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How I made $756 last month selling AI generated content : passive_income




I already tried the vast majority of businesses from Amazon FBA to dropshipping and Airbnb arbitrage. Some worked to a greater degree but sadly none have turned out to be sustainable over a longer period of time.Now I have ventured into the AI industry and started to sell AI generated content based on GPT-3. The process is as simple as it gets, I signed up for different freelancing and content websites who pay you for blog articles namely:- Writing Studio

– TextBroker

– Get A Copywriter

– iWriter

– Draft.co

– Writer Access

– Skyword

– Content Gather

– Scripted

– Prose Media

– Thumbtack

– Pure Content

– Upwork

– Thumbtack

So far I made $756 from generating content and selling it on the platforms above, this month I am aiming for $1,500. Here is a payment from one of the sites: https://i.imgur.com/D1GF76T.jpg

To create the content I am using https://heronai.com which allows unlimited content creation even during the free trial period and is the cheapest I could find.

All I have to do is to look up the topics and requirements and then I generate the content based on it. To make sure the customer gets a text as good as written manually by a human I am carefully proof-reading all the generated texts before I upload them. If necessary I change passages or words, this way I can ensure that the quality is always as good as possible.

I like to compare it with beaking bread, sure you can do it by hand, but the one from the factory made by machines can taste just as good if the process and quality control does a good job.I am currently looking into automating the whole process as well but even manually I can create 60 articles/hour.


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