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Weekly Passive Income Ideas Thread : passive_income



Passive Income Opportunity: I sell websites on monthly subscription plans. Sell for me and I’ll cut you in a portion of the monthly indefinitely.

Blunt statement but I’m not going to beat around the bush. I sell websites starting at $100 / mo. eCommerce is $120 / mo. First month acts as a deposit. If you can find me clients, I’ll pay you a part of these monthly earnings as long as the client keeps paying me – which is most often years on years. If you want something upfront too, we can talk about that.

This income is not passive for me (I’ve got to keep the site running and make changes etc.), but it will be for you. I want more clients, you want passive income. Fuck crypto staking and all the BS that stinks around here. Let’s make something real happen.

If you’re interested, comment, chat, or DM.


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