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33 Best Video Marketing Tools & Video Creation Software For Everyone



Marketers can use Viewbix to help them create intuitive marketing videos across multiple platforms, thereby increasing average user engagement rates with their videos significantly.

A Viewbix video can look professional in minutes and have a high-quality
appearance. The Viewbix program also allows the recording of videos or
audio on the go. Video editing is quite easy with this interface because
it is very clean and intuitive.

Additionally, this application facilitates the import of videos and audio files, which can be edited to produce a professional-looking campaign video.

Videos can also be shared on social networking sites and other online platforms easily.

  • It is very easy to add links, insert logos, and add call-to-action buttons with Viewbix.
  • It contains several sharing features that can be used to generate leads.
  • It comes with analytics built-in for maximizing returns on investment and boosting conversion rates.
  • Video generated by Viewbix is highly interactive and helps increase user engagement.
  • Due to its easy-to-use interface, many online marketers use it to create highly engaging videos. 


  • Pricing:- $10/Month Subscription based, FREE Version also available with limited features.
  • Best For:- Advertisers, digital marketers and advertising agencies: tracking ads and increasing customer engagement.

One of the best video creation software programs, Animation Maker, allows you to create six different video styles. Here you can create 720 types of animated videos (6*5*4*3*2*1). 

Animaker platform has enabled more than 10M people to create videos on
their own! And It’s trusted by leading brands worldwide. 


There are several easy-to-use features in the software including click-choose, drag-and-drag, edit and play. 


Furthermore, it provides services to companies such as Google, Verizon, FedEx, Dell, Cisco, Uber, Walmart, Pepsi, and other large corporations.

  • The largest animated library online, featuring animations of characters, properties, background graphics, and icons.
  • There are six distinctive video style options: Whiteboard, 2D, Infographics, Handcraft, 2.5D, and Typography.
  • It has powerful animation features such as Multi-move, Curve, Camera out, Camera in, and Transition effects.
  • Over 50 languages are available with custom fonts and support for RTL languages fonts.
  • Features for enterprises, such as multi-user collaboration, task management, file management, in-app messenger, and a visual solution that works across different devices.
  • The free plan allows you to export 5 videos every month and has a video length of 2 minutes.


  • Pricing:- Starting – FREE with Watermark, Basic – $20/Mo OR $120/Yearly, Starter – $35/Mo OR $228/Yearly , Pro – $79/Mo OR $588/Yearly, Enterprises- Custom
  • Best For:- Training & eLearning, Beginners, Non-Designers, Animated Videos, Content Marketers, Social Media Influencers, etc.

Another great tool for video marketing is Hippo Video. In addition to video hosting, video email campaigns, video selling, video support, and success tracking.

Hippo Video also offers video personalization and distribution features. Hippo Video tool is trusted by a wide range of clients for its video projects, which are used in marketing, sales, and email campaigns. 


Integrating Hippo video into your company is great, and you receive highly reliable and courteous customer support.

  • At the touch of a button, quickly create and edit videos using quick edit (trim, cut, crop, add) and pro edit features (unlimited tracks, background music, narrate over).
  •      Videos can be exported or embedded to Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, Websites, and Social Media platforms.
  •     Here Your video link will expire after a set date if it is protected with a password and protected with passwords.
  •     Analyze engagement graphs in real-time, stream User views, and host your videos with highly secure infrastructure in the cloud.
  •     Videos can be organized by category, guest recordings, marketplace integration, and smart integration.


  • Pricing Starting – FREE, 
  • Pricing Starter – $19/Mo, or $51/Quaterly, or $180.50/Yearly,  
  • Pricing Pro – $40/Mo, or $105/Quaterly, or $360/Yearly, 
  • Pricing Growth – $65/Mo, or $165/Quaterly, or $576/Yearly,  
  • Pricing Enterprises – $99/Mo, or $257/Quaterly, or $948/Yearly
  • Best For:- Marketers, Lead Generation, Sales Video Marketing With CTA, Social Media Marketing Integration.

Its nice mixture of templates and starting from scratch make Wave Video a great choice for us.This is an excellent tool for converting footage from one video format to another. 

Making a video for one platform, for instance, can later be repurposed for Facebook banner videos or Instagram videos. The cool part is that you don’t have to start from scratch. 


A key feature made by Wave Video’s
developers is that it was designed to support high-volume video
production, which may not be true of many of its competitors. 

  • Videos can be repurposed across multiple platforms, without having to start completely over.
  • Furthermore, you can upload branding items such as logos for future use in videos to the platform. 
  • With this tool, large-scale video production can be accomplished.
  • Additionally, the application integrates with YouTube, Google Drive, HubSpot, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, and more. 
  • Wave Video can be used in many ways to bring the power of video to marketing teams within a team environment. 
  • The best part is that Wave Video offers video hosting, a content calendar, a video button, and landing pages.


  • Pricing:- Starting – FREE, Streamer – $20/Mo OR $192/Yearly, Creator – $30/Mo OR $288/Yearly , Business – $60/Mo OR $576/Yearly.
  • Best For:- Marketers, Small & Medium Level Businesses, YouTubers, Beginners.

Record presentations and how-to videos with this easy-to-use tool. This is downloadable software. It can be downloaded onto your Mac or PC, and once it is installed, you can turn it on and record your screen capture video.  

