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12 Killer Ideas to Earn High Quality Backlinks to Your Blog



The success of your blog depends on how you work to earn high quality backlinks. Building links from trustworthy and authoritative sites boost your search engine ranking.

This article is for bloggers struggling to earn high quality backlinks for their WordPress blogs.

Bloggers can make money from their content only when people visit daily.

Ranking at the top of the search results is one of the ultimate targets where most bloggers work. It is a dream to achieve too.

Earning backlinks is the continuous process of getting organic traffic from search engines. Google is the top search engine accounting for more than 89% of world internet searches.

If you want to rank higher on Google Search Engine Pages, you should have to follow their search console guidelines (formerly – Google Webmasters).

Earn High Quality Backlinks

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Among the other ranking factors, Google implies Backlinks as one of the important factors. You must maintain the link quality by earning links from authoritative sites.

Building links is a critical task of successful blogging. You are missing your prominent presence if you are not building links from an authoritative source.

Bloggers and SEOs follow different methods to earn backlinks. Different types of building links are;

  • White-hat linkbuilding
  • Black-hat link building
  • Grey-hat linkbuilding.

This article is about building links by following recommended white-hat link-building methods.

A backlink is a hyperlink from a webpage or a blog back to your own webpage or website. It is also known as “inbound link”, “incoming link” or “one-way link” usually referred to in other terms too.

Backlinks are important in assessing the popularity of a domain. Quality Backlinks are the supreme ranking factor that most search engine considers.

If a blogger wants to rank better to drive more organic traffic, then he/she must involve himself in Link Building activity.

Backlinks are also called Incoming links to a webpage from other websites or blogs. First, you should know some concepts related to Backlinks.

When a webpage refers to another webpage through an anchor link, it will pass some metrics known as link juice. It means how much value (e.g. PageRank, TrustRank) a backlink passes from one page to another. It helps with improving the article ranking and the Domain Authority.

No Follow Links

Some bloggers don’t want to pass the Link Juice (power) to another site. You can do it by adding an HTML attribute called rel=”no follow” on the link. It will stop passing your power (e.g. PageRank, TrustRank) to another site. Generally, No-follow links are not useful for SEO as it does not contribute to page rank improvement.

Generally, all links to other (or external) resources in a blog are do-follow by default and pass Link Juice. If you do not want to pass, then add the Nofollow attribute. I insist every blogger to spend more time earning do-follow links to improve their search engine ranking.

The links come from automated sources such as spam sites, porn sites, off-niche sites, etc. Such links are not good for SEO, and one should be careful in buying links. Google launched the Penguin algorithm update in 2012 to catch bad backlinks. It removes the blog (or website) from their indexing which involves building low-quality links.

Links from one article to another under the same domain are known as Internal Links or interlinking. In other words, a link from one page to another page on a website. Internal linking help to reduce the bounce rate and increase the overall user experience. It helps your visitors to navigate other articles on your blog.

Internal Links and External Links

Links from one article from one domain to other articles on another different domain name are called External Links. It is also known as backlinks, and the process is link building. Google and other search engines give more weight to the quality and quantity of external links.

surveys pay online

Link Building is the process of SEO activity involved in generating or getting links from other websites or webpages to link to your webpage or website.

It is one of the crucial tactics of many SEO specialists in their search engine optimization campaigns to boost the website’s ranking.

Link Building is difficult but possible, and it consumes more time to build authoritative links from other sources.

In other words, Link building is the process of exchanging links with other websites to increase your site’s backlinks and popularity.

In search engine optimization practice, high-quality backlinks are a link generated from the most trusted websites or blogs. Normally, we use the primary or targeted keyword to get backlinks.

The link should appear from the website that has the same niche and similar content topic as your niche. It is the major factor in how Google ranks a website.

Online business is growing daily, and more competitors compete to get a better rank in the same niche industry.

When a Google bot crawls your site, it records your website backlinks to determine your site’s popularity.

It also checks how well it is connected to other sites in the same niche.

The more quality backlinks your site has, the higher the ranking your site retains.

It is a must to build links from authoritative websites. Links from trusted and authoritative sites can grow your blog‘s overall domain authority.

Let us spend another few minutes revealing those popular methods to earn high quality backlinks to your blog.

The below information is only for those who need help boosting search rankings.

A page with many high-quality backlinks tends to perform better on all major search engines.

Most bloggers are struggling to earn quality backlinks from different sources to increase their blog ranking.

Here in this article, we will read about those ideas that help you with different Link-building techniques. It will help you make your blog rank better on SERP pages.

Nowadays, building links is often seen as spamming. But, in reality, use these smart techniques discussed in this article to build links.

It is a very tedious and challenging process to earn high quality backlinks.

Patience and hard work are the two supporting pillars to achieve success in this SEO task.

Building links from broken links are one of the underrated methods to earn high quality backlinks.
But it works perfectly in increasing your blog authority.

