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Amazon Affiliate Marketing:- $100/Day Using YouTube Viral Videos


$100/Day from Amazon! Earn From Amazon Affiliate Marketing On YouTube Channel with Viral Videos, make money on amazon without creating your own videos

Hey guys, welcome back to my site passive income ideas where you’ll find cool income streams and passive income ideas. 

Today I will introduce you to one of the coolest ways to earn money using Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Along with this, you will be able to generate handsome earnings month after month from an extremely unique traffic source.

One of the most important things is making money based on others’ viral videos, so you need not create your own videos for product reviews or unboxings. 

If you don’t know how to create a YouTube channel or you have other YouTube Channel related queries just checkout these posts below…

In this post, I will explain how to earn thousands of dollars through Amazon Affiliate Program with viral videos on YouTube in just one month. 

Therefore this step-by-step guide is going to be very informative for you. Make sure to read the post completely and understand all the essential points. So what you are going to learn today is…

  • How you can find viral videos, and how you can take advantage of those viral videos.
  • How to find the content, how to monetize, or how you can make money from those videos.

Actually, here you won’t monetize your channels with Adsense, I’m going to tell you step-by-step how to do it. so let’s jump straight into the training…

Find Viral Videos for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

First of all, you must log out of your YouTube account. When you do this, you will be able to find many topics such as car topics, sports topics, music topics, etc. 

You can also find many videos that are currently trending viral on YouTube.com. I actually use a great tool to see if these videos are going viral or not, the tool
is called VidIQ.

 VideoIQ allows you to see a bunch of different things, such as how many viewers a video gets every hour, every day, and every week. And when you click on a historical date, etc.  

Amazon Affiliate Earning
viral videos finding strategies

In this post, I will tell you exactly how you can take advantage of these viral videos and actually rank on related videos.  

You can therefore rank your video for related videos on the right bar if you create videos similar to that viral video. This way you will be able to get some of the views. 

By doing so, you can analyze videos in any niche or topic.For instance, let’s take the basketball niche as an example. But keep in mind one thing: almost 70-80% of this content is copyrighted, so we cannot make money from Google AdSense or YouTube Ad Monetization Systems. 


Actually, this method works well for those YouTube channels that are not Monetized yet or for some reason lost their Adsense Monetization Account.

Because we’re using the Amazon Affiliate Program to monetize this video, I’m not bothered if my video gets claimed or if I don’t receive ads.  

Using the tool VidIQ under the sports category, I will find some viral videos on basketball niche topics that are getting 1000s of views per hour. These videos will rank under trending searches. 

Sign Up For Amazon Affiliate Program

Now you need to have an Amazon Associate Account where you can become an Affiliate of Amazon and promote it’s products for earning commission. 

If you haven’t joined Amazon Affiliate Program yet this is the time to go and sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program, it’s free cost you nothing to join. 

You can earn up to 10 percent commissions when you join the Amazon Affiliate Program and promote Amazon products.

In other words, you don’t have to own your own product to sell with Amazon Affiliate Association. Here you can sell thousands of products to any country, state, or city, and earn Amazon affiliate commissions. 

But the most important thing about Amazon Affiliate Marketing is to send your viewers to your Amazon Affiliate link so that even if they buy the same product you are recommending or buy something else through your link you would get a commission.

Select Relevant Products For Amazon Affiliate Marketing:-

After Joining Amazon Affiliate Program, you need to find a product you can promote on that viral video. You should search something that is related to basketball sports such as “Basketball Ball”.

Amazon Affiliate Earning
Amazon product selection strategies

I would then put an image of that ball and maybe describe it as “this is the best basketball ball we have at the moment, if you want to check it out, click the link in the description” that way many viewers would find my Amazon affiliate link and click on it.

And if they don’t buy that ball even if they buy Maybe they purchased a TV for a few thousand dollars and that also happened to me. Through my affiliate link, I sent my link visitors to a cheap product but they ended up purchasing something really really expensive. I earned over one hundred dollars just by sending people to my affiliate link.

Actually your affiliate links work for 30 days so When someone clicks on your affiliate link they would get a cookie on their Amazon Store, and you would get a commission if they purchased something within 30 days.

