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13 Ways Writers Can Be Creative Every Day | Writer’s Relief


13 Ways Writers Can Be Creative Every Day | Writer’s Relief

When thinking of ways to boost their creativity, many writers turn to the tried-and-true methods: writing prompts, writing workshops, and reading. And we agree—these are excellent ways to flex your creative writing muscles! But at Writer’s Relief, we know not all creativity looks the same. From doodling to origami to happy dancing, engaging the right side of your brain will help improve your writing. Try these outside-the-writer’s-box ways to be creative every day!

Unexpected Ways Writers Can Be Creative Every Day

We’re suggesting you can improve your writing by not writing—sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But when you’re focusing on other types of creative activities, your mind fills with sparks of inventiveness. Some of those sparks will be the seeds of inspiration for your writing!

Grab a pen, but use it to draw or doodle. Think of this as freewriting with an artistic twist! You don’t have to be a skilled artist to draw or doodle; just put your pen or pencil to paper and let the images create themselves.

Learn a new craft. You can learn how to knit or sew, make pottery, try glassblowing—the list of opportunities is endless! There are beginner kits available for a variety of handicrafts, and many art schools offer introductory lessons. Trying a new craft engages both sides of your brain for maximum creativity boosting.

Put on a chef’s hat. Test a new recipe or put a fun spin on something you already know how to make! Cooking and baking are great ways to be creative and work on your adaptability. Plus, you get to enjoy a tasty snack when you’re finished!

Color in a coloring book for adults. Taking your fingers away from the keyboard and wrapping them around a crayon can help you destress and benefit your overall mental health. By stimulating part of the cerebral cortex, coloring gives your creativity a jolt and relaxes your mind.

Assemble a jigsaw puzzle. As writers, we know this scenario all too well: All the pieces are there, but we have to figure out how they fit together! Flex your spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills by working on a jigsaw puzzle. While collecting all the pieces that look like sky, your subconscious may discover a clever new way to connect the plot points of your latest writing project.

Try your hand at calligraphy. Focus on the technique of creative writing, rather than the actual words. While fancy pens and inks can help, they’re not necessary for faux calligraphy—but the results are strikingly similar!

Dip into candlemaking. With a few supplies and a little bit of research, you can easily make candles for yourself or to give as gifts. And while you’re melting wax, you can think about which candle scents best spark your creativity: Lilac? Evergreen? S’mores?

Think like an artist. Painting helps sharpen your mind through conceptual visualization and implementation. You can try a paint-by-numbers kit from the local craft store, or take lessons at an art school to develop new skills. For a really tactile experience, try fingerpainting! Or you can create a collage or dream board that reflects your latest writing project.

Arrange some flowers. Whether you pick them from your own garden or buy them at the florist, arranging flowers is a relaxing, meditative way to engage your creativity. Along with giving you a much-needed break from staring at your computer screen or a blank piece of paper, floral arranging can also bring nature, color, and inspiration to your workspace!

Do something different. Take an everyday task and do it in a way that’s different from how you usually get the job done. Find a new way to squeeze a lemon, or fold the laundry with your eyes closed! What type of Rube Goldberg machine can you create to make a simple task like picking up your car keys more complex? Thinking outside the box will get your creative juices flowing in new directions—and onto the page when you write!

Let origami unfold. Tired of looking at a blank piece of paper when the words won’t come? Fold that page into a crane, frog, or rabbit and enhance your logical and sequential thinking! There are books and video tutorials available online, so grab some paper and practice, practice, practice!

Take a picture. You don’t need an expensive camera! Use the camera in your cell phone and photograph the things around you. Or head outside to get some fresh air while you capture images from nature. Playing with the lighting and focus will give you a new perspective on things you see every day.

Break out your dance moves. Whether you’re doing the fox trot, the sprinkler, or letting loose with your own unique moves, dancing can actually speed up your problem-solving skills and cognitive processes. And when you can think on your feet, you can come up with creative solutions to writer’s block!

If you’d like to get more practice doing your happy dance, the experts here at Writer’s Relief can help you boost your odds of getting an acceptance! We do all the research and legwork—you do all the writing and happy dancing! Learn more and submit your writing sample to our Review Board today.


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