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Selling a starter blogging website : passive_income



Hi all,

I’m looking to sell one of my starter sites. I started the site in October last year and have written 58 posts in total with the last post being written in January.

The site is in a pet niche and averages over 100 page views per month. It currently doesn’t generate any revenue.

Post length is on average 1,000 words with some posts being 3,000 words+. I’m looking for around $250 for the site due to the amount of content that is on there, this price works out at less than $5 per article.

95% of the content is written by myself and is unique. 2 or 3 articles were written by writers on iWriter.

I’ve only included 46 of the 58 keywords in serp robot and we currently rank 3 in the top 3 and 11 in the top 10.

I have other sites which are in niches that I’m far more interested in and this site has been left due to this.

If anyone is interested please let me know.


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