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Summer Writing Prompts: Hot! Hot! Hot Ideas! | Writer’s Relief



Summer Writing Prompts: Hot! Hot! Hot Ideas! | Writer’s Relief

It’s the perfect weather for some hot new ideas to get your creativity sizzling! Writer’s Relief has found some great summer writing prompts to help inspire your next short story, poem, or novel. Grab a cool drink and get started!

Note: We would love to read what you write in the comments section! Just be aware of the rules about what is considered previously published writing in the publishing industry.

New Summer Writing Prompts

Dad’s about to make a major announcement regarding the family’s summer plans. What will be different this year?


This relaxing afternoon sail is about to get a little exciting. What just happened?


The train tracks are overgrown and seem unused, but the directions tell you to follow them to your destination. Where will the tracks lead you?


They stepped through the door in a Chicago alleyway…and ended up here. Where are they, and how do they get back?

The news on the phone is about to change how these friends spend their day. What is he reading?


Describe the unexpected discovery of this waterfall using vivid verbs and setting.


She brought her daughter to The Grandfather Tree on the appointed day. But is the legend true?

Want more visual writing prompt ideas? Check out the Writer’s Relief Pinterest boards!


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