketing automation software. Despite being a market leader, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, and it can be pricey. (Infusionsoft is now called Keap; for clarity, we’ll use its new name in the article.)

Fortunately, several Keap alternatives provide comparable advantages without as many distracting bells and whistles.

We’ll discuss what they are, who should use them, what we do and don’t like, and the cost of each program. ActiveCampaign gets my vote, but you be the judge – read on!

Keap (Infusionsoft) An Overview

Keap is a marketing, sales, and CRM tool with a strong focus on automation features. The software, established in 2001, has several capabilities, including CRM, email marketing, appointment scheduling, sales funnels, and analytics and reporting.

Keep Landing Page

You’ll precisely define your sales process and marketing strategies using Keap and automate mundane operations like follow-ups. This tool focuses on building customer relationships and optimizing your sales pipelines without squandering valuable time and resources.

It is a consolidated system that lets you gather all daily operations and customer contacts in one location, get new leads, turn them into customers, and more.

Your company’s needs will eventually determine whether you choose Keap or one of its close competitors, as is the case with all software decisions. Keap is very good and offers all the essential features you could ask for from any other service, such as lead management and contact, email tracking, reporting, social media, and a mobile app. However, there are also issues with the service.

It’s not at all user-friendly, with an extremely steep learning curve. You have to receive professional training via demos, customer support, or other software training methods to use Keap properly. (Keap came under fire for charging a one-time cost for onboarding training. After much pressure, they cut it from $1,999 to $299.)

Keap has two pricing plans.
Pro costs $129/month (billed at $1548/year) or $169/monthly. It includes 1500 contacts and two users.
Max costs $199/month (billed at $2388/year) or $249/monthly. This plan includes 2500 contacts and three users.

11 Top Keap/Infusionsoft Alternatives & Competitors

As we’ve already discussed, other options are just as good – if not better – suited to your particular requirements and financial situation as Keap is. Not all tools are created equal, and your decision will probably be influenced by which feature is most crucial to your business and how much you’re prepared to pay. Let’s have a look at them.

ActiveCampaign [Best Infusionsoft Alternative]

Although it began as a campaign manager, ActiveCampaign has started to shine in the automation space and is our favorite Infusionsoft alternative for serious business owners.

Best Infusionsoft alternative.

ActiveCampaign’s guiding principle is that email marketing should be personalized, responsive, and separate from spam. And it should apply as long as people still use email to manage their online presence (which doesn’t show any signs of slowing down).

Key Features Of This Infusionsoft alternative

  • ActiveCampaign works to maintain a readable and clear image of the consumer data so you may send fewer emails and get better outcomes. 
  • You can communicate with your clients on social media and via text message.
  • They have some cool new features that let users share email designs. 
  • Changes within ActiveCampaign can trigger marketing actions. For example, a personal message gets sent if new data gets logged in a lead’s contact form. (For example – sending congratulations on a move, etc.).
  • A Chrome extension. This enables sales representatives to automate operations with their lead family and keep track of email openings. 
  • Integration with the leading e-commerce platforms WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify to expand its functionality. The connections also enable data transfer from those platforms to the ActiveCampaign database.

Who is it Best For?

Excellent for companies of any size whose primary objective is to display campaign data in a clear, usable format. It’s also great value for money.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely competitive pricing when compared to alternatives 
  • Unlimited sending is included in all plans 
  • E-commerce integration exchanges data 
  • CRM software enables campaign customization for various products and services 
  • Automate sales, marketing, and productivity from the same platform


  • Not a simple solution; the sheer scope of the options available can be confusing 
  • Only really useful for complex automation 
  • No free plan


Pricing plans are based on 1,000 contacts and work on a sliding scale. All plans offer a marketing and sales suite and support.

  • Lite Plan costs $29/month billed yearly or $39/monthly.
  • Plus Plan costs $49/month, billed yearly or $70/monthly.
  • Professional Plan costs $149/month billed yearly or $187/monthly.
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales for a customized plan.
ActiveCampagn Pricing Page

ActiveCampaign offers an extra service separate from its Marketing and CRM package. Transactional Email – API + SMTP for your site or app via Postmark. It allows for reliable and quick delivery of transactional emails such as order confirmations or password resets.

Pricing is as follows.
10,000 emails/month at $10/month; if you need more in the month, you’ll pay $1.25/1,000.
50,000 emails/month at $50/month, and so on.

