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what are the best is the best site for me to sell designes while keeping ownership of designes and with little to no fees : passive_income


Hello, im 20 years old and have never had a job due to really poor grades. The reason for my bad grades is that I took the advice of someone older than me that i overheard. (Yes, its really that stupid) It was really stupid, but im trying to fix that right now. However due to poor grades and having to be a full time student I can’t get a job, both due to lack of time and the simple fact that no one wants to hire me, even part time. However i recently found some non-copyrighted, not owned by anyone designes that i got edited to a quite heavy degree. I have searched extensively and they aren’t owned nor copyrighted by anyone (i assume they were made by anons). Therefor i intend to sell them on mugs, t-shirts ect. And one image for a poster. Looking around this subject seems to be completely empty right now and i would like to capitalize and eventually copyright the brand. What sites with atleast some traffic would let me sell designes for various clothes, mugs ect and let me keep ownership of the designes/brand? Im quite poor so im not sure i can afford a fee of 20 – 30$ a month, especially if nothing sells.

Edit: apparently people dont realize this is a question related to websites, and not a question about your personal ethics that you’d like to share. Please just shut up and save us both the trouble. Thanks to the one proper guy by the way

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