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How to Earn $2k+ Passive Income Every Month With Amazon Self-Publishing


Hello friends, Are you looking for something which can become your assets and generates passive income month after months? 

There are different ways available to create Passive Income for life but today we gonna talk about royalty based income stream using Amazon Huge Market Place.

Today I’m gonna talk about one of the best passive income ideas which can give you Name, Fame, and Solid Passive Income for whole life, Yes I am talking about “Amazon Self-Publishing Book” royalty income idea.

Today i will let you know how to self publish a book on
Amazon and how you can navigate
the publishing process in simple 9 steps. 

These all steps specifically mentioned as a beginner guide for newbies so that they can publish their first book on Amazon successfully.

1. Kindle Direct Publishing Account Setting

Therefore maybe you’re trying to figure out
what should I traditionally published? should I self publish. 

Obviously here
you’re self publishing and more specifically you’re self publishing on Amazon
so the first step in this process is gonna be to set up your KDP or Kindledirect publishing account.

So this is what’s gonna allow you to publish your
Kindle book on Amazon, there’s also kind of some other accounts that you can set up
through this process through “Kindle Direct Publishing” print. 

2. Title and Subtitle Selection For your Book

Once you’ve got your book
written obviously you probably have that written because you’re at this
point of publishing now. 

If you don’t have your book written I definitely
recommend that you check out a video it’s very detailed on “How To Write A Book In Less Than 24 Hours” that’ll help you to write your Amazon Self-Publishing Book fast.

Furthermore, you should consider hiring a freelance professional writer who can deal with the matter for you.

So now you’re
ready to publish, once you’ve got your book written it’s important that you
come up with a title and subtitle now. 

This is very very important
and the biggest mistake that I ever seen people make, they go way too broad so they
don’t get specific enough. 

Let me know does your target reader
instantly know within two seconds what your books about, if the answer to that
question is no then your title probably isn’t good or specific enough. 

So this
is super important to give your book title and subtitle specific and understandable, so that your reader can instantly understand hopefully what this
book is about right. such as it’s about how to get your book published. 

There are the two things that I always try to touch on in my title and subtitle
is what’s the pain that your person is experiencing right now and then what’s
the benefit or solution that you have for them.

3. Specific & Compelling Book Cover Selection

Now that you’ve
got a good title and subtitle then it’s important to get a good cover now. I’m
amazed at how many people spend years writing their book and but they won’t spend
five minutes and five dollars on their perfect book cover selection.

Amazon Self Publishing Book Cover Selection
Amazon Self Publishing Book Cover Selection

Well you know you’ve
probably heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” right don’t judge a
book by its cover but it is really a truth that we all judge a book by its cover so you need to have a
good cover for your book and your cover needs to do three things…

  1. It needs to grab
    attention so that your book get noticed 
  2. Your Book title needs to be easy to read and it needs to
    be on the upper third of your cover.
  3. It need to
    instantly understand what your book about within two seconds.

There’s a saying “Confused people don’t buy” so if I don’t get it right your prospective readers may be confused so if it doesn’t pop out to them then they’re not gonna click on your book or they’re not gonna buy it. So make it simple and catchy. 

4. Write Compelling Description With Keywords

Write a good book description so whether it’s the back of your
book if you’re in physical bookstores or on your Amazon

This is super important the
purpose of that is to get people to click into your Amazon listing now. 

I always
say that people will stay on your Amazon page for five seconds and leave or
they’ll stay on there for a minute and a half and buy. 

The whole goal is once
we get them onto your Amazon page we want to keep them there so they see the
cover they see the title they click into the page and then the first thing that
they see is your book description.

Now if you don’t know How To Write The PERFECT Book Description for Amazon Kindle Self Publishing book that actually sell. 

I definitely recommend you watch this complete video tutorial to learn this art for your business so that you can hook and grab your visitor’s attention from the
start and then keep them reading and keep them intrigued about what the book

5. Searchable Keywords Inserting In The Description

Choose the right keywords so on the back end when you’re
submitting or when you’re self publishing your book on Amazon. 

