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How Pet Keen Grew to 4M Organic Visitors With EAT Help From Vet Content Services



Pet Keen has become one of the leading sources of pet advice and information on the web. With an ever-growing library of expert content and tips, they can help you take the best care of your furry friends.

Whether you’re looking for advice on dealing with a behavior problem or need clarification on the latest food recall, their team is committed to providing readers with all the necessary info to keep pets healthy and happy.

So let’s look at how this pet-centric site became such an authority helping animal lovers across the globe and share some tips for how you could do the same.

Where does Petkeen get their traffic from?

Pet Keen gets a massive 88% of its traffic from search, attracting around 4 million organic visitors per month.

That’s a staggering amount, and it shows their SEO game is on point.

But how did they achieve this level of visibility in SERPs?

It starts with understanding what searchers are looking for. The team uses keyword research to identify the most relevant queries to their audience and produce content that answers those questions.

They also optimize their titles and meta descriptions, so potential visitors know exactly what they’ll find on the page. This way, there’s no doubt that Pet Keen is the go-to source for anyone looking for pet-related information.

Quality content alone isn’t enough to rank high in search results.

The site also employs other SEO tactics to ensure its pages are as visible as possible.

More on that later…

What Types of Keywords Does Pet Keen Target?

Pet Keen holds the top spot for various pet-related queries, such as “mix poodles”, “types of parrots,” and “orange cat breeds”.

They’re even number one in the SERPS and have the featured snippet for “Petco return policy” – I wonder what Petco.com has to say about that!

How Does Pet Keen Optimize their Articles?

Pet Keen’s articles are packed with all the information a pet owner could want on a given topic, which makes them incredibly informative and useful. This, in turn, helps them rank well for long-tail keywords.

Their titles are always catchy and make good use of the target keyword. For example, the title of their article, “10 Orange Cat Breeds You Need to Know About! (with Pictures)” not only includes the main keyword but also tells readers what they can expect to find in the article.

This is a great way to increase their click-through rates. And they often use (with Pictures), which is perfect for attracting people who can’t get enough cat/dog pictures – AKA everyone on the internet.

How Their Pages Look

Their branding is both professional and attractive.

Their pages are easy to read with plenty of subheadings, white space, and tons of awesome images – I mean, who doesn’t love pet photos, amirite?

The articles themselves are also very well-structured. And, of course, they’re all thoroughly researched so that pet owners can trust in the accuracy of the information.

The great content on Pet Keen has attracted links from other high-authority pet-related sites, such as SprucePets and ParadePets.

We can see they’ve contributed to articles on related sites too, such as the DailyPaws link shown in the screenshot, which looks like it could have been in response to a HARO query.

They’ve also gained links from general sites, such as Wikipedia.

All of this shows they’re a trusted source of pet information.

What Does The Site Do Well?

This website is an amazing resource with over nine thousand articles on all sorts of varieties of pets. There’s not much they haven’t covered! The articles are well-researched and provide detailed information that is easy to understand.

Their top-performing page only accounts for 0.5% of their traffic, so their success is spread out among many evergreen content pages. This is a great way to build a sustainable traffic stream, as it means they’re not reliant on a handful of viral articles and so are less likely to be hit quite so hard by any algorithm updates.

They also do a great job of displaying E-A-T.

In fact, their ‘Affiliate Disclaimer & Review Policy’ page even goes so far as to spell it out… even throwing shade at competitors!

‘The internet has its fair share of competitor sites that claim to be trusted. Instead of making empty claims, we want to show you why we are the most trustworthy site.’


But the site does a good job highlighting an experienced team of passionate writers and a Veterinary Review Board.

But if we take a closer look, we find some pretty cool opportunities for anyone in the pet niche struggling to build trust.

For instance, they mention in their affiliate disclaimer page (which is very well done, by the way) that ‘whenever possible we consult with our on-staff veterinarian Dr. Joanna Woodnutt.’

Joanna doesn’t mention Pet Keen on her LinkedIn, though.

What she Does mention, is how she’s the founder of The Veterinary Content Company. A company that offers freelance veterinary writing services like blog content, scientific writing, proofreading, social media content, ask a vet, and more…

It’s very enterprising stuff.

And while we aren’t affiliated with, or recommending their services, it’s cool to see options like these available for sensitive niches where Google can take away traffic and profits overnight. And to mitigate this, you can hire a bespoke service to do everything for you (if you want).

How Does Petkeen Make Its Money?

Some of their top outgoing links are to Amazon.

Surprisingly, there are only 75 links to Chewy though.

But they’re also an ‘Elite Cafemedia Pets Publisher’ meaning they use AdThrive for ads, which are probably responsible for the rest of their revenue.

And they also offer a ‘Ask a Vet’ function (maybe through the Veterinary Content Company??) which they may also make money from somehow.

What Can We Learn From Petkeen?

  1. They have great, catchy titles which include the target keyword and are hard to ignore
  2. The website is easy to read and navigate with plenty of subheadings, white space, and images
  3. Their articles are well researched and offer detailed information that is easy to understand
  4. They have a solid link profile with links from high-quality websites
  5. They make good use of veterinary content services to help with E-A-T
  6. They make money through affiliate commissions and ad placements
  7. And they are just further proof that it’s of course important to provide detailed, well-researched information on our website in order to rank well in search results and attract traffic

Overall, Pet Keen is doing an amazing job at providing pet owners with quality content that helps them take care of their furry, scaly, and feathered friends.

With a strong focus on SEO, they’ve managed to achieve great visibility in search results, which has no doubt contributed to their success.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


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