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Refer and earn with Tixio😍? : passive_income


Hello good people! Super excited to share that Tixio recently launched its Affiliate Program where you can earn 40% commission for 12 months straight on all referral purchases. Grab the opportunity to partner with one of the most promising SAAS on the market and let’s grow together.

Be a Tixio Affiliate – https://tixio.io/affiliate-program/

Why spread the word?

Help people dealing with digital clutter in your network, organize & manage their workday & stuff in a better way. Spread your word to make work more collaborative, orderly, and documented. Create an impact on people’s work lives.

What you will be rewarded

Refer people with your affiliate link and earn 40% of every transaction from users joining Tixio. You’ll earn a 40% commission for every purchase made on our platform for the next 12 months.

Support for you

  • Browse through relevant marketing materials such as banners, social posts, and links from inside the platform.

  • Connect with marketing experts 24/7 from Tixio for any kind of support & query.

  • Maximize your rewards with real-time performance statistics with all the essential data like total traffic you refer, total purchases, total commissions you generate, and so on.

Get to know Tixio!

Tixio is an ideal organizer & information management tool for people dealing with digital clutter. It’s an online workspace to centralize your web tools, tasks, wikis, and files that can be shared & collaborated with teams to ramp up efficiency.

Be the first ones to partner with Tixio & act as a Tixio advocate. Let’s make Tixio a better workspace & grow together. Join Tixio Affiliate Program & help shape the future of Work Management!

Be a Tixio Affiliate – https://tixio.io/affiliate-program/

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