Amazon is going
to give you a handful of keywords that you can use for doing SEO for your book which stand for search engine
optimization for your book On Amazon Site. 

Now the really cool thing about Amazon is while everyone over here
is focusing on Google I always say that Google is a search engine browsers. 

Amazon is a search engine of buyers so there’s 310 million plus people over here and they’re on Amazon for one reason only and that’s to buy stuff, right. 

So this is way more competitive on Google
but the cool thing is on Amazon if you target those some powerful keywords you’ve got a
better chance of ranking with your book. 

But you got to be strategic about picking
the right keywords and making sure that you rank for things that people are
actually searching for. 

Therefore you should the skill to find out best keywords for Amazon Listing, but if you know nothing about Amazon Keyword Research Learn How to Find The Best Keywords To Optimize Your Amazon Listing Here. 

Get Step by Step training for research right keywords for your listing which can rank your book fast and easily.

6. Select The Right Category On Amazon Site

Now your next step is to choose the right category inside the
Amazon ecosystem, where you’ve probably seen a bunch of different

And it can go all the way down like
underwater basket-weaving or anything like that but there’s all these
categories on Amazon gives you the ability to pick two categories. 

Therefore what we
generally say is pick one that’s maybe slightly competitive so you can check
out the rankings of the top three to five books in that category but this super relevant and then pick one that’s
also relevant but easier to rank.

Now the important thing here is if you can
stay number one in a category for as long as possible that’s gonna help with
social proof so when people land on your book page they see this a number one
bestseller in at least one category so that’s gonna help you sell more books in a along term.

Also one kind of bonus tip here is that you actually have the ability
to get into as much as ten categories on Amazon you just have to ask for it, so
we’ve got a separate blog post on “How To Get Approved for More Amazon Book Categories” and this is something not a lot of people know. 

If you go through this process you can request
eight more categories so this just increases the exposure and this just helps you get more eyeballs on your book.

7. Upload Your Manuscript to Kindle Direct Publishing

Now go further to next step that is uploading your manuscript so this is a step in the process of actually
uploading your book to KDP or the kindle direct publishing and you’re gonna
upload your manuscript. 

Here you’re gonna upload your book cover as well once you upload the book that’s gonna be one of the steps
to help you publish you book on Amazon.

If you have confusion about How to Upload A Book To KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), here is a dedicated video tutorial for you which gonna help you in uploading your Self-Publishing Book on Amazon Step by Step.

8. Price Your Book As Per Amazon Market Demand

Now you come to the stage where you need to price your book to sell so there’s kind
of a couple different options that you have. 

Here I would recommend that you price your book between $2.99 and $9.99
for Kindle where you can make good royalty and good number of sells. 

If it’s a print book, that’s most likely to depend on the trim size. How thick is the book? How much text is there? How many pages are you planning to print in black and white? 

All those things that will determine the economics of how you can make money on a per-book basis. But typically, print books are priced between $10.99 to $17.99.

Obviously, you want to be absolutely certain that your book is priced to sell. One way to make sure you are is to actually do some research on books that are similar to yours or that are in your category. Then, you can make sure it is priced appropriately. 

Also when you’re going through this process you can submit and sell
your book internationally so you want to click those other countries and make
sure that you’re pricing it accordingly per country.

9. Recheck Your Listing And Press Publish Button

The final step is to recheck your listing and finally press the publish now button. You have all the settings and you want to make sure that everything is right. Then you just hover over the publish button to actually launch your book on KDP. 

As you have learned the nine steps on how to publish your book on
Amazon, make sure you follow all the steps very carefully. 

Watch and
read the recommended materials so that you can successfully publish your
first book on Amazon Direct Publishing.

5 Ways to Make Passive Income with Top Quality E-books:-

Amazon Self-promotion
eBooks are available everywhere and cover various topics like cooking, financial tips, home decoration and many more.

