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Weekly Passive Income Ideas Thread : passive_income


I’ve shared this before, but sharing again since it’s so easy and there’s $0 in startup cost. Hoping it will help others in California, NY or Texas make some side money!

I signed up for a government funded program called OhmConnect last year and it’s been a great way to make passive income (I made ~$3,000 last year).

OhmConnect has the ability to turn off connected devices (ex: thermostat and smart plugs) on occasion when the energy grid is taxed. They typically turn things off for 1 hours 2-3x a week, and I’ve never been bothered by it. Each time they turn off the devices I earn points that can be redeemed for cash, Amazon gift cards, more plugs, etc.

I started off earning roughly $10 a month passively. Nothing to write home about, so I slowly used rewards (took about 6 months) to purchase smart plugs for everything in my house. Best strategy for me was to cash out in Amazon gift cards then bulk buy the plugs on Amazon.

Now I am making roughly $50 a week in totally passive income.


  • Very low lift once things are set up

  • Great environmental impact (reduces energy during “OhmHours” but also in general because of the smart plugs)

  • Reduces my monthly electric bill pretty significantly (down $20/mo despite using the AC more)

  • Got a free Nest thermostat from them

  • Not spammy (they only email notifications about upcoming “events” when they plan to turn off power to linked devices)

  • It’s possible to opt out of an event if you want


  • Only available in CA, TX, and NY

  • Gives a company my energy data

Disclaimer: If you sign up via my referral link and become an active customer I make $40 and you’ll get $10 if you’re in CA, $30 in TX and $20 in NY.

Referral Link: https://ohm.co/tracykimball

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