ActiveCampaign Tranactional email pricing


Wishpond is another great Infusionsoft alternative that started as a platform for running competitions on social media.

Its developers established their own service because they couldn’t find one they liked to automate a marketing campaign for their own goods. Marketing automation software eventually surpassed the contest platform as their primary offering.

Wishpond Landing Page

If you want to convert website traffic into qualified leads, Wishpond is an excellent solution. Their guiding principles are innovation and expansion, and they regularly add new features to show their dedication.

Key Features

  • Wishpond allows for pop-ups and images on a sliding scale of visibility to persuade website users to sign up for customer-focused marketing. This feature enables you to choose the level of intrusiveness you want your opt-in to have, from a modest banner to a page-covering ad.
  • Their email marketing campaign editor produces a finished piece that is visually appealing.
  • A “done for you” service to create your campaign; costs are discussed after a demo.
  • Social media competitions.

Who is This Infusionsoft alternative Best For?

Website owners who lack the resources to pay for a more comprehensive service but wish to expand their mailing lists can benefit from using Wishpond.

Pros and Cons


  • Mobile-responsive landing pages and competitions 
  • Widespread integration potential 
  • Emphasis on usability and continuous release of new features
  • Responsive customer support


  • Doesn’t track ROI
  • Page builder and editor can be slow 
  • Not an all-in-one platform
  • No pricing is shown on the website


This is where Wishpond gets annoying. There is no pricing plan on the website; you’ll need to contact Sales for a quote – which means you have to surrender your email address.

But there is a live chat feature on the site, and you get pretty fast responses. I received some basic pricing plan information in less than 2 minutes!

  • $49/month for 1,000 leads. 
  • $603/month if you need to store more than 100,000 leads.
Wishpond Pricing Page - Request a date for a quote


SendInBlue is a set of digital marketing tools designed to assist companies of all sizes in streamlining every aspect of their marketing operations.

SendInBlue Landing Page

Key Features

  • Manage email, social media, and SMS from one location with a multichannel platform. 
  • A marketing power suite that includes marketing automation, a fully-featured CRM, and CRO. 
  • Construct expert landing pages from the start without having any prior coding experience. 
  • Teams may more easily collaborate on lead generation and project management tasks thanks to the shared mailbox and communication tools it provides.
  • Advanced statistics tools that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and track the development of conversions. 
  • It monitors statistics like hard bounces, recipients, and clicked messages. Users may then determine precisely how to improve their plans by eliminating the element of the guesswork from the formulation of marketing campaigns.
  • You can create forms, landing pages, and even Facebook ads using SendInBlue building tools.

Who is it Best For?

SendInBlue can be helpful if you run any conversion-focused campaigns, concentrate on email and SMS transactions, or want to split-test your campaigns.

Pros and Cons Of This Infusionsoft alternative


  • SendInBlue provides a wide range of digital marketing solutions, including SMS marketing and CRM. 
  • It offers a free plan that includes all of the platform’s fundamental features, making it accessible to small teams. 
  • The platform is more suited for new users due to its simpler interface and easier learning curve.
  • Provides more marketing and conversion-optimization features than Infusionsoft. 
  • Good customer support.


  • Few third-party integrations
  • Some users have issues with its UI 
  • Does not offer advanced web content building 
  • No real-time sales alerts
  • Lacks invoice creation capabilities


  • Free plan
  • Starter costs $25/month.
  • Business costs $65/month. 
  • Enterprise costs $1000/month.
SendInBlue Pricing Page

Read our SendInBlue review to find out more about this product.


ConvertKit provides a comprehensive tool kit for creating an email list and email marketing your products and services – a good Infusionsoft alternative.

ConvertKit Landing Page

This software was designed for YouTubers, professional bloggers, podcasters, course developers, etc. Its features work to assist customers in growing their email lists and automating the drip email marketing process. It offers a capable and intuitive tag-based system that now includes site tracking for WordPress users.

Key Features

  • Customized opt-in forms 
  • Templates for landing pages  
  • Workflow automation
  • Drag-and-drop email sequences
  • Site tracking for WordPress users
  • The new commerce feature is unique and lets you sell digital goods and subscriptions

Who is it Best For?

Convertkit is a good option if you want an Infusionsoft alternative that’s mostly a beginner-friendly email marketing platform. You’ll benefit from it the most if you have a small online staff and a tight budget, are a beginning blogger or need to expand your marketing efforts into email.

