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im 27 on disability. wanting to make money to better my life for my daughter. any suggestions on what i can do. remote jobs or passive income. anything like that. : passive_income


Other people already talked about the fact that getting a remote job is a lot easier now and days. It’s a good idea if you are looking for quick cash.

The other thing you could look into is freelance work (some random ideas are programming, virtual assistant, tutoring, etc) or entrepreneurship.

There are also even slower methods but are more passive like print on demand, investing (if you have the funds and know what you’re doing… There are sooooo many forms of investments), content creation on websites like YouTube or Twitch, blogging, affiliate marketing, writing a book, etc. Fair warning that most of these options take a lot of work upfront before they become passive.

Investing your time and money in yourself to develop new skills is also a good idea. Learning something like programming or small business entrepreneurship could very well change your life!

Best of luck!

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