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Is the Nordstrom Affiliate Program REALLY Worth The Effort in 2022?


Is the Nordstrom affiliate program worth the effort? Most definitely! Joining up is the way to go if you are promoting luxury goods.

Your readers will immediately know that you are selling some of the most stylish consumer items the industry has to offer the moment they see the title “Nordstrom.”

Signing up can mean commissions, special bonuses, and a rise in status for your own website.

Nordstrom can be the perfect fit if you’re a fashion blogger looking for big-brand, high-converting affiliate programs. Nordstrom is a leading fashion retailer and department store offering a wide range of high-end brands.

In this article, I’ll look at the earning potential of the Nordstrom affiliate program, including promotional techniques for driving converting visitors to this century-old retailer.

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You’ll need a well-designed website that attracts many visitors to be accepted by Nordstrom and its affiliate management organization – Rakuten. Despite the commission rate being 2% – 11%, most referrals will only generate 2%. It could be hard to get a profitable return on your effort. It can make sense if you specialize in luxury goods, otherwise, perhaps hunt for better-paying opportunities.


  • One of the world’s largest luxury fashion retailers
  • Offers a large variety of products
  • Ideal for fashion bloggers


  • Extremely low 2% commission for most products
  • It can be difficult to get approved

About Nordstrom

Nordstrom, Inc. is a luxury department store company based in Seattle, Washington, founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. The first Wallin & Nordstrom business was devoted to shoes, and a second Nordstrom shoe store debuted in 1923.

Nordstrom home page

In 1963, the growing Nordstrom chain started selling clothing. And by 1971, it had evolved into the current Nordstrom full-line retailer.

Later, Nordstrom, Inc. expanded its full-line and off-price divisions across the United States. Nordstrom then extended into Canada and Puerto Rico. (JWN) Nordstrom Inc. is publicly traded on the NYSE.

What Is The Nordstrom Affiliate Program?

Many high-end fashion designers outsource their inventory to firms like Nordstrom for a greater mass-market reach. This vastly expands the opportunities for promotion and marketing.

And it’s ideal for fashion bloggers looking to earn affiliate commissions and drive sales for Nordstrom.com.

Nordstrom Affiliate landing page

As a Nordstrom Affiliate partner, you can provide added value to your clients. Your Affiliate connection gives you quick access to popular items as well as Nordstrom’s outstanding customer care. As a result of introducing visitors to their site, you’ll earn a monthly commission for any eligible sale.

How Does It Work?

The Nordstrom affiliate program provides plenty of opportunities to earn a good living. By referring customers, marketers can earn a commission. Additionally, you can publish posts about a wide range of Nordstrom products.

Working at a laptop writing a blog

You can use their legendary service, fashion knowledge, special discounts, and high-demand items to promote the benefits of Nordstrom.

Commission Structure And Payments

The commission rates on purchases made through affiliate links on your website are between 2% and 11%, although most are around 2%.

According to the Nordstrom website, your commissions get paid monthly – Rakuten will issue you the referral fees generated on net sales of products shipped throughout that month.

If your referral fees are less than $25 in any calendar month, they get held back until the sum due is at least $25. The payment options are PayPal, American Express, or check.

How Much Does It Cost To Join the Nordstrom Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is completely free to both join and take part in.

How To Create A Nordstrom Affiliate Account

The program is simple to join, but strict conditions apply to the types of websites accepted.

Like many other high-end shops, Nordstrom outsources its affiliate program to Rakuten to run and manage. Please read the Nordstrom Affiliate Agreement and the Rakuten Membership Agreement. You can access them at the bottom of the application page.

Then, complete the online application at Rakuten. Be sure to read the Membership Agreement and agree to the terms. Nordstrom will let you know if you are successful via email.

Nordstrom Rakuten Affiliate Form

Rakuten oversees a large number of high-end luxury products and shops. Their selection process can be tough, and it reserves the right to reject any site that does not meet their content and quality criteria. When making approval assessments, Nordstrom and Rakuten may consider the following:

  • Your website’s specific niche
  • The website’s style (shopping, fashion blogging, coupons and rewards, a targeted fashion niche that ranks well)
  • Age and geographic area of the target audience
  • Traffic and content volume on the site

Please make sure you carefully check each condition to improve your chances.