Pros and Cons


  • Tag-based subscriber system and advanced email customization possibilities 
  • Simple marketing automation software – rules creator


  • Limited capacity for split testing 
  • The reporting is poor

Pricing (A Infusionsoft alternative With a Sliding Scale)

  • Free Plan
  • Creator costs $9/month billed annually. 
  • Creator Pro costs $25/month billed annually.
ConvertKit Pricing Page

Wondering how ConvertKit stacks up against ActiveCampaign? Here is the answer: ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign.


Hubspot provides two platforms: a recently created platform for sales and its flagship marketing solution. Their service has an “all-in-one” focus, encompassing everything from social networking and SEO to mailing list management, landing sites, customer interactions, and analytics.

HubSpot Landing Page

Given how many CRMs have appeared with the clear goal of bringing marketing and sales together in one location, this may seem obvious, but most of those were following HubSpot’s lead.

HubSpot’s marketing automation platform is incredibly popular, which helps to explain why, only five years after its debut, it has become a major player in the market. It also offers a great free plan with most of the tools available.

HubSpot CRM software could be better at scaling. You might need more than this if you require a lot of features. It will also prove too much if you run a business with limited sales data. For example, one client, few online sales, or little time or desire for inbound marketing.

Key Features

HubSpot is expensive. However, you also get valuable features, including ticketing and customer service automation, meeting booking bots, and phone support. HubSpot features include:

  • Excellent customer management hubs, including social media, sales, marketing, and support. 
  • With a robust collection of free tools, Hubspot’s apps are impressive. 
  • HubSpot provides the finest user interface and experiences out of all Customer Relationship Management suites. 
  • It is well-made, aesthetically pleasing, and really simple to use. 
  • It also includes a ton of helpful onboarding and starting tips. 
  • There is definitely no better option available if you value the user experience.
  • A cool feature is its emphasis on internal communication. Internal emails regularly update teams on the most crucial forthcoming sales and marketing priorities.
  • HubSpot offers synced mailbox profiles with Outlook or Gmail accounts.

Who is it Best For?

HubSpot is good for anyone who wants to test out this occasionally daunting SaaS market for free at first.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides a free service that can be enhanced with purchased tools
  • Good integration with other programs, including Google apps
  • Free real-time lead behavioral notification
  • Email sequences are personalized for both leads and current clients 
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Searchable database of contact information
  • Shared platform for marketing and sales
  • Strong customer support – live chat and conversational bots, telephone support and more. 


  • It’s core service has limited features
  • Cost per user plans can add up for small businesses
  • Single email per contact only
  • Lots of ads (too many) on free plan to upgrade 


  • Starter plan begins at $45/month – billed annually or $50/monthly.
  • Professional plan starts at $800/month, billed annually or $890/monthly. 
  • Enterprise plan starts at $3,600/month, billed annually (no monthly plan). 
HubSpot Pricing Page


Ontraport is a secure, unified platform enabling businesses to manage information, marketing material, and sales tasks quickly and efficiently.

Ontraport Landing Page

Key Features

  • Task management 
  • Social media integration 
  • Email marketing automation tool 
  • Project management
  • Split testing 
  • CRM 
  • File-sharing options
  • Lead-capturing tools

By handling your leads, sales, customer connections, and more, Ontraport does all the grunt work. Plus, it helps create engaging web pages for higher conversion rates. One button click will quickly let you send emails and track your email campaigns. The system’s sales automation capabilities allow clients to examine and purchase your business’s services, goods, and other items.

Who is it Best For?

Ontraport would suit a small business that wishes to expand quickly or any business regardless of its current size. And those looking for a Keap alternative that’s more affordable and user-friendly.

Pros and Cons


  • A content-focused automation pipeline ensures that you represent yourself well to customers  
  • E-commerce integration 
  • Tracks high-quality leads for you 
  • Sales automation and marketing on one platform 
  • Outstanding user interface 
  • Great customer support


  • No free offer (though a more extended free trial than most) 
  • Hard to read reporting dashboard 
  • The text-based campaign builder may not appeal to more visually inclined users. 


  • Basic starting at $24/month. 
  • Plus, starting at $83/month. 
  • Pro, starting at $124/month. 
  • Enterprise, starting at $249/month.


Drip is a powerhouse in email marketing. Other services on this list promise to assist you in expanding your company by personally cultivating client connections from early leads.

