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5 Tips on AI Copywriting for Affiliate Marketing in 2022



Copywriting used to be the sole domain of creative professionals – but today, thanks to AI, anybody can write copy just by pressing a few buttons! This is good news, especially for affiliate marketers, because their entire business is built on the art of copywriting. 

When you turn to AI copywriting, you’re essentially leaving the task to an artificial intelligence tool that can scan the web for thousands of similar pieces and write your sales copy or content for you – or at least get it started!

This is a great way to automate copywriting, focus on more pressing tasks, and play off your strengths. In this post, let’s look at a few reasons why investing in an AI copywriting tool can benefit your affiliate business, plus how to make the most of AI copywriting for affiliate marketing!

Why You Should Try AI Copywriting Tools for Affiliate Marketing

As a copywriter and affiliate marketer myself, I tend to think of content as the mechanism that makes affiliate marketing possible.

There are countless potential buyers in your niche who want or need something that will solve their problems. As an affiliate marketer, you can create a blog post, social post, video, paid ad, email, or community post that tells them what they should buy – and where – in exchange for a commission!

But given the sheer volume of content out there, the only way to stay competitive is to elevate BOTH the quality and the quantity of your content.

I’ve messed around with the copywriting tool Jasper, so in this guide, I’ll cover 5 tips and use cases for Jasper AI and similar copywriting tools that can make your life as an affiliate MUCH easier!

1) Generate Lots of Content Ideas, Fast!

Usually, coming up with content ideas requires a lot of creativity. Sure, if the volume of content were lower, it wouldn’t be as much of a challenge to put your creativity to the test! But given that affiliate marketing constantly demands MORE content that’s high quality, fast, AND consistent, it’s far from easy to keep up.

You might be able to handle it for a short time, but no one can safely keep up a frantic pace with so much pressure for long. By turning to AI tools for copywriting, you have a way to generate thousands of content ideas and fill in the gaps in your work with ease.

Wouldn’t you like to have a steady flow of new ideas for titles, angles, hooks, and taglines at the press of a button? And not just that, but channel your creative energy in more productive parts of your affiliate marketing business?

Jasper has 65+ templates to choose from for all your content and copy needs, including website copy, emailers, video descriptions, product descriptions, ads, blogs, and more. For marketers that rely so heavily on the copy, it doesn’t get better than this!

2) Automate the Tedious Sections of Writing

Even as a great copywriter, sometimes coming up with new ideas and executing them to your liking can get daunting, especially if you’re trying to keep up with deadlines and targets. Jasper allows you to write these specific sections of your content much more easily!

If you explore the blog templates, you can see a number of options to write not only intros and outros but also specific sections of your content.

3) Use as a Basic Content Research Tool

Research is a big part of copywriting! In fact, for seasoned writers-turned-marketers, research is often the most time-consuming aspect of copywriting/content writing. 

Specifically, affiliate marketing keyword research is one of the key aspects of research for writers to rank for relevant keywords effectively. But this demands more time and better SEO skills that require a lot of experimentation and trial and error. 

With Jasper’s content research tool, you can easily answer some fundamental SEO questions necessary to figure out which keywords are the right ones to pick. You can find out:

  1. Are your potential customers searching for these keywords?
  2. How hard will it be to rank for these keywords?
  3. If you do rank for them, how much traffic can you expect on your website?
  4. What kind of content can be created for these keywords?
  5. Can you address buyer intent using these keywords?

Answering these questions using the software will help you pull in ideas, create a plan for your blog or video series, or generate AI affiliate marketing friendly content plans at the click of a few buttons!

Over the course of using this AI copywriter tool, you will realize that your research time is dramatically reduced, so that you can focus on what you do best: affiliate marketing.

4) Simplify Complex Content

One of the unique AI marketing templates in Jasper is “explain it to a child.” By using this feature, you can distill down existing complex language to a simplified reading level. This tried and tested template is one of the best finds for marketers targeting a general reader online, as there’s proof that writing for a Grade 5 or Grade 7 reading level is more effective than the same content written at a Grade 9 or Grade 12 level.

