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I’m 17 and I need a step by step guide to make at least one form of passive income : passive_income


There are many guides for passive income (mostly US based, but with a bit of thinking and tweaking most of them can be adapted to many Western countries) – google can help you there (as has been said)

just saying “I need help, please give” doesn’t give us a lot to work on anyway – are you an artist, a coder, do you have any stake in crypto, does your house overlooking very picturesque scenes, are you american, Nigerian, Russian (local economy factors change how easy certain passive income forms are) etc.?

TL:DR we can only give generic advice if you tell us generic/nothing about yourself

or let me put it another way, sitting on the street and begging can be considered a form of passive icome, and you haven’t given us any indication that you would be against doing that

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