Google and other search engines love one-way links. The process involves finding 404 errors on the blog or website and informing the owner.

If it goes fine, you will get a backlink to your blog or website as a reward.

This method involves contacting the website owner to report broken links. Then, you recommend him/her replace the broken links with any active website (or) blog post (might be yours).

In this way, you will get a chance of getting a link back to your site in compensation. Here I will let you know how to work out this method for a successful link-building process.

First, do a Google search using your niche keyword to find and list the relevant sites in your niche.

You can use their search phrases:

  • Your keyword + links
  • Your keyword + resources
  • Your keyword + recommended sites

Create an excel sheet and paste all the links you got from the result pages. Fetch the contact email to reach the blog owner via email.

Be polite and friendly to introduce yourself and at the same time, appreciate their work.

Show the outbound link that returns a 404 error. Also, share with them a suggestion for the new link (even add your website link).

It is the most popular way to earn high quality backlinks to your blog or website.

As we all know, an image can speak 1000 words.

Infographics are the recent method for bringing traffic and earning quality backlinks. It is a form of image that gives visual information about a topic or a subject.

They work great because images are easy to understand and share, causing high demand considerably.

Create a unique design for your infographics to attract more audiences. Choose a current trending topic to create your infographic with statistical data.

To get started, research and search for trending content, gather information to put in your visual or hire someone for the work.

Creating infographics does not cost more, and you can hire a person ranging from $100 to $300.

It is an inexpensive method for earning high quality backlinks. Once your infographic goes viral, you will get more links.

You can hire freelancers from Upwork and Elance for hourly wages. Use filters to find the right designer, explain your need, and ask for an affordable price.

There are a few sites where you can infographics and find them below;

  • Visual.ly
  • DailyInfoGraphic.com
  • AmazingInfoGraphic.com

Next, once your infographic is ready, share it via social networks. Also, place a sharing code on your website to make others share.

Also, you can submit to infographic directories to make your content go viral. Try Email marketing to reach your subscribers by asking for feedback.

4.3. Write Guest Posting to Earn High Quality Backlinks

Guest Post Method of Earning Backlinks

Guest posting involves writing blog posts for other blogs and publishing your work on their websites. It is a way to drive referral traffic where you will get more new audiences.

Also, the link is placed inside the article content which adds more value than other places.

As a blogger, you should spend time every week writing at least two guest posts.

Writing for other blogs can help you earn high quality backlinks, thus increasing your blog reputation.

Do a quick Google search to get the blog lists that accept guest posts.

Use the below search combination:

your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
your keyword + guest-posts
your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
your keyword + become a contributor
your keyword + bloggers wanted
your keyword + submit an article
your keyword + want to write for
your keyword + contribute
your keyword + become an author
your keyword + guest post by
your keyword + now accepting guest posts

Repeat the process to find endless opportunities. Create an excel list to record the contact details. Now, start sending emails asking for the chance to publish a post.

Many bloggers started asking for money to publish other blog owners’ posts. If you can afford it, then pay for the publishing.

Google will take a minimum of three months to observe the addition. You need to wait patiently and keep publishing more guest posts often.

4.4. Spy on Competitors’ Backlinks

Every industry today has more competition, and blogging is not an exception. If you are serious about blogging, then spend time studying your competitors and observing what they do.

Staying up-to-date with our competitors’ SEO activities and content marketing strategies can help a quick uplift.

Spy on their Link building techniques which will help you much easier to beat your competitor to rank better.

Below are the simple ways to check your competitor activity;

  • Go to their blog and subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Follow their social media profiles.

Do a quick Google search using the search phrase “site:yourcompetitor.com” to get frequent alerts.
Follow their link-building techniques and implement the same method.

SEO tools are a great addition to the SEO industry. Tools like SEMRUSH, and Ahrefs comes with competitive analysis feature.

Track your competitors’ moves by using this feature and outrank them with a similar strategy.

Internal link building is the process of creating links between blog posts of the same domain. It helps the readers to navigate other pages or read more information about the topic.

Strategic internal linking reduces bounce rate and makes your readers stay longer. When readers spend more time on your blog, search engines give a giant push.

Linking between the articles increases your blog authority and overall user experience.

If your blog is running on WordPress, try plugins like Yoast SEO, Link Whisper, etc.

A study reports that Google bots surf only the first 100 links on a webpage.

Hence, make sure to create fewer high-quality internal links to attract more readers.

4.6. Promote Your Content

Many bloggers in recent days think that just writing and publishing is enough to make money.

Imagine that your blog is new, and no one in the world knows you exist. Your family, friends, and work colleagues are exceptions.

So, how will you let people and search engines know that your blog is live on the Internet?

You have to promote your blog on various platforms like social media, quora, etc. Email marketing also helps you get quick readers to your blog.

Finally, it is hard to earn high quality backlinks without a promotional strategy.

Because when you approach a famous blog, they will not respond immediately unless you are familiar with or popular.