Drip Landing Page

Drip takes it a step further by providing reports on every client’s move. There isn’t much that Drip won’t tell you. You should seriously consider Drip as an Infusionsoft alternative.

Key Features

  • It has a depth of analysis comparable to SharpSpring’s renowned after-click reports. 
  • With Drip’s email automation feature, leads with various tags and scores can receive different messages.
  • Consumers can receive tailored messages at every point of the process.
  • You could, for instance, set up different emails to be sent at specific trigger times to different groups of people and organizations.
  • Visual interface 
  • Complete API integration from third parties

Who is it Best For?

Best for any large, medium, or small business that has already sorted out its sales and marketing workflow but needs to cut down on labor hours spent on email.

Pros and Cons


  • A full range of CRM options, including lead tagging 
  • API integration 
  • Focused and detailed email marketing software
  • A free option for very short campaigns (less than 100 contacts)


  • Customer support is slow to respond
  • Templates or themes not supported by the visual email editor 
  • Onboarding requires a steep learning curve


Drip offers one plan which operates on a sliding scale.
Pricing starts at $39/month.

Drip Pricing Page

Here is an interesting comparison for you: Drip vs ConvertKit.


As a CRM, Nutshell worked hard to create a user-friendly interface. Their reasoning is sound. No matter how amazing any feature may be, they won’t help your business develop if your sales team doesn’t engage with or understand them. The software has a smooth learning curve and scores highly on affordability as a result.

Nutshell Landing Page

Nutshell’s features are created to be easily integrated into a business’s activities. Its analyses, forecasts, reports, and summaries rival any on the market in quality.

Where it does have issues is with scaling and exporting. Customers complain about having difficulties migrating away from Nutshell. They also have issues with its sluggishness when adding more than 1,000 contacts to the database.

Key Features

Sales Automation – Management

  • Contact and Account 
  • Opportunity and Pipeline 
  • Task / Activity 
  • Territory & Quota 
  • Product & Price List 
  • Customer Contract 
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Project Management
  • Mobile User Support
  • Reporting & Analytics

You can import your contact database from an Excel spreadsheet. In fact, it syncs effectively with the entire Google suite and its dashboard syncs with Google Calendar. Once a sales representative enters the database, they can view a lead’s whole history by clicking on the name.

Who is it Best For?

Nutshell is good for any medium or small business owner who is happy with the size of their company and needs to align their sales teams without spending a fortune on onboarding.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use dashboard 
  • A single database can replace the spreadsheets used by an entire company 
  • Integrates with the majority of other helpful services, such as the Google suite 
  • Enables sales workflow automation 
  • Offers a wide range of reports 
  • Very economical if you have a small team


  • Doesn’t scale well for expanding businesses
  • Can be highly challenging to migrate away from


  • Nutshell Plan costs $16/user/month billed annually or $19/user/month.
  • Pro Plan costs $42/user/month or $49/user/month. 
  • Limitless Plan – You’ll need to contact the sales team for details. 
Nutshell Pricing Page


SharpSpring is a potent cloud-based marketing tool. The software stands apart in a crowded market by emphasizing user tracking, adaptability, and landing pages, effectively evolving into a premium Drip.

Sharpspring Landing Page

Key Features

  • Sharpspring features a variety of “after-click” tracking statistics and behavior-based automation.
  • An option between using their native functionality or integrating a third party. 
  • A well-liked user interface and the ability to build automated campaigns around a wide range of user actions.
  • Even phone calls are tracked in addition to emails.

SharpSpring is also renowned for making a concerted effort to integrate with virtually anything, including everyone else’s CRM software.

Unfortunately, SharpSpring’s customer support, which people often complain about, is a main source of contention. Some of its features are not user-friendly or intuitive. There’s no point in spending a whole lot of money on the software if you can’t use it properly and, even worse, when you can’t get help from customer service.

Who is it Best For?

Companies that seek to base all of their marketing choices on consumer behavior will benefit from this service.

If marketing is your area of expertise, SharpSpring also makes a point of pushing its membership directly to marketing agencies. They offer agency-specific pricing and features, so they’re worth a look.

Pros and Cons


  • Most easy-to-use user interface 
  • Suitable for both agencies and their clients 
  • Offers comprehensive sets of data and insights on client behavior


  • Customer support is inconsistent  
  • Some aspects are less user-friendly than the primary interface


Each plan comes with unlimited support and users but limited contacts.