How Does Nordstrom Keep Track Of Affiliate Site Sales?

Rakuten manages and reports on Nordstrom’s Affiliate Program. When a prospective buyer clicks on your affiliate links and then buys the product(s) at Nordstrom.com, Rakuten records the sale. Rakuten will provide reports on how well your links perform and how much commission you make.

Rakuten Advertising Landing Page


Eligible Commission Categories

You can promote the following product categories via your affiliate links:

  • Cosmetics
  • Clothing & Accessories for men, women, and children
  • Health & Beauty

Nordstrom also sells many other companies’ high-demand products like Kate Spade, Patagonia, Nike, Adidas, Ted Baker London, etc.

Nordstrom Adidas page


The Best Strategies To Profit From The Nordstrom Affiliate Program

It is rich and entertaining content that grabs readers’ attention and keeps them on the page. The following are some of the ways to generate money with the Nordstrom Affiliate Program.

Write Great Articles

Use your talents to write articles that will entertain your readers. Enjoyable articles will drive traffic to your site, and readers could even click on your affiliate link and make a purchase.

Laptop, camera, pencil for writing great stuff

Use Keywords

Always remember to include keywords when promoting Nordstrom items. When you use optimal keywords for the content you post, you rank much higher in most of the search engine results.

Many bloggers opt to use a keyword research and SEO tool such as Surfer SEO to support them in this.

Check Out Surfer SEO

Prepare Detailed Product Descriptions

Researching the products that Nordstrom sells is one of the best ways to produce detailed and insightful product descriptions. Learn about the items, their features, and their benefits.

Then, put in the effort and write fantastic product descriptions. You will please your readers and raise your monthly earnings.

Use Direct Links To Popular Products

You can provide a link to the product(s) you are writing about. Spread the links throughout the product description, promotional article, and other areas. Clicking on your affiliate links to get to the product’s main page makes purchasing easier for consumers.

Make Sure To Mention Discount Offers

Woman holding a bank card sitting at her laptop

Discount offers always tickle visitors’ interest in the merchandise. Customers purchase things even if they do not need them when they read that they will save money.

Make a list of all the discount offers and as many upcoming promotions as possible. Then, sort the items into categories and create an informative post on Nordstrom’s discounts.

Discuss Some Of Nordstrom’s Features

Nordstrom has some excellent features that can be very attractive to customers.

  1. No charge for shipping
  2. All returns are free every time
  3. Customers can purchase online & pick up in-store
  4. Curbside Pickup
  5. Same-Day Delivery
  6. Accelerated International Shipping
  7. Personal Stylists
  8. Professional tailoring and alterations
  9. Outstanding customer service
  10. The Nordstrom Rewards Program

Nordstrom personal styling

Nordstrom’s rewards program, The Nordy Club, provides shoppers with incentives, fashion access, and unique services. Members of the Nordy Club also earn points that customers can redeem for Nordstrom Notes to buy qualified items at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Nordstrom Local, and Nordstrom Trunk Club in stores or online.

Nordy Club

Use High-Resolution Images In Your Articles

Customers have to try and imagine the products that marketers sell, so promoting items through images is the way to go. You can inquire about product photos with the Nordstrom management team. They should keep high-resolution photographs of the products on hand.

Produce Video Content For Product Promotion

You’ll find that some visitors are interested in watching video reviews. And they also enjoy watching videos about the products you are promoting.

Create individualized video reviews for the website to boost your reader’s faith in the merchandise. The footage would draw in your target audience and help you generate more revenue faster.

Make a video


Nordstrom is a famous American retailer known for providing fantastic merchandise, free shipping, and returns. It’s also one of the largest online shopping destinations.

You will be offering all of Nordstrom’s great services to customers when you set up your affiliate links. This is a fantastic platform for consumers searching to buy unique, authentic, and high-quality merchandise, and for you as an affiliate, there’s plenty of prestige associated with the brand.

There is a downside here. Even though the commission rate is 2% -11%, most referrals will only generate 2%. In general, it’s hard to advocate any program that pays less than 3% to 4%, simply because it is extremely difficult to get a return on your marketing effort.

So you may have to weigh the major pros associated with being a Nordstrom affiliate against the low commission rates.

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