A simple way to promote your blog is by publishing “roundup posts”. Follow the below tip to get blogs that publish roundup posts.

Again, create an excel sheet to list the blogs and fetch the contact details.

Create an email with a brief introduction about you and your website with some related works.
Write interestingly and attractively to get your blog added to the list.

4.7. Write Testimonials on Other Blogs

Build Backlinks Using Testimonials

A testimonial is a form of written statement written to honor a person for an activity. Usually, testimonials are used for sales pitches to attract more new leads.

Bloggers can leverage testimonials to earn high quality backlinks. You can write a testimonial in about 100 – 150 words. It will take much of your time, and the process is simple.

Let me explain it to you;

  • Perform a Google search for a popular keyword with a high search volume.
  • Download the list of sites and filter them based on the Domain authority.
  • Start creating a testimonial about their recent work or achievement.
  • Email the testimonial and wait for some time to get it live on their website or blog.

It is not possible to attain more success with this method. Unless you don’t have direct contact with the blogger, your testimonial may get rejected.

I use to call it a relationship link-building method. So, start following famous bloggers and influencers on social channels in your niche from today.

Engage with their posts to get their attention. Now, approach them with your testimonial to get it published.

Many companies are using testimonials to get more viewers. Hence, use this opportunity wisely.

4.8. Contact Journalists and Other Important Bloggers

Every blogger is searching for possible methods to increase their popularity. Out of all methods, building links is the most popular method used by bloggers.

Find some journalists and influencers in your niche, and try to get their Email addresses.

Create an email outreach program and send emails to all on your list.

You can use programs such as Voilanorbert, Thrust.io, or Emailfinder.io to get the Emails of a journalist person you are trying to contact.

Even you can try contacting them via their social profiles.

You can earn some high quality backlinks by donating to non-profit organizations. It is an easy and quick way to get more backlinks.

Do a Google search to find the website in your niche that accepts donations and provide a link back to your site.

contributors page + donate + your keyword
donation + contributors + your keyword
contributors page + your keyword

Use the above search phrase format to get the results.

Prepare an excel sheet list and start sending emails asking for the opportunity.

It is the process of leaving a valuable message in the form of comments. Every blog has a comment section that allows readers to write their opinion or feedback.

Find the relevant blog on the same niche industry and visit their article page.

Spend some time reading the article. Finally, write a comment (appreciation, suggestions, feedback, opinion, etc.) in the comment section.

Add your blog URL in the respective field. Blog commenting can give only no-follow links. It does not help to increase your blog rank but contributes the growth.

4.11. Forum Participation

As you know, a forum is a kind of online discussion website where people meet to exchange ideas and discuss issues.

Participating in forum sites like Reddit, Sitepoint, and Warrior Forums can help you gain more exposure.

Create a new thread on a common topic or issue and discuss it with others.

Providing a solution, or an answer will help the people in the conversation get a chance to visit your blog.

You can even share your blog URL, but make sure to read their guidelines.

4.12. Participate in Q & A sites

Group discussion sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers are great places to build backlinks.

Quora is free to join. Here, you can ask questions or answer other people’s questions.

Sometimes, you can link your blog URL, either inside the answer or at the end.

People who read your content may have a chance to visit your blog. Quora follows a strict moderation policy to avoid spam. Hence, you need to follow the rules to drive traffic for a long time.

We have seen the importance of backlinks and methods to earn high quality backlinks.

Did you remember what I said earlier?

  1. Not all backlinks are the same.
  2. Not all the backlink methods will increase your site’s reputation.

Google launched an algorithm update in 2012 named Penguin. It targets sites involved in negative link-building schemes.

Those include buying backlinks, reciprocal link-building, links from off-niche sites, low-quality links (links from the new blog or low-quality blog site), etc.

Google will penalize the site that is trying any of these counter activities.

Many bloggers manipulate backlinking methods to gain a quicker ranking in search engine result pages. It can give them an immediate boost, but soon Google will penalize them.

Some of the link-building methods you should avoid are. Find the list below:

  1. Avoid getting sitewide links from the sidebar or footer.
  2. Never buy links from high PR sites with exact match anchor text.
  3. Do not buy bulk links from sites like Fiverr.
  4. Do not enter into link farming networks.


Earning high quality backlinks are a difficult task. But possible if you work by preparing a strategy and finding the right resources and methods.

It is a continuous process, and there is no shortcut or quick fix. Also, Google will take time to reward you for this activity.

Till then, you need to keep building backlinks from other websites and blogs.

The above methods that I recommend are only white-hat link-building methods.

It will take some time, but it gives you passive gains. Also, track your backlinks at regular intervals.

Use Google Disavow tools to remove bad backlinks or low-quality backlinks often.

Because if someone (your competitor) wants to put you down, they may create more bad (or spam) backlinks.

Remember, just building links without valuable content will not do good. Both ends (informative content + high quality backlinks) should be balanced equally for a smooth blogging journey.



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