Create, edit, save and share videos with Camtasia, an application that captures and records screen activity.  The software facilitates the creation of tutorials, demos, webinars, or other types of instruction videos for businesses.  


Once you’ve added some special effects and checked the sound, simply upload it to your video-sharing platform or distribute it as you wish, isn’t that Simple.

Key Features Of Camtasia:-

  • Mac and Windows users can record the screen or webcam of their devices to capture software features and video calls.
  • Enhancing viewer engagement is possible with Camtasia by adding annotations, effects, templates, and other editing tools.
  • Video content can be zoomed in or out with Camtasia’s editing tools, transitions can be inserted, and animations can be added to screen recordings.   
  • To measure viewer engagement and learning, customized video quizzes can also be added.  
  • The Camtasia library includes music and sound effects that can be added to audio clips.
  • This solution includes pre-built video templates as well as unique designs for projects that will require more efficiency.
  • Camtasia videos can be embedded in online video courses and shared on online platforms such as YouTube, Screencast, Vimeo, etc.   


  • Pricing:- Starting – FREE Trial, Individual – $350/Per User, Business – $350/Per User , Education – $248.60/Per User, Govt or Non-Profit – $314/Per User.
  • Best For:- Marketers, Small & Medium Level Businesses, Professionals. Teaching & eLearning

If you’re interested in streaming on multiple platforms at once, you should check out StreamYard.
With this feature, your Live-stream can appear on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube all at the same time.

StreamYard has several cool features, including the ability to invite
more than one person to your Livestream, where their webcam captures
their image. 


Their impressive features allow you to include comments from social media directly in your livestream feed to increase engagement.

Key Features Of StreamYard:-

  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Customizable Branding
  • Event Scheduling, Real-time Broadcasting
  • Live Streaming Production
  • Moderation, Split/Multi-Screen
  • Multiple Camera Feeds
  • Multistreaming, Session Recording
  • Social Media Streaming
  • Recond and download HD Videos.
  • Audience Engagement via built-in commenting. 


  • Pricing:- Starting – FREE with Watermark, Basic – $25/Mo OR $240/Yearly, Professional – $49/Mo OR $468/Yearly.
  • Best For:- Marketers, Professionals, YouTubers, Live Stream Webinar or Classes.

In order to improve campaign results, PowToon is renowned for providing an intro maker platform that allows users to create captivating and engaging presentations and videos.

As a bonus, you can also use this video marketing tool to create animated videos for your marketing campaigns.

If you need quick video content for your marketing, PowToon is one of the most effective options because it allows you to create professional-looking videos within 20 minutes.

Video can be produced in many formats using the Powtoon editor. Video formats are supported by different devices, so this feature is greatly needed.

A few simple steps let you create amazing animations using Powtoon. Many top companies use the platform, including eBay, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and more.

You can easily record, upload, edit, and share videos with a number of intuitive features that make the entire process simple. You don’t need to have any experience for doing this. 

Important Features of PowToon:-

  • You can channelize your product or service demos with PowToon’s amazing features and interactive interface.
  • Videos and animated content can be easily and quickly created with PowToon’s ready-made templates.
  • Videos and animations can be created with PowToon for personal, educational, and commercial purposes.
  • Whenever you need assistance, PowToon’s support team is available to assist. You can also check out their tutorials for more information.


  • Pricing:- Starting – FREE, Pro – $89/Mo OR $240/Yearly, Pro+ – $197/Mo OR $720/Yearly , Agency – $1200/Yearly.
  • Best For:- Training & eLearning, Professionals, Explainer and Animation Videos, etc

 In situations such as conferences, educational events, live interviews, and more, Wirecast is one of the most useful video tools. 

As well as live production software, this amazing video tool also captures feeds from a variety of devices including web feeds, camera feeds, microphones, iOS 8 cameras, and more.

Aside from this, Wirecast is considered one of the most efficient video tools. This is because it supports a wide range of video formats and offers powerful editing capabilities for easy importing, editing, and sharing final videos and animations.

Key Features of Wirecast:-

  • Marketers can broadcast their shows live to their target audiences using Wirecast’s video content features.
  • Additionally, it supports animated titles, live switching, and transitions so you can add professionalism to your live feeds across multiple devices.
  • It also offers multi-format encoding, which makes it easy to integrate streaming services.
    Personal, business and educational applications can be performed on the platform. 


  • Pricing:- $49/Mo, $420/Yearly, OR Wirecast Studio – $599 Lifetime. Wirecast Pro – $799 Lifetime.
  • Best For:- Marketers, Professionals, Live Stream Meetings, Webinar or Classes.

A powerful video editing tool specifically designed for Mac users, ScreenFlow is one of the best available. Among the features that ScreenFlow offers are screen capture and video editing services which are among the most advanced on the market.

A video can be directly captured from any device’s display, including iPads, iPhones, laptops, Mac computers, video cameras, and more, so it can be edited directly.


A split-track editing feature is also available in ScreenFlow, allowing audio to be captured from microphones, and sharing video content to various online marketing platforms is now easier and faster.


Additionally, it is equipped with a feature that allows you to upload videos and audio for editing. With this, you can create a video that will be quick, captivating, and impressive.


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