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[GUIDE] How to Make Passive Income with Facebook Marketplace : passive_income



So for this method you need Facebook and affiliate accounts.

The method is going to focus on product advertising in the marketplace of Facebook in order to send those who contact us to our links.


The first step is to make our Facebook account legit as you can so it’s mean account with images, some post, info about you, you know normal account. I recommend to use your own Facebook account but if you don’t want you can buy or get from friend old account that looks real.

You also need DHgate affiliate account (the reason we will use DHgate is because there are lots of product at low prices and commission rate is up to 60%). Here’s a non-aff one.


After you have good looking account this is the time to choose a niche. The method will work for you with ANY NICHE but select niche you like. Now go to your DHgate affiliate account, click on the “All products” section and start search for products in your niche (look for products with free shipping). Start picking products that look good for you and you think that people will want to buy them.

After we’re done selecting our products, download their images and descriptions and get our links we are ready to start posting on the Facebook marketplace.

So we go to our Facebook account and click “Marketplace” on the left then “Create new listing” then click on “Item for sell”. Add your description, images, price and all this, click next and publish. Do the same for each product you’ll be selling.

Earning Money

Here we’ve done our job for now, congrats your items is on air in the Facebook marketplace. So after you upload all the products you want to offer you will start getting A LOT of direct messages about them in just a few hours. You can see the messages on your Facebook messenger in new section of “Marketplace messages”.

Now we’ve done 99% of the work and all you need is just create a few sentences to replay the people who want buy from you the products. You replay them something like: “Hi, I just sold this but you can buy here, I saw there is free shipping today – [And your link here]”.

That’s It

That’s all, simple. simple. simple. No more than 10 minutes of work a day so it’s really worth it.


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