  • They are easy to buy and easy to download and read at your convenience.
  • The beauty of e-book business is that you will not have any inventory to continue 
  • There is no overhead cost to make e-books (unless you invest your time in writing one)
  • And there is no shipping cost & problem.

Apart from this, if you don’t have writing skills, then you can hire someone to write your book for you. One more thing you can create professional looking eBook yourself with Canva.


Let’s find out the 5 ways that you can earn money on the internet when you sell eBooks… 

1. Pick and Choose E-books Based on Your Interest:- 

The key to success is to build a solid business when selling your
interests. Do you want to help others with finances or get out of debt?
Sell eBooks related to finance.

Do you enjoy making a craft? Sell e-books about crafts. Are you an
experienced fisherman? Suggest about fishing in the e-book. The list is
on and off, and you can earn money on the internet while doing something
that you really want to do!

If you use e-books from another company, it will save you time and headaches for writing.
You can also choose which eBook you want to sell. Then you will be able to present only those people who are interested in you.

2. Improve Knowledge with E-books:-

You should have complete knowledge about the products that you sell. If
you do not actually write your own eBook, be sure to read the eBook you
offer. This will allow you to answer customer questions, write effective
sales presentations, and provide insight into your readers’ e-books.
It is very easy to sell what you believe, and you also want to make sure
that the offer you offer is of top quality. If you are selling someone
else’s e-books and you are not taking time to read them, then you are
hindering your ability to make money online.

3. Promote E-books through Various Online Resources:-

Once you finalize which e-books to offer, the next step to move forward
to its promotion. For starting any new online business, you should
have a great website and effective sales presentations.


Without them, you won’t be able to introduce your business to any client or customer and your business will be in vain. 

If you are not a writer, hire a professional content writer
to make a copy for you. When you are selling e-books, it will be worth
the money later on! If you are selling multiple eBooks, Then you must
set up a value and awareness presentation for each eBook.

This strategy will help you to make you more effective in the google & other search engines and you will get better & targeted readers for your eBooks.

After setting up the website, start submitting all your web pages to the main search engine.
This can be done through an SEO promotion campaign or you can do it manually. 

After this, look for pay-per-click opportunities on search engines so you can easily target your visitors with paid promotions.

  • Pay-per-click enables you to choose targeted keywords so that your website or blog will only appear in search engine results when only those particular targeted keywords are used.
  • The best part of this, You have to pay very low amount for every click,
    and most of your visitors will be targeted with interest in your
    products or services.
  • Other effective forms of online advertising include press releases,
    e-zine (or newsletter) advertising, classification, auction and mall.

4. Selling Ad-On Products to Benefit E-book Customers:-

Once you start selling eBooks and you get enough customers, you can sell
other related products or services within your eBook through affiliate
eBooks. Or, you can issue a new e-book for those customers who have
already bought it from you.

If you advertise extra services in addition to selling eBooks, then you
can use eBooks to get customers first. Then, you can present your main

5. Start Teaching Others to Sell E-books:- 

You can earn extra money online with eBooks by teaching others to sell eBooks. You can help others to create a new online business by teaching “How to Make and Sell eBook Online”.

As you help others earn money on the internet, you will also get prizes.
E-books are easy to sell for your own purposes, and they can easily be
passed to sell others by creating affiliate offers for your own eBooks.

Sell e-books, sell physical products or offer different benefits while
offering different services. You can save time and money by automating
e-books 24/7 and automating your business to work automatically.

This could be the best business opportunity for you to start your eBooks
Selling Business, for learning eBooks creation and publication skill
you can get in-depth info here

Learn Here:-

I hope that
you found this post “How to Earn $2k+ Passive Income Every Month With Amazon Self-Publishing” helpful and valuable. If you need some kind of go into further
depth on what I just talked about in this post here is more depth researched contents for you. 


So get started with your own Amazon Self-Publishing book now, i will comeback to you with more interesting Passive Income Ideas and Money Making Tips. 

If you like this post, please do share this post to someone who looking for this kind of contents. Also if there is any confusion or suggestion do share with me in comments section.

Thanks, and Make it a Great Day

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