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How To Start a YouTube Channel Successfully?:- Ultimate Beginner’s Guide


The power of video marketing and brand creation is now well known as it lays the foundation for a successful and competitive business. 

Video marketing on YouTube is one of the most effective ways to create your brand image, and one of the best channels to utilize in the current scenario. 

YouTube is one of my favorite social media platforms. This is because I can post videos on thousands of niches, monetize these videos using Adsense, and affiliate marketing, and create product reviewing videos to sell physical products. 

With YouTube, you can turn your hobbies into a profitable business. Whether you have comedy videos, funny videos, cooking videos, or how-to tutorial videos, there is huge potential and growth here. 

There are thousands of YouTubers making millions of dollars per year as well as teenagers doing amazing things on this amazing social platform.

YouTube is ranked as the second-most popular site in the world. Almost all of the most successful businesses utilize YouTube for their video marketing and brand-building purposes. And Statics Data Says…

  • Monthly active user 2.1 Billion+
  • Daily Active Users 33 Million+
  • Daily Watched Videos 5 Billion+

Therefore, it has huge earning potential. Now it is your turn to take advantage of this amazing and helpful site for your career and successful journey, so what are you waiting for?

Nevertheless, I would recommend that you take a look at this Ultimate YouTube FAQs & Tips Guide that will clear all your doubts and queries.

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting a YouTube Channel:-

Furthermore, you need to pay attention to different elements and points before starting your YouTube channel.. Such as…

  1. YouTuber Career Suitable For those only:-

    • Who love to create videos and share their skills,
    • Best for those Who like to talk about a video and gives training and guidance,
    • Who shoot documentaries or short films for entertainment purpose.
  2. Before starting a YouTube Channel ask Yourself!:-

    • Should I become a YouTuber?
    • Should I start a YouTube channel?
    • What Value I can provide to my YouTube Viewers?
  3. Skills you need to make Google Money with YouTube Channel

    Basic Skills Required For Youtuber:- Keen interest in creating videos, ability to create videos using a webcam, mobile recording, and screen sharing tools, video editing, and any skill, latent, knowledge which can be shared by video recording.

    • A good understanding of the YouTube platform.
    • Solid content research skills.
    • Video editing skills.
    • Social Media Presence can help a lot.
    • Digital Awareness.

How To Start A YouTube Channel?:- Fundamentals

You may have multiple Frequently Asked Questions in mind. Such as “How
do I become a successful YouTuber?” then here are some principles that
you must follow for running a successful YouTube channel and becoming
famous as a YouTube Vlogger.
Google Money with YouTube Channel:- Passive Income Ideas #1

For building and running a successful YouTube Channel for the long term, you should keep these basic principles in mind…

Create Niche Specific Channel & Videos:-

  • Don’t just go out create any random unrelated video channel. 
  • Focus on your keen interest and talent then Create a YouTube channel
    according to a specific theme. Such as Humor, Tutorial, Recipe, etc
  • For example, if you love cooking, you can create a cooking channel
    where you teach the delicious, easy to cook or healthy recipe. And help
    people to learn how they can make tasty food, dinner or sweets.
  • Always choose the theme which you like the most and love to create videos on that. 
  • Analyze other videos related to your topic, do your market research
    so that you can create the video recording the people demand. It will
    help you to get your YouTube channel in a search term and you will get
    high rank and views.

Create & Upload Complete & Detailed Videos:-

  • Upload Complete, detailed, minimum 10 Minutes long video if possible. 
  • And fill complete description, tags, keyword, affiliate link related
    to that particular video, social links, website link if any, and
    subscription link must be included for better ranking and search.
  • You can create multiple videos related to any one topic, for that
    find out if there’s any concept or tips missing in your existing videos.
    If yes, then You can create related videos which cover these concepts
    to fetch more views and attention.

Give Your 100% on YouTube Channel for Boosting Google Income:-

  • Give your best to engage with your audience. 
  • Read and Reply the comments you get on your videos. 
  • Learn and analyze the hidden expectations of your audience what they
    what from you? and create more and more videos according to their
    demand and expectations.
  • Also, try to create a playlist of a particular category and create a
    series of 5-10 videos which help you to get views on all your videos
    and your follower will wait for your next video for getting complete
  • To get the highest retention rate you should make your videos
    interesting, lengthy and stick to the topic. easy to understand, check
    your voice quality, video quality and speed.

Market Research & Improvisation:-

  • Always try to improvise each new video from the last one. So
    when you look at your first videos after a few years, you should think how bad I was earlier. it shows that you’ve improved so be happy on
    this improvement and keep it up.
  • Hence Experiment, experiment, and experiment. always try to use new
    stuff and tools because this is the single way you can beat your
    competitors with new ideas and technology.
  • Finally, try to collaborate with other YouTuber’s who are doing
    similar work. Learn their strategies and mindset. Working together can
    do wonders for your channel.
  • Have fun. Do the things that you love and enjoy your life.

