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Printable Christmas Planner


Christmas Budget Overview

Breaking down your holiday budget will help you to see how much money you need to allocate to each of your spending categories. This will give you an aerial view of your upcoming expenses.

This worksheet in the Christmas Planner is broken down into categories, but there is also a spot to fill in your own categories as well. 

  • Gifts

  • Wrapping Supplies

  • Cards & Postage

  • Decor

  • Food

  • Parties

  • Photos

  • Clothing & Accessories

  • Donations

  • Other

Once you have it printed out, you can start to fill in your budgeted amount for each category. 

For example, you might allocate $50 for new holiday decor items or $100 for family Christmas photos. After you’ve filled in your budgeted amount you want to add it up to get your total. 

This will give you a better idea of how much money you need to set aside for the holiday season for each category. 

It’s okay if you don’t know the exact amounts or are unsure right now. 

If you need to, come up with the total amount you have to spend for Christmas and then break that number down into each category.

Then, as you start spending you can fill in the actual amount so that you can get a better idea of your budget for next year. 

Gift Budget

Christmas gifts are one of the biggest expenses throughout the holiday season and it is the top category that can break your budget. Keeping everything organized and on track with your gifts can actually save you money during the holidays. 

Once you have printed a copy of the Christmas Planner you can take out this budget tracker and decide on your gift budget. You can do this as a whole, or break it down by each person. 

For example, you might decide that your entire gift budget is going to be $500, or you might budget $100 per person that you are purchasing gifts for this holiday season. Whichever works best for you. 

In the Christmas Planner, you will see two different options for keeping track of your gift budget. 

The first option gives you one sheet to budget for multiple people’s gifts. If you choose this one, you can fill in the total budgeted amount for all your gifts and then fill in each person’s name with the gift ideas, budgeted amount and then the actual amount spent. 

The second option gives you the opportunity to break it down by individual people. This page is better if you purchase multiple gifts for one person.

On this page, you can fill in the name of the person, the budget amount for that person and then any gifts you want to buy them. As you purchase the gifts you can fill in the price you paid and check off once you’ve wrapped each gift. 

You will also see there are a few different gift list options to also help you to stay within a budget for teacher’s gifts, neighbor’s gifts, friend’s gifts, and even co-worker’s gifts. 

Food, Decor, etc. Budget

The Christmas Planner also includes a budget worksheet for some of your other major holiday expenses like food (or cookies!) and Christmas decorations. There is also a blank one you can fill in if you have other expenses.

These worksheets are here to help you plan a budget for different items and try to stick to it by tracking all of your spending.

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