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The very important part of any Successful Online Business is its productivity, quality, and automation system and forgetting that they use some tools and gadgets which improve their productivity & quality as well as reduces time and effort, Marketing & Sales Funnels Builder do the same for online business success.

With Sales Funnel any Online Startup Business can share their message and piece of information with their potential customer.

What is Marketing & Sales Funnels?

Marketing or Sales Funnels is a platform where any product and service can be described in detailed information through contents, info-graphics, images, and videos.

The funnel, which is sometimes called a marketing funnel or sales funnel,
illustrates the idea that every sale starts with a massive range of
potential customers, and ends with a far smaller range of individuals
who definitely becomes a customer. This information includes benefits,
features, testimony, stories and pricing details.

In short, it provides detailed answers to the questions, people looking
for a Sales Funnel also includes the feature of a landing page as it
captures the lead or e-mailing information of an interested visitor, and
display on your browser with a web-link or custom domain name.

But Sales Funnel is wider than a landing page. Landing pages especially
used as a home page of a website but Sales Funnel itself a complete
website with content only a few pages.

Marketing and Sales Funnel is a system that allows you to track the
customer journey. It provides a graphical representation that is often
difficult to visualize. 

Sales and marketing funnels make it easy
to visualize the process that customers will go through. It leads a
potential customer who had no idea that your business existed to become a
loyal customer.

Here the customer will go through the elevation marketing process by following 4 steps formula…

  1. Identify prospective customers by sharing Awareness.
  2. Creating customer Interest for the product, and ask for micro commitments.
  3. Follow-Up & Developing Desire for the product, Nurture your leads.
  4. The Final Action by the customer to purchase your core product.

How Sales & Marketing Funnels Works:-

In simple words, you get your online visitors to go through a “capture page”, where you can collect their contact information, usually a name and email, and then use email with additional “Call to Action” then You can eventually lead a sale with them and change them as a paying customer.

    and marketing funnels work like magic which can automate your entire
    marketing process. You set it up only once, and it will automatically
    communicate with your potential customers from the awareness stage to
    the final product sale.


    doing this, you do not need to take online webinars or live training.
    You can set up pre-recorded videos, and there are many tools available
    that can convert these as live webinars. So you earn passive income
    every time you make a sale. So now, let me explain to you how this
    process works.

    Identify Prospective Customer And Share Awareness:-

    first step here is to identify where your potential customers are. They
    are called leads. You will find them through social media search
    engines or through paid advertising that you run.


    Once you have identified your traffic sources, you can compare them against each other, and the strongest traffic source wins. 


    Develop Interest & Ask For Micro Commitments:-

    your leads come to your website storefront or landing page, ask them to
    make a micro commitment. If you are selling a product at a smaller
    price, then the action could be a sale. 


    But for
    high-ticket products encourage them to take the next logical step in the
    relationship. Whether it’s exchanging their contact information such as
    their name, email, or phone number, or even agreeing to a follow-up


    At this stage, your lead is now warm. At
    this point, you’re going to be dealing with fewer leads, but that’s
    okay. So those who are still with you are higher quality leads and more
    interested in your offering.

    Develop Desire For The Product & Nurture Your Leads:-

    though we have taken some micro commitment, you still have a lot more
    open to offers. At this stage, begin the follow-up process. 


    value and continue to nurture your relationship by providing more
    valuable and helpful information. but at the same time, don’t be afraid
    to ask for a sale.

    If you’ve done a great job
    guiding them through their journey up to this point. The next logical
    step would be to offer your core product or service.

    Call To Action For Purchase The Core Product:-

    this is the final step in the call to action to make the final sale
    because your visitors have become warm and excited. That’s why your
    potential customers warmly buy your product or service and exchange
    their money.


    Now is the time to bring value
    and elevate your relationships with your customers. Following up with
    your recent buyers is one of the fastest ways to solidify your position
    as a business.


    The first 24 to 48 hours after
    making a purchase is a critical time for the buyer. Provide appropriate
    knowledge or guidance about the product to calm any anxiety. Affirm your
    new customer’s decision to do business with your company.


    beauty of a Sales Funnels is that when You lay everything out, stuff
    gets active and fast. There’s no hiding a flawed strategy or justifying a
    nasty campaign just as.


    The power of the
    sales funnels quickly and visually illustrates your customer’s journey
    to eliminate any choke points or areas of friction. 


Therefore you can
create a system that allows you to generate leads convert them into
customers. And then turn them into lifelong and loyal brand evangelists.

18 Types of Sales Funnels:-

Here you can find many types of sales funnels for everything for digital product selling funnels as well as physical product selling funnels. 


Each of these funnels has a specific purpose and importance, you can make any of these in one or two hours. Sales Funnels can 10X your Online Business growth.

1. The Sales Letter Sales Funnels:- 

This funnel uses a long-form sales letter to sell the product or service upfront. when you sell your front end product to your customer. 