How To Start A YouTube Channel:-Process Steps

Now it is time to create a YouTube Channel and follow step-by-step instructions so that we can actually start and run our channel on YouTube. so let get started…

Step1:– Choose a YouTube Channel Niche

It’s crucial to be true to your character when creating content for your YouTube channel. Creating different types of content can be exhausting if you’re passionate about several things. 

Therefore you should have a clear plan because Your YouTube channel’s content will be more consistent if you have a plan in place.

In this respect, determining your niche will be an extremely crucial step in creating a YouTube channel.
When determining your niche, you should consider what you would like to be known for, what you are passionate about, and what you are comfortable talking about.

You won’t stay in one niche forever, and as you move forward, your niche may change as well. But for now, focus on just one thing.

Make sure that no matter what niche you select, it aligns with your passion/expertise, and that it is something you will be passionate about for years.

Most Common Niches for Starting a YouTube Channel:-

  • Hair & Beauty
  • Travel
  • Health & Fitness
  • Food and Cooking
  • Finance & Investing
  • Fashion
  • Study & Career
  • Gaming
  • Motivation
  • Politics
  • Home Decor
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Love & Relationships
  • Family & Home
  • Photography
  • Diets (Such as Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo)
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle Humor
  • Many More…

Stay away from niches in which you don’t have much experience. It is not enough to have witnessed others’ success when it comes to starting a YouTube channel. Having an interest in what you are talking about is important.

Step 2:- Choose Niche Specific Videos Topics

You have two main options in this regard. The first step is to think about the content you want to watch.
Your video will be of higher quality if you create it on a topic you enjoy. There is also a good chance that others will also enjoy something you find interesting.

Consider your viewer’s demographics and interests if you have already gained a following.


Second, take a look at what’s already out there. You should watch YouTube channels with similar content to the one you want to share and do your research.


In addition, YouTube’s search bar can be a great resource. Use the search bar to find out how popular a particular video topic & style is. 


The results can be filtered so you see the most popular or most recent videos on that topic. The title format and keyword analysis can help determine the best title format for that type of video.

YouTube Channel Growth HACK:-

Spy on your competitors, learn from them, understand their
strategies, and ideas but never try to copy them always try to maintain
your uniqueness.


It’s highly recommended that you use plugins like VidIQ and TubeBuddy (both have free options) for in-depth research.
Channel optimization is very easy with these Video Marketing Tools, Their service helps you choose the most relevant keyword and topic for videos that people are searching for. They let you know if your title tag is too long or short, or if it ranks well.

By planning and researching videos, you increase your chances of becoming easily discoverable, which, in turn, increases views and subscribers. In this regard these tools are very useful.  

Read More:-

Step 3:- Content Planning & Schedule Setting

Now this is the time for do some plannings in advance. You can use a content plan to determine what video topics you will cover when you should post, and what you need to accomplish certain tasks.  

It is highly recommended that you have a content schedule and determine the exact day that your YouTube videos go live.  I recommend scheduling it on the same day(s) and time(s) every week.

By doing so you are letting YouTube know when you will release new videos, and YouTube’s algorithm will be able to understand your video’s timings, which will make it easier for it to rank you in Google Search Engine faster. Also it lets your subscribers know when to expect a new videos from you. 

When it comes to creating a content schedule, you can use free digital tools such as Evernote or Trello to gather the information you need. or you have the option to use the notes app on your mobile.  
Evernote is a Note-taking app that lets you create notes digitally on your computer, tablet, or mobile device that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.This option is helpful when you don’t have a pen or paper nearby, but want to note something down on the go.

With Trello, you can create lists online for free and jot them down quickly. There is good integration between Trello and other apps, including Google Calendar. You’ll find this is an excellent tool for organizing your life if you’re looking for a well-rounded program.  


Trello can be used to keep track of items, props, and talking points. You’ll also to include the following details inside your content schedule:
✓ Date when to post
✓ Time (and time zone) to schedule
✓ Copy of video title, keywords, and description
✓ Thumbnail Styles

Step 4:- Must Have YouTube Tools & Equipment:-

Once you have planned out your Youtube content and scheduled timings, it is time to get the right tools and gear for recording your videos. 

In order to record YouTube videos, you need three basic things:-

  1. Something to record video so that people can see you.
  2. Something to record audio so that people can hear you.
  3. Something to edit your audio and video so that you can remove unwanted part and add some video enhancement elements such as footage, overlay text, emoji, music, etc.

You can do all these things from your smartphone too since you do not need an expensive camera or gadget to get started.

These tools may be defined into 2 categories…

  1. Video Setup Tools & Gadgets:- Basically, these tools and gadgets don’t play a role in video creation, they’re needed to create a recording studio or recording space. these are physical products such as…
  • Digital Camera, Mobile Camera, Web-cam,etc.
  • Tripod, Lightnings, Green Screens, Microphones.
  • Voice Recorder, Sound Filters, etc
  • Video Creation & Editing Tools:- While creating a video or editing it for quality improvement, you need these tools. These tools are…
    • Screen Recorder, Animated video maker, White Board video maker, Camera, Web-cam, Slideshow creator, etc.
    • Apps or Software for Text Overlay, Adding Emoji, Image Filter, Footage adding, trimming, voice over music or recording, etc.
    • Audio Editors, for Eco voice Adding or removing, tempo, speed, volume enhancement.