Even if you are targeting a niche customer, writing with smaller words is a better approach. Case in point: just because I know a lot of marketing jargon, that doesn’t mean I want to read a dissertation when I’m reading someone’s blog post about a marketing concept.

You can also opt for the generator sentence rewriter, or post generator sentence from this AI copywriting tool to create a blog post from scratch and apply the “explain it to a child” template to bring it down a notch!

5) Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Business With More Content

When you try to create content from scratch, by yourself, it can get exhausting fast. You might already be facing this, especially if you’re trying to create a lot of content and scale your affiliate business.

But we all need to accept that not every piece of content we create can be a masterpiece. In fact, more often than not, it doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, particularly when it comes to affiliate marketing content. As a marketer, you’ll need to dedicate a certain amount of time and mental energy to creating high-impact content, along with taking other key tasks in your business. 

Once you decide to create more content to scale your affiliate marketing business, you’ll have to make more time. So using AI copywriting makes more sense because you can automate copywriting and focus on adding more affiliate marketing programs to your portfolio.

This way, you can create more content by using copywriting tools and leverage artificial intelligence. In fact, you can create more content plus make more time for management and employee related tasks. 

With Jasper AI or similar copywriting software, you can use features like content summarize to pull up ideas from other content on the internet, research material, including your own content. All these features available in AI tools similar to Jasper AI allow you to create new ideas from existing content at the click of a few buttons.

3 Quickstart Guides for AI Copywriters

Now that you know why investing in AI copywriting tools is a smarter choice, let’s run through a quick guide on how to use the software.

Using these AI tools, you can write blogs, reviews, video scripts, product descriptions, and even a social media post or description at the click of a button. As a starting point, let’s walk through how you would create a blog, video script, or paid ad with AI copywriting!

How to Write a Blog Post with AI Copywriting

Whether you need to write a how-to guide, product review, or listicle, you know the importance of blog content! A B2B blogger spends approximately 4 hours writing a piece of content containing roughly 1460 words, which means a less experienced blog writer will even take longer.

Fortunately, you can speed up the writing process up and sharpen your content using an artificial intelligence copywriter. AI copywriting tools support your creativity, as long as you know how to guide them. This means pre-work is a crucial task in here to facilitate the best output. 

Here’s how to use Jasper to create a blog post.

Step 1: Create a Jasper account. You can also log in using Google’s Single Sign-On option.

Step 2: Enter the verification code that Jasper’s team sends you through email.

Step 3: It will then ask you to enter your business details as a part of the account setup.

Step 4: Then, let it know how you plan to use Jasper.

Step 5: You’re all set to use the amazing copywriter AI. It’ll land you on the homepage with a checklist of all the things you can do using Jasper.ai.

Step 6: When you click on the templates, you will notice all the template types available on Jasper. It has over 65+ templates to choose from and segregates them for different requirements as well!

Step 7: Since we’re trying the blog first, click on the ‘blog’ option on the top. It will show only the templates that assist in blog writing. You can also find the same option in listicle format too.

Fun Fact: Jasper offers an ‘explain it to a child’ option where it rephrases any complex piece of content to make it easy to read and understand! That’s half the job done!

Step 8: You can also choose ‘One-Shot Blog Post’ to generate a full-fledged blog with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

I’ve already mentioned the blog topic, the tone, and my intended audience type. I’ve also entered the number 3 below ‘Generate’. This is a command for it to generate the number of copies.

Step 9: It takes less than 30 seconds for Jasper to come up with three varieties of content pieces. You can click on the ‘New Output’ button that’s at the top of the blog’s title.

Step 10: Select any one output for the blog’s preview. You can either copy this material or open it directly in docs.

Editing in the docs gives you a separate advantage altogether. There are two modes to help you edit the content piece with ease.

Focus mode: Jasper is a flexible AI that lets you change the description, tone, and keywords of the current output, and still give you advanced results.

