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AMMdefi (Daily crypto compounding interest between 1.5



AMMdefi Explained

How it works

AMM is a trading bot that uses crypto currencies to make profits. The algorithmic bot scans exchanges to check for price differences in crypto currencies.

For example Buy Bitcoin on Binance exchange for 1.01 Sell Bitcoin on Kraken exchange for 1.04 The app buys and sells instantly to make a profit. You get 50% and AMM as a company keep 50%. There is no way to lose a trade. So you will never end up with less money after a trade.

You need a crypto wallet to start to change money into crypto, then need to register and download the app also. Wallets I would advise using are Kraken or Binance. Kraken is my preferred. Grab a link from your inviter for both to claim a free reward.

The App

Whilst this looks initially like the shadiest looking app since Limewire, it’s legitimate and pays. They’ve just refreshed their servers literally 2 days ago and renewed their domain for another 2 years so not likely to go anywhere soon.

The app is based on levels so you start at level 1 and get between 1.5 – 3% a day compounding daily interest. This is split over trades but ignore how many trades you get, it’s the level you’re on that determines the %. Each level goes up 1% pretty much Level 2 you need to invite 2 people and get 2.5 – 3.5% Level 3 you need to invite 5 people and get 3.5 – 4.5% Level 4 you need to invite 10 people and get 4-5%. Level 3 is pretty easy to get to.

To qualify as a confirmed member you need the person to use your invite link and your invitee needs to deposit at least $60 into their account. Be aware exchanges take a small % transaction fee.

You need to put in 70usdt which is about £60. All you have to do once setup is press 2 buttons daily (5 buttons if u get to level 3)

Withdrawals take about 3 days You get charged a fee to withdraw to the crypto wallet and also from the app. The app % is based on levels, level 1 is 6%, level 2 is 4% level 3 is 2% level 4 is 1% and so on.


You get commisons from the people you invite It’s on a 3 tier scale, see example You invite Jack, Jack invites Joe, Joe invites Jon. You get 15% of Jack’s profit on commision You get 7% of Joe’s profit on commisin, Jack also gets 15% You get 3% of Jon’s profit on commision, Jack also gets 7%, Joe also gets 15%

Important things to consider.

I would invest a small amount to start. It’s crypto so not regulated like normal banks etc and can just disappear one day without a trace. So invest a little. Get your money out and just play with profit. That being said this platform has been about for 6months or so now and nobody has had any issues, it’s quite well documented online now with YouTubers also covering it.

Minimum deposit to start is 70usd. You get 8 weeks to trade if you don’t sign anyone up. If you sign up 1 person (in 8 weeks) or deposit more than 200usd you can trade with no time limit.

Here’s my link if you want to have a look about on the platform. Just make an account. Most WiFi will block it due to crypto, so use 4G



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