You can upfront them another offer, and then you will have up-sells & down-sells immediately after when you sell your main offer to your customer. And it increases your average cart value and reduces the cost of the advertisement.

2. The Squeeze Page Sales Funnels:- 

These Squeeze pages don’t have much distractions. times, even not a logo or any extra links or any complicated footers. 


The best way to get best conversion rate on these squeeze pages is to use a curiosity-based headline and get the desired result.

3. The Membership Sales Funnels:–  

Membership Sales Funnels were created to sell people into membership sites, paid newsletters, and more, but in this Funnel, we will be using a video sales letter. 


Here you offer some type of trial On the first page, and someone will signup for this. On the Next Page “Thank You Page” they get a link to create their account in the member’s area with their own unique username and password and content unlocks based on the user’s specific purchases.

4. The Video Sales Letter Sales Funnels:– 

Video sales letter funnel has a video that makes the sale for your product or service. You can include an order form bump on the order form, and then we normally have an upsale and potentially a down sale.

5. The 2-Step Tripwire Sales Funnels:– 

A Tripwire is a low price ticket the front end product that is so irresistible people ought to purchase it. when they put in their credit card, you may then upsell them your greater expensive products through Order form Bumps and One-click on Upsells or Downsells.

There are two main objectives of a survey funnel. The first is to help your visitors connect more with you as they need to answer the questions and make micro-commitments. The second is that you allow to find out who your visitors are, and then you can show them a different sales message that they are.

live Demo Funnel is an excellent way to present your product by showing the live demo and actually using it in front of your customers. 


This offers the host a way to reply to live questions and demonstrate their product. try this by hosting a periodic live show that others can also attend live. Remind visitors where they could get the product you’re showing and keep additional episodes below.

A lead magnet funnel is similar to other opt-in funnels, but here you are giving something in exchange for the visitor’s e-mail address. This can be a report or video, but it is usually something that they are exchanged for their e-mail address.

This funnel created for sharing some of your stories, bio, getting people to join your email newsletter, and then asking them to follow you on your social media accounts.

The Auto Webinar Funnel is used after an entrepreneur has proven their offer several times previously and it is the historically best converting webinar uploaded online.  


Auto webinars are an automatic system which can be played every hour around the clock like a recording and keep selling your products & services automatically for you. 


Here someone registers for this auto-webinar on the registration page, then they are taken to a confirmation page where they can see the date and time for their event. Then they get emailed links in their inbox.  


By clicking on the link get them excited about the training they either are about to get on, or just completed. When live presentation time has passed, they get emailed links for recordings of the same presentation, where they have the final chance to watch the replay of that webinar.

The Homepage Funnel lets the online marketer have elements of a traditional “home page” internet site, but turn it into a real lead funnel. 


The primary web page tells the story of the business and invites visitors to opt-in. They also can pick from the most popular products featured below.

The Webinar Funnel is a kind of tutorial or online class which gives the entrepreneur extra time for explaining all benefits, myths, how to use training, etc. For closing potential customers at a higher price point, as most webinars are minimum one hour long enough for doing this all.  


The Webinar Funnels are a kind of event and it divided into two phases. The first Phase:- visitors attending & hearing success stories to increase curiosity. This live version is usually hosted on a 3rd party Webinar Hosting Services. 


In the second phase, visitors can attend the live webinar or watch replays In between the buy window begins to close, this phase creating a great scarcity and urgency & take buying Actions.

It is similar to Survey Funnel, Here you should ask an open-ended query or question such as, “What’s Your #1 Challenge/Question With ABC?”. 


Customer’s feedback or responses give you the ideas, which help you discover the myths and expectations of potential customers before they’ll become your customers. You can also offer the product as a gift if they respond to your campaign for a better result.

This Product Launch Funnel gives an option to an online marketer, to create curiosity about the upcoming product, before a customer is ready to buy. 


Here some small marketing campaigns “previews” for the product are sent, usually at least a day or two apart, to build scarcity and urgency for the last day when the “cart window opens” for a limited time for buying the product or service. 


The most important feature of this Funnel is closing the buy window after a few days.

You can quickly create an offer, and run it as an evergreen campaign to consistently get new people into your business. 


It start with a Two-Step Order Page with a special offer of the day, then in the next step on the Thank You Page, you can encourage your customers to share this special offer with their relatives or friends.

The Storefront Funnel is a small funnel this is much like window shopping. It’s a single page in which all of your products placed collectively with hyperlinks to other individual funnels and products. 


It seems like a more traditional eCommerce website, but every product pushes right into a funnel that successfully sells that product.

This is especially helpful for affiliate or network marketers who don’t control the affiliate landing pages and they are sending their valuable visitor to those pages where they want to signup. 


This landing pages are pre-frame about the value and importance of the final products. and bridge the gap of a visitor’s mind with awareness and curiosity. 


This page gives you an ability to pre-sell before sending visitors into an affiliate funnel you don’t control.