Power mode: Sometimes, we want to have the same content in a different format or another template. Jasper has a solution for this as well!

Use power mode to access their pre-existing templates (on the left) and change your content piece hassle-free.

This AI copywriting tool asks you a few questions to help you find the right answer. But before that, here are some simple tricks to get you the best output. 

1. A content brief

Do you always go out for a drive without the destination in mind? You’re more likely to get lost, aren’t you? The concept is the same for writing content. Create a brief about how you want to construct the content piece and what it should say. (And if you’re considering SEO, use a tool like Surfer SEO or Page Optimizer Pro to help you create a good outline for on-page SEO.)

Begin with deciding on your post’s intent and tone. What do you want to achieve with this post, and who is it targeted towards? Once this is clear, it gets easy to figure out every other aspect. 

Refer to your competitors’ blogs to check out what they’re doing. Feel free to check out your favorite bloggers’ posts too. Gathering inspiration can never be enough, isn’t it?

2. Research

Learning about the topic in-depth can be truly productive in writing a meaningful blog post. But research can consume loads of your time. Shorten it by half with informational videos. More often than not, the topic you’re brainstorming about has already been addressed by at least a thousand times.

Blogs and videos from subject matter experts offer better insight into the topic. You can cite their information in your content piece as long as you are attributing the links appropriately to their original source. 

Numbers always add value to the content structure. Check the latest reports and mention the reference links in your blog post if it’s a research conclusion or statistical data. 

3. Outline the blog

Outline is a mere blueprint of what you wish to write in the blog, and it also prevents your thoughts from running wild! A quality outline will have heading, sub-headings, bullet points and a brief description for each of them. 

Write those details just enough to have clarity about the subject. Most companies that outsource their content writing to freelancer usually follow this rule, so both parties remain on the same page. 

This blueprint also helps you while using AI copywriting tools because most of these tools seek such basic information to gather the right data. And, while editing, you will stick to this outline and avoid any deviations.

Jasper.ai, along with other copywriting tools, offer you outline generators to help you get over your writer’s block. Ah! AI possibilities are unlimited.

How to Write a Video with AI Copywriting

Content writing for a video sounds different and yet is similar to a basic blog. Jasper, an AI copywriting tool, will need you to mention the outline of the topic to be able to collect the right information.

Just follow these easy steps below to make the most out of it.

Step 1: Click on the templates and choose the video option on the top. Create video scripts, outlines, sales letter with a simple command.

Step 2: The AI will prompt you to enter the topic, keyword, and the voice tone. You also have language options to relate to the target audience authentically.

Step 3: Click on Generate for results. Don’t forget to enter the number of outputs you want Jasper to produce.

Step 4: Select the copy that resonates best with you. Just like the blog, Jasper will preview the information where you can favorite it, copy it, or open it in docs separately.

And voila!

Congratulations on not having to brainstorm an entire day to develop a quality video idea! You just have to guide the AI in the right direction to get the desired output. (And it’s also a quality meta-description generator!)

NOTE: Did you know? Jarvis can pick up your tone of writing if you’ve already written searchable content before 2019. All you need to do is enter your name in Jarvis’s ‘tone’ tab.

How to Write a Paid Ad With AI Copywriting

The AI copywriter tool is a boon for all marketers, including media buyers. It’ll help you come up with copy for a range of paid ads on platforms like Google, YouTube, and Facebook Ads.

Now, many marketers lose money because they don’t understand how to monetize their paid ad campaigns to begin with. An AI copywriter tool can’t run your campaigns for you – but it does solve the problem of coming up with lots of interesting hooks and headlines for you!

Here are the steps to create a perfect paid ad.

Step 1: Select the Ads option from the template’s page.

Jasper can rewrite your content piece while following AIDA and PAS frameworks. It primarily caters to Google and Facebook Ads, so you can create high-converting copy intended specifically for these platforms.

Step 2: Enter the product/company details, tone, and description.

The ad description and ad headline work similarly, so you can follow the same steps whether you’re crafting a Google Ad description or Facebook Ad headline. You can also train Jarvis on how you want it to write by inputting examples!