Those viral videos actually promote basketball balls because they are related to basketball sports, and if you want to play basketball, you need a ball, that is why I chose a basket ball as a affiliate product.  

As such, people who are interested in these videos are also likely to be interested in playing basket ball. You can also use some other product, but it must perfectly match the audience of the video.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Via Viral Videos:-

Now you can promote anything on your YouTube channel and
you just want people to click on your Amazon affiliate link, so this is the time to promote your Amazon Affiliate Products Link Using Viral videos. 

Promoting Amazon Affiliate Earning Links
Promoting Amazon Affiliate Links Via Viral Videos

So for doing so you need to follow some step-by-step process…

Step1:- Find Some Viral Videos Using VidIQ Tool

Firstly, we will find some videos that are receiving thousands of views on a daily or hourly basis. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Input Topic or Niche First such as Sports Niche, Basketball Topic on YouTube Search Box.
  • Filter the result using YouTube Filter option for “Common Creative” videos.
  • Analysis Best Ten videos on YouTube First page based on views per hours, trending forever, relevant to your products selection. 
  • Try to use older videos which still getting good amount of views per day.

Step2:- Select & Download Perfect Videos On Your PC

Find Some best viral videos which have thousands of views and download these videos on your PC or desktop. 


Step3:- Edit Your Downloaded Video With Overlay Image

Edit your downloaded videos with Product Image you got from Amazon Affiliate Product.

  • Download Affiliate Product Image from Amazon :- Right Click on Product Image >> Save a Image.
  • Use YouTube Video Maker Tool
    for Editing Videos, Upload your video and image on this tool and Add
    Product Image on video Screen and set place and size of this image.
  • Enter some
    of the text that is saying best Basketball Ball on market link in description.
  • Set
    Appearance Timing:- Your text and image should not appear all the time
    so just want to
    make your advertisement view sometimes let’s say two or three times only
    on 2-3 minutes video and you don’t want to make it too long make it
    only 7-10 seconds long.

Step4:- Re-Upload The Edited Video On YouTube Channel

Upload Edited Video on Your YouTube Channel and Do some SEO “Search Engine Optimization”.

  • Put searchable keywords in Title & Description.
  • Add 7-15 searchable tags “Sentences people putting in Search bar”.
  • Write at least 100 words description mentioning about video. 
  • Add 3-10 Hashtags in the description.

Step5:-Place The Amazon Affiliate Link In Video’s Description

Copy your Amazon Affiliate Product link from Amazon associate dashboard and paste it in the Description box of the video

  • Paste it at the first 2 lines so that it will be visible all the time.
  • Make call to action, call your
    viewers to click the link in the description.

Step6:- Publish your video and make it live

After successful video upload and placing all affiliate product links in the description, you just click on the publish button and make your video live on YouTube.

Final Step:- Drive Traffic to Your YouTube Videos instantly.

  • Share your post into 5-10 Facebook Group which are related to Sports.
  • Share Your Videos All social media platform including WhatsApp.
  • Join some watch-time management groups on Facebook and watch each-other videos for gaining quality views and watch-time which easily rank your videos in YouTube Search results. 

So this is the way you gonna promote your affiliate products links via viral videos. The video description includes a link to your affiliate products. Your video viewers are most likely to see your Amazon affiliate link and they’re going to click on it. 

You will therefore send them directly to the affiliate product page, where they can make a purchase. If they buy
the ball you’re going to earn I think 10% commission on that ball and if they buy something else you’re also going to get commission on that also so how cool is this!

This is basically making money on the YouTube Channel with
the viral videos that you actually didn’t create so this is one of the easiest and best ways to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing on YouTube without recording your own videos. 

Rather than wasting your time and energy trying to figure out how to make money with the Amazon Affiliate Program, use this method instead. Every month, you’ll earn a handsome passive income.  


I hope you’ll find this post “Amazon Affiliate Marketing:- $100/Day Using YouTube Viral Videos” helpful and valuable, and gonna help you to make money on amazon easily. please do share this post with your friends so that you can get this idea today.

Still you have any query or confusion you can share with us, I’ll come back to you with the solution of your confusion soon. 

Also share your suggestions too. This is enough for now we’ll meet again with more Passive Income Ideas or cool ways to make money with high profit and low investment soon.

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