It happens when you put together an online event with multiple speakers. Where any visitors can join the summit for free by register their name online. and then most probably upsell them on the recordings session. 


This is a great way of Brand Creation and list-building. Also on the Sales Letter Page, You’d show a biography of each person and put their head-shot on the registration page. 


Here upsell would include offering the recordings of the event, and then on share page visitor can share the event info with his friends.

Importance Of A Sales Funnel Builder:-

“Sales Funnel Builder”not just an option for online business but it’s a fuel a power source for his “Online Business” it is a great truth that every online business survives when it has enough “Traffic, Leads, and Sales“. and Sales Funnel Builder is a tool which generates these all with systematic way.

With the help of Sales Funnel Builder, you can create any Marketing Sales Funnel mentioned above, for sharing awareness and information about your products and services. And can convey your message in a proper manner in the competitive market.

The most important thing is to build Automation and Flow in the business. also, these tools reduce your time and efforts, because you can target your vast market without or no active participation.

The Best 4 Sales Funnels Builders:- 

1. ClickFunnels: 

ClickFunnels is my #1 Choice for my online business. It has everything which I need to create any Sales or Marketing Funnel. 


ClickFunnels is a cloud-based mini website hosting solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for an online selling platform. 


The Clickfunnels is best for the users looking for a easy to use and ready-made platform to host their sales and marketing micro websites.

Main Features of ClickFunnels are…

  • Build landing pages for sales & marketing with a drag-and-drop editor. 
  • Make Sales funnels for sending the right product to potential customers and follow up with them after the purchase. 
  • Send followup emails and Mobile SMS messages. 
  • Include memberships and logins in your site. 
  • It’s easy to set up & get going with your first marketing funnels. 

The important feature of this the speed to perform or execute, as it carries everything for you, with sample funnels. 


It has great features such as A/B testing of any landing page variations and the auto-responder. You can have bump sales, Time Offers, upsells, and down sales.

There is a backpack that will allow you to have affiliated for your product or service.  The community and a chance to network with like-minded entrepreneurs through events like Funnel Hacking Live, Clone & customize any Affiliate Funnel.


Read More:-

2. Kartra Sales Funnel Builder:-

Kartra is quite new to the online marketing industry. still, it seems great with its amazing features when you actually use it you will experience a difference in the quality of the features. 

Kartra allows you to build:- Membership Sites E-mail Auto-Responders Online Courses Shopping Carts Affiliate Programs Market Place.

Main Features of Kartra are…

  • Instead of having your resources spread across different platforms, such as your courses, automation, membership site, and customer support, you can have it all in one place. 
  • This simplifies your business and removes the hassle of switching between platforms, worrying about integrations, and having to get HTML codes. The dream!
  • One of the main reasons I love Kartra is how goal-oriented it is. Every time you create a product or landing page inside Kartra, it forces you to go through the essential steps to maximize your leads and sales. 
In particular, Kartra will encourage you to think of the last stage in the process of your goal.

3.Lead Pages for Lead Capturing:

LeadPages is a digital marketing tool that you can use to collect your subscriber’s emails or leads. They created hundreds of templates for helping you to make high converting and targeted market-based landing pages and allow you to easily send content upgrades. 

But it does not mean it’s an auto-responder, actually, it does not allow you to send regular emails to your list.

Main Features of LeadPages are…

LeadPages has quite a lot of features that can help bloggers and entrepreneurs a lot. Let me share some of these…

  • Webinar Hosting  Send Content Upgrades Automatically. 
  • Create Opt-In Boxes within Blog Posts. 
  • Create Landing Page Opt-In Forms. 
  • To Build Sales or Marketing Pages. 
  • To Collect Email Subscribers Through Text Messaging. 
  • To Create Viral “Thank You For Subscribing” Pages. 
  • To Host Videos For Free Courses. And Many More…

4. Kajabi Funnels Builder & CRM:- 

Kajabi is a content marketing platform to sell content online. Here you can get all the tools you need your online business growth. such as a course creator tool which can turn your content into a digital product. 

A website which shows off your store of digital products, other sales tools to make getting paid for your content easily landing pages to grow your audience, email marketing to turn your leads into customers, and much more. GORGEOUS and beautiful design.

Main Features of Kajabi are…

  • That makes your membership site and online courses look very professional and systematic.
  • Create broadcast and transmit in life for your clients.  
  • User-friendly course management system. 
  • Looks nice, easy to use for the front end user. 
  • It’s easy to use software for your course management system, 
  • Integrations with convert kit, Shopify, also they also constantly add new features. 

The best feature of the Kajabi site is that you will get everything is under one roof, such as landing pages, emails, sales pages, websites, shopping carts, blogs, online courses, marketing funnels, etc. The customer service is excellent and they listen to their customer’s feedback. 


Please let me know if you have any queries, confusion, or suggestion in the comment box below. Also, share the post with your friends if you find it valuable for them.

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