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Are you a content manager looking to scale operations? : passive_income


Hey there,

I’m working on a product that aims to help content managers & writers to scale their operations, its primarily aimed at those that orchestrate content release with gig workers but really anyone that manages blog content and writes would be able to benefit from the product

My aim is find 5-10 people in the industry willing to have a 15m chat to talk about your experience with the problem i’m trying to solve and whether the product would actually solve the problem.

These calls will be really important to us to decide what features to keep and which to put on the back-burner.

Heres a list of groups of people i’m really eager to talk to:

In exchange for your help/attention/experience I can offer a lifetime membership account to the product (released mid September) or else some amazon vouchers or cash

Message me if you would be up for helping out and we can schedule in a call or if your more comfortable with a reddit chat thats fine too

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