Step 3: Select the output numbers and hit generate. You can go back to the previous results using the history button on the top.

Step 4: There are shortcuts to like, dislike, star, copy or open the result in doc. Select the preview option for any result to view.

We can edit all previews in focus and power mode! Always begin your ad copy with the target audience in perspective, then focus on creating the right headline for a quality impression.

AI can also determine high traffic fetching bids and predict click-through rates and conversions. What makes it unique is its capability to process data effectively. Analyze the competitor’s campaigns to dissect their techniques and find your opportunities to create a foolproof ad using a tool like Jasper AI.

AI Copywriter vs. Professional Copywriter

So, with all this in mind, you probably have one burning question: Is AI going to take away my writing job? Well, the answer is (mostly) a big no!

I want to make it very clear what you can expect from an AI copywriter compared to a professional copywriter.

AI copywriting tools exist (for now) to supplement your writing process, and not act as your substitute. It handles a lot of the redundant and monotonous parts of the job.

To write a unique piece of content, the AI follows three essential procedures.

  • Data Scan – The AI collects all the pre-existing information on the internet. Blogs, articles, product ads… any text it can find in the virtual world.
  • Program – It will then skim through every piece of information related to your topic and organize the structure. 
  • Output – AI then writes using NPT-3, a Natural Language Generator (NLG) that has 175 billion parameters, to write a decent piece. 

All of this magic happens in just a couple of seconds! Now, doesn’t that blow your mind?!

And yet, it lacks the human touch. That’s where you come into the picture. 

There are things that AI can’t write or conceive of, no matter how smart it gets. It can create a decent piece of content but can’t make it convincing enough. Here is the list that AI can’t achieve:

  • Emotion – Humans are more emotional beings than anything else. Quantum computing cannot compete with humans on conveying warmth, humor, and other emotions yet. A skilled professional can bring content to life. 
  • Fact checking – AI can certainly reference existing research and data that’s already uploaded on the internet. But generally, the AI cannot validate the authenticity of the data and isn’t smart enough to tell fact from fiction.
  • Optimization – Is the content you’re creating optimized for search? Does it take full advantage of the space in a Google Ad? As a marketer, you can bring your knowledge to make sure that any content is optimized for the desired format.

And perhaps most importantly, AI isn’t providing a nuanced and fresh take on a particular issue, or synthesizing information from disparate fields. Don’t expect AI copy to dazzle you with unique insights or say something truly original.

Ultimately, AI helps marketers in every industry to make the job less tedious and help create quality copy, but it largely pulls information from existing content on a topic. Yes, it writes perfectly readable copy, but it’s not coming up with brilliant new ideas, making strong comparisons, pulling in intelligent humor or pop culture references, or really leaning into emotion and empathy like a professional would.

But AI copywriters like Jasper AI can streamline the process of cranking out a lot of content, and in today’s world, that’s a huge benefit, as the demand for content is greater than ever. 

AI Copywriting for Affiliate Marketing Wrap-up

When it comes to your need for copywriting, there’s almost no limit – who wouldn’t benefit from more hooks to test, more SEO content to bring in traffic, more emails to blast to your list? AI becomes a helpful option, because you don’t have to deal with coming up with unique content from scratch every time. 

All marketers of every industry should know the value of efficient writing AI offers. Whether it is an SEO optimization tool, email marketing tool, or simple research tool, AI has become a part of the marketing professional’s life. Not only does it enhance your productivity, but it helps save creative energy for more important problems than writing an intro paragraph.

AI changes the way writers think or brainstorm, but for some, they’d rather figure out 20 thoughtful ideas than skim through 250 reasonable ones. Collecting the dots and connecting them elegantly will always be a copywriter’s job, no matter what!

We touch on AI copywriting tools and more in our courses inside of Spark by ClickBank. Discover how to be a more successful affiliate through traffic channels like content websites, email marketing, and more. If you want to know how to produce content that will help your business grow, check it out!


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