  • $449/month – 1,500 contacts
  • $999/month -10,000 contacts
  • $1,449/month –  20,000 contacts
  • Agency plan – contact Sales
  • Enterprise plan – contact Sales

Really Simple Systems CRM

John Paterson, a former CEO of Zeus Tech and COO of SystemUnion, launched RSS in 2004. The business debuted its marketing module in 2006.

Really Simple Systems Landing Page

Really Simple Systems initially offered campaign management and later added email marketing. Another update provided an option for third-party connectors like MailChimp and Constant Contact. As the name implies, the system is easy to use, making it ideal for new users.

It’s important to note that it complies with GDPR and HIPAA since it is based in the UK. As it is cloud-based, you do not require in-house IT team training.

Key Features

  • A “two-way MailSync” includes email correspondence with clients in the CRM software system. It enables users to view their own interactions and the interactions of other team members. 
  • API Access
  • Contact and Database Management
  • Funnel and Performance Reporting
  • Quotation Handling
  • Task Assignment
  • Territory/Quota Management
  • Google Contacts and Microsoft Calendar integration

Who is it Best For?

The CRM software was designed for medium and small businesses. That is not to say that bigger organizations can’t benefit from it.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Major integration possibilities
  • Free plan for two users


  • Does not have a mobile app
  • Lacking social media Integration
  • No lead scoring


  • Free Plan 
  • Starter costs $14 user/month billed annually. 
  • Professional costs $30 user/month billed annually. 
  • Enterprise costs $46 user/month billed annually.
Really Simple Systems Pricing Page

BenchmarkONE (Formerly Hatchbuck)

BenchmarkONE combines marketing automation with CRM to handle the entire sales funnel. This includes business intelligence, contact management, campaigns, and communications.

SaaS companies BenchmarkONE, Wishpond, and Keap, focus on competing features for small company owners. This means the customer comes out on top in this battle between these services.

Benchmark One

Key Features

Landing pages and forms that are easy to create. Nothing is preventing your list from expanding.
Contact scoring means you can see your most promising leads at a glance. You can aim your marketing campaigns where they will be the most effective.
Deals pipelines make it easier to convert leads into sales. Deals offer targeted suggestions for advancing leads’ purchasing journeys.
Email marketing campaigns are easy to build. You can generate professional-looking emails using the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor without having any design or coding knowledge.
Marketing automation saves you time on everything from contact management to sending emails.
Integrations with over 4000 tools via Zapier.

Who is it Best For?

Small to midsize businesses that don’t want an automator that can integrate with a CRM but prefer a CRM with marketing automation tools. BenchmarkONE is ideal for a business that doesn’t necessarily operate across several countries but understands the value of a specialized customer connection platform.

Pros and Cons


  • Tons of features handling the whole CRM, marketing, and sales process.
  • Excellent quality templates for landing pages, emails, and forms.
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop email and landing page builders.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Advanced automations.
  • Great free plan to get started.


  • A visual editor would make the automation builder much easier.
  • The knowledge base doesn’t offer enough information.
  • No pricing info on the website; you have to sign up first.


BenchmarkONE has three paid and one free pricing plan. The paid plans work on a sliding scale.
The free version has all the contact management tools, including task creation and tagging. You can set up automation, create forms and landing pages and run email campaigns. The free plan doesn’t give you advanced features but enough for a small business.

Unfortunately, you don’t get any information on how much the paid plans cost. You have to sign up first. I find this highly annoying and off-putting.
Lite and Pro pricing increases based on the number of contacts you have. The more contacts you pay for, the more emails you can send each month.
Agency Plan. Contact Sales for a quote.

BenchmarkONE Pricing Page

Wrapping Up Keap/InFusionsoft Alternatives

With features like segmentation, sales pipeline tracking, marketing automation, and more, Infusionsoft CRM is a great tool. But it’s not for everyone. You now have an Infusionsoft alternative that can work for you.

Where you go from here entirely relies on the requirements of your business. Each of these eleven tools will assist your small business in unique and different ways. Some are more focused on sales, while others concentrate more on streamlining your administrative tasks to provide the best experience for your clients.

You should find a good alternative in our list that will be the perfect fit. Try and test them before making your final decision; it’s worth taking the time.

For my money? I’d go for ActiveCampaign. It’s affordable, has all the bells and whistles, and is a pleasure to use.

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