    Have a look of this YouTube Toolkit for finding all useful tools and gadgets for YouTube video creators…

    Step 5:- How To Create YouTube Channel & Customize It?

    Now if you have a successful YouTube channel planned, the next step is actually starting it by creating a YouTube channel. 


    Cathrin Manning made an awesome video that explains in step by step fashion how to create and start a YouTube channel from scratch.

    She explained everything in this tutorial about how to create, customize your YouTube Channel and give it a professional look. 


    Before you create a YouTube channel, you should get your logo and channel art ready to give it a brand image and professional appearance.


    There is an awesome tool called CANVA that you can use to create awesome-looking channel logos, channel art, and thumbnails for FREE.

    Step 6:- How To Create YouTube Videos?

    Your Youtube Channel has been researched, planned, and created successfully, so now it is time to make an awesome video!

    Last but not least, you must upload videos to your channel in order to build a successful channel! You may feel a little bit nervous when being on camera first time.

    Over time and with practice, it will become easier. As I mentioned in step 2, planning and researching your content will make creating videos much easier, as you will know exactly what you will discuss.

    Here are some tips for an authentic appearance in front of the camera…

    • You should always use scripts that boost your confidence in your videos.  
    • Imagine you are speaking with someone.
    • 4-5 test videos should be created before the actual recording.
    • Do not try to be perfect on day 1, practice will make you perfect over time.

    You still feel nervous or scared when in front of a camera. Time passes as you wait to become comfortable, and you feel guilty for not starting a YouTube channel yet.

    Then here is a GOOD NEWS for you, you can Start a YouTube Channel WITHOUT Recording Videos. This system called starting a faceless YouTube Channel.

    Faceless YouTube Channels are not recommended, since your face is your brand and is an important part of your identity. It also makes you appear authentic and trustworthy, and it boosts your image as an influential individual. 

    While you’re just getting started, you can start a Faceless YouTube channel. The possibilities are endless. You can start with 100s of niches and make money from them. Some of Faceless Youtube Channel’s Examples…

    • Screen Recording Video Channels for (How to Tutorials).
    • Animated Character YouTube Channels (Explainer Video).
    • Voice Over YouTube Channels Using Stock Images & Footage (Motivational Videos).
    • Image & Video Looping with Non-Copyright Music (Meditation, Relaxation Videos).
    • Using other’s Common Creative Videos (Cat Videos, Funny Videos, Fitness Videos).
    • Many Many more options.


    If you are confuse about the idea, then here is One of my friends “Matt Par” who run 9 different YouTube channels and made over 6 figures from them. He has grown multiple channels to 100,000 subscribers and even has one with over 1 million subscribers.


    The guy himself is hosting a FREE WEBINAR where he will clear all your doubts and guide you on how to make money on YouTube without ever recording a video. 


    Step 7:- Audio & Video Editing For YouTube Channel

    Now it’s time to edit your video! It’s very important if you are rambling or saying a lot of ums, or simply if the video doesn’t fit the general flow. Therefore, you should remove those parts from the video.  


    As far as video editing software is concerned, Filmora video editor is my recommendation because it’s easy to use, beginner-friendly, and offers a variety of effects and transitions. You can even edit on the green screen!



    Additionally, there are many options available, and you can choose any option that is right for your business.  check out here other video editing software.

    How to edit your audio and video, It depends on the tools and software that you use to edit audio and videos. Each tool has its own interface and editing programming, so you need to train yourself to learn the skills of using that specific tool.

    Final Step:- How to Upload YouTube Video & Optimize With SEO

    Now finally you will upload your video on YouTube. Here my friend “Greg Kononenko” shared step-by-step tutorial on how to upload videos on YouTube from a desktop, mobile phone, or iPhone. You can also use this method to upload videos from your computer to your channel.

    Here he guide you how to optimize your videos by doing some SEO.  He also includes some simple tips to ensure that you write the right title, and description, and use the correct tags. 


    This will make your video more likely to get seen on YouTube and maximize your chance of getting views from the YouTube algorithm.


    Once you have uploaded your first YouTube video and optimized it for SEO, simply hit the Blue Button to publish it on your YouTube Channel. It’s now time to live your passion on the YouTube channel that you’ve successfully started.

    Thanks for reading the post ” How To Start a YouTube Channel Successfully? – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide ” I hope you have enjoyed reading it and that you have found it useful for starting your YouTube channel successfully.


    Read More:-

    You are welcome to share your thoughts and let me know if I missed anything. I am always eager to improve my content. Further we will talk about different YouTube monetization strategies and YouTube Growth Hacks, So keep in touch.

    Thanks, make it a great day.

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